May 7, 2018






Nunes threatens Sessions over classified Russia materials

Fresno Bee

Congressman Devin Nunes wants to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress for failing to hand over classified materials related to the Russia investigation, CNN reported on Sunday.

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From Bakersfield to DC, McCarthy’s unlikely rise in GOP

Fresno Bee

People watching Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s political rise often marvel at how he got here. He’s the not-so-serious guy who used to bop around town selling sandwiches and cars before dipping into politics. He was considered likable and fun but hardly Bakersfield’s star pupil.


Jim Boren receives ethical leadership award

The Fresno Bee

Jim Boren, whose retirement from The Fresno Bee in January was noted by two California governors (and countless others no doubt), is being honored for his ethical leadership. The former executive editor and current journalism teacher will received the Ethical Leadership award at this year’s Celebration of Ethical Leadership at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at Fresno State.


Mike Dowling, Founder of Dowling Aaron Law Firm Passes


He founded on of the area’s largest and most prestigious law firms.


Small town of Arvin has some big issues to deal with

The Bakersfield Californian

Public safety and staying financially solvent appear to be two of the biggest challenges facing the good people of Arvin, as elected representatives on the city council and the police department struggle to come up with a solution.

Elections office sent out an incomplete sample ballot

Visalia Times-Delta

A month away from the June primary, Tulare County Elections Office has hit a snag. An estimated 146,000 incomplete voting sample ballots were sent out to registered Tulare County voters earlier this week, officials said.


Candidates in key SJ races weigh in on sheriff’s controversies, homelessness and housing

Stockton Record

With voters heading to their polling places barely a month from now, candidates in two key San Joaquin County races participated in public forums Thursday evening at San Joaquin Delta College.


EDITORIAL: Election season is here

Stockton Record

Election season is here and starting a week from today, we will bring you endorsements for the June 5 primary election.  By the end of this week, we will have interviewed some 17 candidates for the following races, listed here.


EDITORIAL: Grove is the best fit for 16th Senate District

The Bakersfield Californian

Three things you have to admit about Shannon Grove: She knows who she is, she sticks to her convictions, and she doesn’t particularly care if you approve. Her conservative values sell well in Bakersfield, if not in Sacramento, and she’s fine with all that, too.


The Wonderful Company gave a grant to McFarland for new fitness court for all ages


The Wonderful Company gave a grant to the City of McFarland has partnered with National Fitness Campaign, the inventors of a the Fitness Court to install and activate Wonderful Fitness Court, state-of-the-art outdoor gym facility for all ages at Sherwood Park.

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New splash area opens at Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo


Dozens of kids got to play in the new “Wilderness Falls” splash area at Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo for the first time on Tuesday. Right now it’s only open to pass holders but it will open to the public on Friday.




2018 Election: Your guide to the state primary ballot measures

89.3 KPCC

Five statewide measures will be on ballot on June 5. Here’s a short reference guide on the propositions, and what your vote would mean.

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·       Final sprint to June primary election begins as mail-in ballots go out to California voters  The Mercury News


Gavin Newsom gets a pass as a candidate for California governor

Sacramento Bee

If Gavin Newsom is elected governor of California without so much as a speed bump on his political journey of entitlement, it may take future social scientists to explain why current California voters were so willing to give this guy a pass on all the things we know about him.

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In his bid to be California’s next governor, John Chiang touts his battles with a previous one

Los Angeles Times

As political matchups go, it was an incongruous one: the bodybuilder-turned-Terminator-turned-governor against the bespectacled numbers geek. One of the most famous men in the world versus — um, what’s that guy’s name again?


Antonio Villaraigosa on climate change, housing and other key campaign issues

Merced Sun Star

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa sat down with the Sacramento Bee Editorial Board to discuss affordable housing, the California economic divide and other key election issues ahead of the June 5 primary.


EDITORIAL: Don’t let charter schools cloud the race for Brown’s successor. Vote Newsom or Chiang

Sacramento Bee

In California’s June 5, 2018, primary, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom reflects liberal values. Treasurer John Chiang gets the economy and is a moderate for the next recession. Antonio Villaraigosa’s pragmatism is offset by his charter school billionaires.


California is overflowing with lieutenant governor hopefuls — so many candidates, so few duties

Los Angeles Times

Absent an untimely death or unprecedented crisis, the most modest of California’s political prizes is lieutenant governor, a job whose official description runs just 14 words in the state Constitution. And yet, it’s sparked a fierce contest this year among 11 candidates — the largest crop of hopefuls in at least 50 years.

