June 27, 2018






GOP chairman Devin Nunes demands information on ‘any contacts’ between FBI sources and Trump campaign associates

The Hill

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is asking the Justice Department to provide information on "any contacts" between FBI sources and more than a dozen Trump campaign officials and associates.

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     Nunes is demanding new information on Trump campaign and FBI informants CNN


Price: Local growers need help but McCarthy's loyalties lie elsewhere

Bakersfield Californian

Who is Kevin McCarthy working for? The answer ought to be obvious. The people of the 23rd Congressional District, of course. Two of the biggest national debates of 2018 have us wondering about that, though.


Kern County supervisors maintain medical marijuana dispensary ban

Bakersfield Californian

The current ban on medicinal marijuana dispensaries will remain in place in Kern County for the time being after the Kern County Board of Supervisors took no action on a proposal that could have led to the establishment of seven legal medicinal dispensaries throughout the county at a meeting Tuesday.


A Dairy Town, A Facebook Argument, And The Unseating Of A Mayor

Valley Public Radio

Last week, the city of Tulare ousted its mayor after he got involved in a heated argument on Facebook. The argument centered around agriculture and its impacts on the environment and the economy—but the story is far bigger than a few punches thrown on social media.


City looks to fill vacancy on Planning Commission

Clovis Roundup

The Clovis City Council is accepting applications for an an opening on the City’s Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is the body that reviews development proposals for compliance with the General Plan and makes recommendations to City Council.




California elected officials get a pay raise

Sacramento Bee

Statewide elected officials and lawmakers in California will be getting a 3% raise at the end of the year. The California Citizens Compensation Commission approved the salary increases Tuesday, continuing a pattern of steady increases over the last seven years.


California Senate welcomes new Orange County Republican, selected after voters fired the Democratic incumbent

Los Angeles Times

The final chapter in the removal of an incumbent California state senator — the first since 1914 — played out in Sacramento on Monday, as Sen. Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) filled the sudden vacancy by taking the oath of office.


California Democrats pursue biggest Assembly advantage in 40 years

Sacramento Bee

While a lot of attention has been paid to congressional and statewide races, Democrats are hoping to expand their dominance in the 80-member state Assembly.

Disputed net neutrality bill moves forward in California Legislature

Los Angeles Times

State Sen. Scott Wiener allowed his net neutrality bill to advance out of a committee Tuesday, but warned he is prepared to shelve the legislation if negotiations with other lawmakers fail to restore consumer protections he said were gutted from the bill last week.

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     California lawmakers advance last-minute data privacy bill AP News


California Considers Creating A Fake News Advisory Group

CBS Sacramento

California is considering creating a “fake news” advisory group in order to monitor information posted and spread on social media.

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     Calif. bill would create commission to monitor 'fake news' UPI 


Walters: Billionaire Soros was a big loser in California vote


Every election produces winners and losers, of course, but they are not just the candidates whose names are on the ballot. One of the biggest losers in California’s June 5 primary election was one of the richest men in the world, billionaire financier George Soros.


Two Major Rulings Ripple Through the State

New York Times

The Supreme Court issued two rulings on Tuesday, and Californians are already feeling the effects.




'Fair share' union fees struck down, delivering blow to California labor Sacramento Bee

California’s public employee unions were handed a serious blow in a Supreme Court ruling Wednesday that forbids them from collecting fees from workers who benefit from their representation but do not want to join them.

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     Supreme Court Deals Blow to Public-Sector Unions Wall Street Journal

     Supreme Court Delivers a Sharp Blow to Labor Unions New York Times

     Supreme Court Deals Blow to Government Unions in Janus National Review

     U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court

     EDITORIAL: The Supreme Court mutes California unions, and gives billionaires a megaphone Sacramento Bee

     Unjust Janus v. AFSCME decision won’t stop unions from fighting for all working people​​ Sacramento Bee


Supreme Court upholds travel ban


The Supreme Court has upheld President Donald Trump's travel ban. The ruling was 5-4 along partisan lines, with Chief Justice John Roberts writing for the conservative majority.

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     Supreme Court deals California back-to-back losses in travel ban, pregnancy center cases San Jose Mercury

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     How a 1944 decision on Japanese internment affected the Supreme Court’s travel ban decision Washington Post

     Move over, Dred Scott: The Supreme Court’s travel ban decision is among the worst in history Washington Post

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     Cut the charade and crown the president Modesto Bee

     EDITORIAL: Trump's travel ban might be legal, but it's still bad policy Los Angeles Times

     EDITORIAL: A shameful travel ban upheld by Supreme Court San Francisco Chronicle

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Democrats Must Stop Pretending the Supreme Court Is Apolitical

The Nation

In light of this conservative judicial activism, some Democrats want to talk about the realities of a politicized high court. The party has largely avoided talking about the radical nature of the Roberts Court.


