Are you dismayed by the decline in civil discourse? Is there something you’d like to do to encourage more thoughtful fact-based discussions of the key public policy issues so, together, we can tackle the big issues confronting the Valley and State?

If your answer to these questions are “yes,” we hope you will consider joining us in that effort by supporting our program.

Your contribution will support:

  • Our legislative intern programs that allow Valley students to work in top legislative offices in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and throughout the Valley. (We now have over 200 Valley students who are alums of Maddy Legislative Intern Programs.)
  • Our media programs, such as our weekly half hour public affairs tv programs in English (Maddy Report on ABC30) and Spanish (El Informe Maddy), as well as our weekly one-hour radio program (Valley Views on KMJ Newstalk 580/105.9). Even more, you will help inform other Californians of the Valley’s unique issues and perspectives because The Maddy Report is seen statewide on the California Channel, the State’s C-SPAN equivalent, four times a week while the Legislature is in session (TTH, 8:30 am and pm) and 14 times a week when the Legislature is not in session (every day, 8:30 am and pm).

Your tax-deductible contribution will also help support The Maddy Daily, our free e-newsletter on politics and public policy that is a daily “must read” for over 12,000 subscribers.

Since we are a non-profit, we rely on the generous contributions from people like you to make all of this happen.

Together, as the fortunate citizens of this great land, we are helping build a better Valley, State and Nation.

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