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●     EDITORIAL: With Bleich or Kounalakis, California’s next ‘lite gov’ would be a heavyweight Sacramento Bee


A glance at the candidates for California attorney general

Fresno Bee

Candidates Profiles.

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      Trump’s shadow looms in California attorney general race San Francisco Chronicle

Diverse field running for California insurance commissioner

Sacramento Bee

One way or another, California’s next insurance commissioner will be the first of his kind. The June 5 primary features Democrats Dr. Asif Mahmood and Sen. Ricardo Lara against former commissioner Steve Poizner.


Republicans at state party gathering would rather talk about the gas tax than keeping the House

Los Angeles Times

These California Republicans mostly just didn’t want to talk about it. They didn’t talk a lot about the biggest threat at their doorstep: The possibility that Democrats might retake control of the House by beating their own in long-held Republican seats.

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Neo-Nazi Senate candidate kicked out of California Republican Party convention

Los Angeles Times

An anti-Semitic GOP Senate candidate was kicked out of the California Republican Party’s convention in San Diego on Saturday morning, with one witness saying he was dragging and kicking an Israeli flag while being escorted out. Party officials said that, from the outset of the convention the candidate, Patrick Little, was not welcome at the gathering.

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Walters: Internet purchases spark fight over sales taxes


Sales taxes, once the primary source of revenue for the state budget, now play second fiddle to income taxes. That said, sales taxes are still very important to local governments, particularly cities, and often affect local land use decisions – favoring tax-generating retail business over housing, for instance.


Walters: California sees slowing population growth


It’s time for some fun with numbers, dissecting a new state report on population trends. The big number is 39.8 million. That’s the state Department of Finance’s latest calculation of California’s population as of Jan. 1.




Trump Claims Gun Rights Are Given By God During NRA Speech


Trump doubled down on his promise to protect “the right to self-defense” via defending the right to bear arms—guns—granted by the Second Amendment.

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     RAND State Firearm Law Database RAND

     Letting Cops Decide Who Gets to Own Guns Is a Terrible Idea National Review

Pelosi says Democrats have cash and environment to win House

The Bakersfield Californian

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that House Democrats have the fundraising, the issues and the political atmosphere on their side to win back the majority in November.


Feinstein faces fellow Democrat in US Senate re-election

Fresno Bee

In her early U.S. Senate bids, Dianne Feinstein fought her way past Republicans who criticized her as an example of California liberalism. Now as she seeks her fifth full term in Washington, it’s fellow Democrats hitting Feinstein, led by a state senator who says he better represents California values in the Trump era.

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Republican Fears About Holding The Senate Start To Sink In


Democrats are going into the 2018 elections with the wind at their backs, which could even be enough to flip a Senate map heavily stacked for Republicans come November.

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Opinion: Congress must establish clear, equitable internet rules now


In the wake of the Facebook hearing, Congress has a tremendous, but brief, opportunity to act. Here are three steps they should take—starting now.


Opinion: America Needs to Recommit to Investing in Science

Roll Call

When it comes to science, the United States is getting its lunch handed to it by countries such as China, which not only invests more dollars into scientific research and development but also produces more undergraduate science and engineering majors than we do stateside.

Video: What to Watch as Supreme Court Prepares Major Decisions

Roll Call

The Supreme Court will decide on several big issues before the end of its current session. CQ legal affairs reporter Todd Ruger breaks down what to watch from the high court, including a ruling on President Donald Trump’s travel ban and decisions on partisan political gerrymandering.

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     Supreme Court ruling upholding inter partes review ensures patent ferment will continue AEI



EDITORIAL: Thumbs up, thumbs down: Steve’s Scholars, Freedom Flag Barn

Fresno Bee

Thumbs up to the first 26 students graduating from high school as part of the Steve’s Scholars program. Thumbs down to the graffiti tagger who vandalized the landmark Freedom Flag Barn, which is painted like an American flag.


How did a Bakersfield farmer’s son become a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet?

Bakersfield Californian

He is the son of a Bakersfield potato farmer, a graduate of Garces Memorial High School, and the winner of this year’s Pulitzer Prize in poetry.


Joe Mathews on the initiative process: Do you want fries with that?

San Francisco Chronicle

The people there were professional petition circulators, who have been gathering signatures to qualify initiatives for California’s November ballot. They are important because of California’s democratic laziness.





Sunday, May 13, at 10 a.m. on ABC 30 – Maddy Report“Candidate for Governor John Cox”​ – Guest: John Cox. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.


Sunday, May 13, at 10 a.m. on Newstalk 580AM/105.9FM (KMJ) – Maddy Report ​ – Valley Views Edition​: Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox & Prop. 13” – Guests: John Cox, Laura Hill with the Public Policy Institute of California, & Dan Walters with CALmatters. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.


Sunday, May 13, at 7:30 a.m. on UniMas 61 (KTTF) – El Informe Maddy: “Fighting Fire with Fire: Rethinking Forest Management”  Guest: Little Hoover Commission Representative, Julissa Delgado. Host: Maddy Institute Program Coordinator, Maria Jeans.


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Romaine Riddle: Why the E. Coli Outbreak Eludes Food Investigators

New York Times

Scientists searching for a toxic strain of E. coli that has raced across 25 states, sickening 121 people and killing one, have been able to identify the general source. But as the outbreak enters its second month, they still cannot find the contamination itself.


House Republicans Tackle Next Battle: Wooing Their Own on Farm Bill

Wall Street Journal

House GOP leaders will begin this week corralling support for the next five-year farm bill, a task complicated by opposition from conservative Republicans and Democrats.

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     SNAP reform in the 2018 Farm Bill AEI

Why Millions of Californians Eligible for Food Stamps Don’t Get Them


Millions of low-income Californians eligible for food stamps are not receiving the benefit, earning the state one of the lowest rankings in the nation for its participation in the program.






Dozens of arrests made, games seized since April in operations targeting illegal gambling in Bakersfield

Bakersfield Californian

Since April, Bakersfield police have made 51 arrests at internet casinos and other businesses where people play electronic games of chance.


Amid Stephon Clark autopsy controversy, doctors push bill to overhaul coroner’s offices

Sacramento Bee

As Sacramento prosecutors consider dueling autopsies in the police shooting of Stephon Clark, a state senator is pushing a bill at the Capitol he says would give the public more reason to trust investigations into officer-involved shootings.


DNA analysis helps solve crimes and clear those who are innocent


DNA has become an invaluable instrument in the search for truth in the criminal justice system.


California spends too much on prisons, not enough to keep people out of prison


Despite continued reductions in the state prison population, California’s prison spending has continued to bloat.


Big Jump Seen In Number Of Inmates Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs In California


The number of inmates in California who’ve been prescribed psychiatric drugs has jumped about 25 percent in five years, according to a recent analysis of state data.


Public Safety:


Sheriff’s race a short, intense brawl

Bakersfield Californian

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood has been in office for 12 years. His challenger in this June’s primary election, Chief Deputy Justin Fleeman, has made use of every minute of that tenure to fuel an all-out frontal assault on Youngblood.




Stanislaus Consolidated may send you a bill after its firefighters help you

Modesto Bee

Stanislaus Consolidated may start billing insurance companies and even the people it helps when its firefighters respond to car crashes, medical emergencies and other calls. The fire protection district’s board is scheduled to hold a workshop Thursday to discuss this proposal.






California is now the world’s fifth-largest economy, surpassing United Kingdom

Los Angeles Times

California’s economy has surpassed that of the United Kingdom to become the world’s fifth largest, according to new federal data made public Friday. 

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●     Gross State Product State of California Department of Finance


EDITORIAL: Want to safeguard California’s economic future? Vote for this team on June 5

Sacramento Bee

Far from the tax-and-spend Democrat that Washington partisans make him out to be, Californians know that Gov. Jerry Brown has been relentless about socking away billions of dollars in the state’s “rainy day” fund, while also warning about a coming economic downturn.


The economic consequences of Donald Trump


The last thing a U.S. economy close to full employment and with rising inflationary expectations now needs is an expansionary budget policy, yet that is precisely what the Trump administration has chosen to do.

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     Just how good is the Trump economy, really? AEI

     Letter to Wilbur Ross from Sens. Johnson and McCaskill: Americans deserve to know consequences of tariffs AEI


Oval Office economics: A long-read Q&A with top Obama adviser Jason Furman


Jason Furman was one of President Obama’s top economists, from the start of his campaign through the end of his presidency, and served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers from 2013 through 2017. He joined me on the podcast to discuss his time in the White House, how he views the Recession and subsequent recovery, and his forecast for economic growth going forward.


Will: American Economy’s Slow Growth: Are We Trapped in a Debt Spiral?

National Review

The 3.9 percent unemployment rate is impressive, but the economy’s slow growth suggests a contraction is somewhere in America’s future.


In Nafta Talks, U.S. Pushes Mexico to Raise Wages for Its Auto Workers

Wall Street Journal

The Trump administration is seeking to complete its overhaul of the North American Free Trade Agreement with new rules that would penalize the Mexican auto industry unless it boosts wages—to roughly $16 an hour.




U.S. Jobless Rate Falls Below 4% For First Time Since Late 2000


The jobless rate fell to 3.9% from 4.1% a month earlier, hitting the lowest level since December 2000, the Labor Department said Friday.

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     Good News in the Labor Market WSJ


More businesses are mellowing out over hiring pot smokers

Fresno Bee

FPI Management, a property company in California, wants to hire dozens of people. Factories from New Hampshire to Michigan need workers. Hotels in Las Vegas are desperate to fill jobs.


Democratic governor candidates vow to hire equal numbers of men and women if elected

The Mercury News

In a sign of the MeToo movement’s resonance in California politics, all of the major Democratic candidates for governor are vowing to hire equal numbers of men and women if they’re elected and to pay both equally for the same jobs.


California’s Top Court Makes It More Difficult For Employers To Classify Workers As Independent Contractors

Los Angeles Times

In a ruling that could change the workplace status of people across the state, the California Supreme Court made it harder Monday for employers to classify their workers as independent contractors.

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·       Gig economy faces shakeup after California high court ruling SF Chronicle






Garces Memorial graduates 100 percent of senior class

Bakersfield Californian

Not many schools can boast that they have graduated 100 percent of their senior class, but that’s just what Garces Memorial High School did on Friday.

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·       Is the high school graduation rate really going up? Brookings


Stockton’s first micro library has big impact on public

Stockton Record

The Arnold Rue Community Center was buzzing on Saturday as eager children and happy adults explored the city’s first micro library.


Questions surface about new SUSD chief’s past

Stockton Record

Decade-old questions are being brought to light about both the educational and professional background of John Deasy days after he was named a finalist to become the next superintendent of the Stockton Unified School District.


EDITORIAL: Choosing difficult for new county schools chief

Modesto Bee

What do you want in the next Stanislaus County Superintendent of Schools? How about someone who clearly demonstrates a passion for helping students? Or someone who has been on the ground floor of some of the most innovative programs developed over the past five years?


Base families respond to to California bills aimed at rewriting home school laws

Hanford Sentinel

Bills AB 2926 and AB 2756 were introduced to the California State Assembly in February in an effort to make home school regulations stricter, including mandatory inspections by the fire marshall. Families responded by saying the bills were unconstitutional and both failed to pass in April.


This Week in Ed: Teachers Press DeVos; Questions About Koch Brothers’ Gifts To Universities

Each state’s Teacher of the Year was feted in Washington, D.C., this week, and the walkouts in several states hung over the festivities. NPR spoke with Lindsey Jensen, a high school English teacher and 2018 Illinois Teacher of the Year who said she was once apolitical, but not anymore.


Charter school growth puts fiscal pressure on traditional public schools


Policy debates about the net effects of charter schools on students and on the delivery of K-12 education are ongoing and remain highly contentious.


How teacher strikes in other states help California unions make their case


Teachers are on the march. And while there’s no telling when and where the wave of teacher strikes will crest, don’t expect grassroots, Facebook-driven walkouts to wash over California.


From a nation at risk to a democracy at risk: Educating students for democratic renewal


Public schools were invented to prepare people for self-governance, and to work with others towards the improvement of their communities and for the betterment of society.


Higher Ed:


Jarrar storm will soon blow over | Fresno State professor

The Fresno Bee

Open forum unleashes frustrations about Randa Jarrar and Fresno State reputation. False equivalencies, utter lack of logic and hurt feelings. Each was on full display Thursday night as Fresno State held a public forum to hash out its latest professorial enfant terrible, Randa Jarrar.


University of California workers start 3-day strike

The Mercury News

Thousands of custodians, security guards, gardeners and other service workers at University of California campuses have started a three-day walkout to address gender pay inequalities and demand higher wages.

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      More than 50000 UC workers set to strike this week but campuses will remain open Los Angeles Times

      Thousands of University of California Service Workers Set to Strike KQED


Mental health services at Cal State campuses at ‘crisis’ levels

89.3 KPCC

An increase in demand for counseling services at California State University campuses hasn’t been met with a corresponding increase in counselors and that is leading to a “crisis,” campus mental health officials say.

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      This bill could relieve burden on mental health counselors at CSU campuses Los Angeles Daily News


UC System Excels in Graduating Poor Students

The Atlantic

A new report shows that most colleges are failing when it comes to graduating low-income students, but the UC system is an exception.






Ballot measure aims to preserve Salton Sea, help air quality

Fresno Bee

A project to protect Californians who live near the Salton Sea from deteriorating air quality could sink or swim based on the outcome of a June ballot measure. Proposition 68 would allow the state to borrow $4 billion through bonds to fund parks and environmental protection projects.


California tax department needs to get with the program on climate change

Sacramento Bee

To see an example of one state agency undermining the policy objectives of another, look no further than the state double taxing biodiesel when greater production of this clean-burning fuel is needed to achieve Gov. Jerry Brown’s ambitious climate change goals.


EDITORIAL: Smoggy times call for serious measures to clean up freight pollution

Los Angeles Times

Southern California isn’t faring so well these days in the war on smog. After years of progress cutting pollution and clearing the skies, the number of bad air days has surged in the last two years. On several days last summer, ozone reached such unhealthy levels that it prompted public health alerts and warnings to stay inside.

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      Southern California air quality officials will craft rules governing warehouse, rail yard pollution Los Angeles Times

●      Is air pollution making you sick? 4 questions answered San Francisco Chronicle


Inside the $4.1 billion California measure that thinks small to fix parks, waterways

San Francisco Chronicle

A far-reaching measure before California voters in June would authorize the state to borrow $4.1 billion for investments in outdoor recreation, land conservation and water projects. But Proposition 68, which needs a simple majority vote to pass, is not your typical water and parks bond measure.




Oil prices could keep rising. Here’s why.


Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass thinks that investors are overestimating the impact that electric cars will have on demand for gas.


California to become first U.S. state mandating solar on new homes


The California Energy Commission is scheduled to vote Wednesday, May 9, on new energy standards mandating most new homes have solar panels starting in 2020.


The question Democrats can’t answer on the rising cost of energy


Californians pay too much for utilities, and it’s getting worse. The state’s climate agenda is a major reason for the rising cost of electricity.


Offshore wind farms coming to California — but the Navy says no to large sections of the coast

San Diego Union-Tribune

Fans of renewable energy anticipate a bonanza blowing off the coast of California. But a map released by the U.S. Navy puts large swaths of the state off limits to future offshore wind farms — including all of San Diego and Los Angeles, extending up to the Central Coast.






Liberal Groups Release Polls Showing Health Care Could Hurt GOP Incumbents

Roll Call

A coalition of liberal groups is releasing new polling to show that health care could be a key issue in the midterms,  and that a vote for the Republican health care plan last year could come back to hurt  GOP incumbents.


Making health insurance enrollment as automatic as possible


In December 2017, the Republican Congress, working with the Trump administration, repealed the tax penalties enforcing the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate, effective in 2019.


A case of the measles as broken out in Fresno County.

Fresno Bee

A warning to anyone who’s never received a measles vaccination: Fresno County’s Department of Public Health has confirmed a case of measles in a Fresno County adult.

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      Bakersfield residents possibly exposed to measles Bakersfield Californian


Carcinogen widespread in Kern County, California but unlikely to pose health risk

The Bakersfield Californian

Discovery of a known carcinogen in local wells has raised concerns, but according to state and local agencies, Kern County water is safe to drink and local produce safe to consume.


Rural, urban, with or without papers, expanding this program would bring #Health4All

Sacramento Bee

Health4All Adults is two parallel legislative proposals (SB 974 and AB 2965) that would remove an eligibility barrier to comprehensive Medi-Cal for over 1 million low-income undocumented adults. This would expand access to routine and preventative care for undocumented adults to avoid costly and life-threatening visits to the emergency room.


Audit slams oversight of California nursing facilities

The Mercury News

California’s skilled nursing facilities are increasingly putting their residents’ health in jeopardy, yet the state is failing to adequately crack down on the problem, according to a report released Tuesday.


Podcast: Opioid Legislation on Deck

Roll Call

Legislation aimed at helping communities deal with the opioid addiction crisis is moving through the Senate and House, despite Democrats’ disgruntlement about the process. CQ health reporter Sandhya Raman provides details on the proposed legislation and the timetable on when it might become law.

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     Opioid vs. Crack: Congress Reconsidered Its Approach to Drug Epidemic Wall Street Journal


Human Services:


First Latina at helm of United Way of Kern feels weight of responsibility, history

Bakersfield Californian

Mari Perez-Dowling is an optimist. But as the first Latina to take the helm of the United Way of Kern County, one of this area’s flagship nonprofits, the former teacher and morning radio show host knows many are counting on her — not just to survive, but to thrive, to succeed.


UCSF hospital workers ready to strike Monday


Tens of thousands of health care workers are scheduled to go on strike Monday across the University of California system, including UCSF Medical Center, which rescheduled surgeries and delayed cancer treatments for several hundred patients.

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     Will I have to reschedule a hospital procedure? Here’s what patients need to know about UC Davis strike  Sacramento Bee




Judge considers ban on separating families at border

Fresno Bee

A federal judge asked pointed questions of the Trump administration and the American Civil Liberties Union on Friday over a proposed ban on U.S. immigration authorities separating parents from their children at the border.


California’s sanctuary law, SB54: Here’s what it is — and isn’t


Senate Bill 54 was introduced during the first day of the 2017 California legislative session as a direct response to President Donald Trump’s stated plan to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities and step up immigration enforcement.




Land Use:


Sequoia Shuttle takes visitors to Sequoia National Park

Visalia Times Delta

Sequoia Shuttle’s summer season begins on Thursday, May 24, helping Central Valley residents and adventurers from around the world visit Sequoia National Park.




Housing in the Valley costs less than Bay Area and SoCal. That doesn’t mean it’s cheap

Fresno Bee

Fresno County remains one of the state’s more affordable areas for housing, compared to coastal a parts of California. But because wages tend to be lower in the Valley than those other regions, housing isn’t exactly cheap for many local families.

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      If people are fleeing the Bay Area for cheaper housing, why is it still so costly? San Francisco Chronicle

      Realtors speak out on housing shortage and costs OCRegister

●     With No Letup In Home Prices, The California Exodus Surges California Business Roundtable


As gentrification escalates in California, people wonder: Where can the homeless go?

The Mercury News

Many of the state’s cities are thriving. But the gentrification that is taking place along the coast has made it far more difficult for local governments to afford housing options for those without homes.

EDITORIAL: The VA has a good idea: Speed up housing for homeless veterans

Los Angeles Times

When the Department of Veterans Affairs agreed in January 2015 to transform its sprawling West Los Angeles grounds from a patchwork of aging buildings and sterile medical facilities into an inviting campus with housing for homeless veterans, everyone knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. And the VA lived down to expectations at first, moving slowly to launch the lengthy environmental study required before it can start building the 1,200 units of housing and amenities called for in the campus’ draft master plan.


Nine rules for better housing policy


Earlier this year, HUD Secretary Ben Carson raised eyebrows when he proposed changing the agency’s mission statement, removing references to “sustainable, inclusive communities.” Changes to HUD’s mission statement reflect an underlying problem.




Bond Managers: Losing California’s Brown and Fret Over Who Comes Next


Saying goodbye to Jerry Brown is tough for the bond market. A progressive with a frugal bent, the Democratic governor won fans on Wall Street. As analyst Ben Woo put it, “He is the one who saved California.”


Walters: How online retail is radically affecting many billions of sales tax dollars in California

The Mercury News

Sales taxes, once the primary source of revenue for the state budget, now play second fiddle to income taxes. That said, sales taxes are still very important to local governments, particularly cities, and often affect local land use decisions – favoring tax-generating retail business over housing, for instance.


New California legislation would allow state taxpayers to dodge a key part of President Trump’s tax plan

Los Angeles Times

A new proposal from a Los Angeles lawmaker has emerged aiming to help Californians evade a key provision of the federal tax overhaul passed last year.


CalEITC and the importance of free tax prep services

California Budget & Policy Center

Established as part of the state budget agreement in 2015, the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) is an important support for low-earning workers across our state. Each year, this refundable credit helps hundreds of thousands of families to afford basic living expenses, such as housing, utilities, child care, and others.

See also:

      Proposed Legislation Would Extend CalEITC to Include Young Adults and Seniors as Well as Immigrant Workers Filing With ITINs California Budget & Policy Center


Ballot Initiative To Gut Proposition 13 Postponed Until 2020

California Business Roundtable

The Schools and Local Communities Funding Act initiative is a proposed statewide ballot initiative that would end Proposition 13 property tax protections for commercial and industrial businesses with more than 50 employees.


Why Stocks Can’t Wait for the Midterms to Be Over

Wall Street Journal

The stock market is likely to struggle between now and the Nov. 6 midterm elections. Investors hate uncertainty, and these elections create a healthy dose of just that.




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New passenger train leaves Modesto for Sacramento

Modesto Bee

Amtrak has added a train that gets San Joaquin Valley residents to Sacramento by the start of each business day.

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Spring means it’s time to watch for motorcyclists sharing the road

Fresno Bee

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, and the California Highway Patrol, along with the California Office of Traffic Safety will be working to help reduce the number of fatal and injury traffic collisions involving motorcyclists.


Bicyclists are about to get ‘buffered.’ Drivers might hit learning ‘curb’

Sacramento Bee

The city of Sacramento is near completion of its “parking protected” bike lanes. The lanes are nearest the curb, meaning vehicles must park to the right of the bike lanes. The city also is installing “buffered” bike lanes, which provide a 3-foot buffer lane to the left of the cyclist and allow vehicles to park next to the curb.


Electric cars make inroads in California — but fast enough?

San Francisco Chronicle

California continues to lead the nation in electric car sales. But it must drive a long, hard road before it can achieve its goal of getting 5 million emissions-free cars on the road 12 years from now.


Where Southern California’s many deadly vehicle crashes occur


California is home to one of the most dangerous roads in the United States, according to a study of deadly highways by the consumer website ValuePenguin. That road is Highway 99, which runs through the Central Valley and had a rate of 62.3 fatal accidents for each 100 miles of its length from 2011 to 2015.



California High-Speed Rail Authority

For this meeting, an opportunity for public comment on all agenda and non-agenda items will be provided at the outset of the public session of the meeting.

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Local politicians vow to fight for Temperance Flat Dam funding


Fresno Mayor Lee Brand along with local, state and federal elected officials spoke out Friday against the state’s decision to deny funding for Temperance Flat Dam.

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Carcinogen widespread in Kern County, California but unlikely to pose health risk

Bakersfield Californian

Discovery of a known carcinogen in local wells has raised concerns, but according to state and local agencies, Kern County water is safe to drink and local produce safe to consume.


This one stretch of river could decide the future of Shasta Dam

Sacramento Bee

The final stretch of the McCloud River before it empties into the state’s largest reservoir is a place of raw beauty. Its gatekeeper is an unlikely one, an organization that also happens to be a hugely controversial player in California water politics.


Separating water and politics isn’t easy in California

Los Angeles Times

The 2014 water bond included a novel funding approach designed to take at least some of the politicking out of deciding which projects get public money. This week’s tortured deliberations by the California Water Commission showed just how tough it is to do that.




You don’t have to leave California to have fun – and there’s data to back that up

Fresno Bee

Looking to have some fun? California has it all.


Score an A+ with some sweet deals and discounts for Teacher Appreciation Day

Merced Sun Star

If you’re a teacher and apples aren’t your thing, you can get free sandwiches, burritos, beer or other deals instead Tuesday for Teacher Appreciation Day.


Mexican rodeo tradition alive in Bakersfield

From the way they dress and the way they command their horses to the vibrant, eclectic events, Mexican rodeos are vastly different than American rodeos. And it’s alive and well in Bakersfield.


California tops WalletHub’s Most Fun States in America list

The Sacramento Bee

Looking to have some fun? California has it all. From amusement parks to professional sports venues, ski resorts, beaches, theaters and much more, there’s plenty to do on any given day in the Golden State.


‘More epic than you can imagine’: WSL Surf Ranch competition in Lemoore hailed as historic

Fresno Bee

Saturday morning marked the start of the World Surf League’s Founders Cup of Surfing, the inaugural contest at the WSL Surf Ranch, where — after 10 years of research and development — 11-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater and a team of engineers found a way to create the perfect wave and usher in a new era surfing.

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