Is Donald Trump chief executive or executive producer?

Modesto Bee

The Oval Office, once the inner sanctum for only the high and the mighty of any administration, under this president has become the main set for his image-making.


Kamala Harris out front on new litmus test for Dems: What to do about ICE?

San Francisco Chronicle

The California Democrat, a possible 2020 presidential candidate, said she is so frustrated with how federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement treats migrants that the government should consider “starting from scratch” with an undefined overhaul of the 15-year-old agency.


Energized Democrats Are Voting in Competitive Primaries in Droves

New York Times

In more than 20 of the most competitive House races of 2018, the share of Democrats voting in primaries notably increased, compared with 2014, the last midterm election cycle.


The VA Continues a Centuries-Long History of Scandal

Wall Street Journal

Fraud and waste plagued veteran pensions in 1820. Since then the problem has only expanded.


Have U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters and President Donald Trump made statements that encourage violence?


U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, has drawn criticism from both the left and the right for her call to confront members of Trump’s administration.




Lack of civility: This Business Will Get Out of Control

Weekly Standard

This is a disgusting and appalling lack of civility and a departure from the norms of American political discourse and I cannot fathom where liberals got the idea for it and, by the by, here is a list of some things the current president of the United States of America said while campaigning for his office.


Comparing Trump to the greatest—and the most polarizing—presidents in US history


Stark partisan polarization is arguably the defining characteristic of our current political moment. While other periods in American history have also featured incivility and deep divides, today the divide between parties not only encumbers coalition-building and policy-making, but also even how regular people work and shop.


Saving democracy from its defenders


The chance of a breakdown of democracy within the next four years is an “alarming 11.4 percent,” according to a recent survey of political scientists. Not dramatic enough?


Mexico — What Went Wrong?

National Review

Mexico gets a massive cash influx in remittances, American corporations get cheap labor, Democrats get voters.


Blockchain Could Upend Welfare Programs

National Review

Imagine a welfare system in which people contribute voluntarily, sometimes because they know the people who benefit from the donation. We believe blockchain technology can help fulfill that vision.


Watch: This is AI


Today, artificial intelligence stands as an outstanding achievement of digital technology but also as the realization of an idea rooted deep in our biology.




Sunday, July 1, at 10 a.m. on ABC 30 – Maddy Report“Veterans Programs and Services” – Guests: Carole D'Elia, Executive Director of Little Hoover Commission and Jacqueline Barocio from LAO. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.


Sunday, July 1, at 10 a.m. on Newstalk 580AM/105.9FM (KMJ) – Maddy Report​​ ​​ - Valley Views Edition“Valley Vets: Challenges and Opportunities” – Guests: Carole D'Elia, Executive Director of Little Hoover Commission; Jacqueline Barocio from LAO; Julie Cusator with Fresno Veterans Home; and Lorenzo Rios with Clovis Veterans Memorial District. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.


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Congress Votes On Immigration, Farm Legislation This Week

Sierra Sun Times

With additional votes scheduled this week on immigration and farm policy, California farmers and ranchers said they'll be advocating for actions that address their top concerns.


Podcast: The 2018 Farm Bill


On this episode of the AEI Event Podcast, four leading agricultural policy experts gather to discuss the farm bill proposal for 2018 and assess the bill’s implications in the context of current and proposed changes to farm subsidy and price support.


Pot shop fire sale: Dispensaries slash prices to sell non-compliant weed by July 1

Desert Sun

Since the state fully legalized cannabis on Jan. 1, the industry had a six-month transition period to adopt new testing, packaging and ingredient standards. Businesses can continue to sell products that don’t meet the new requirements until June 30, but will be forced to destroy any leftovers come July 1.






California prison guards approve one-year contract with a 5% raise
Sacramento Bee

California state correctional officers will see a sweet pay increase a year from now through a short contract it struck with Gov. Jerry Brown's administration.


Research finds Prop. 47 has reduced racial disparities in drug arrests

Sacramento Bee

Racial disparities in drug arrests have decreased significantly since the passage of Prop 47, the 2014 ballot measure that reclassified nonviolent drug and property offenses from felonies to misdemeanors.


What life is like for the U.S.’s increasingly aging prison population

Washington Post

Improvements in medical care, longer jail terms because of stricter sentencing guidelines and an increase in the number of older adults being sent to prison have had a significant effect on the U.S. prison population: The average age of inmates is rising.


U.S. Criminal-Justice System Is Out of Control, and Media Are Distracted

National Review

The evil is compounded by the preoccupation of the the political class with the news story du jour, from the southern border.




Crews making headway in fight to contain Pawnee Fire in Lake County
Sacramento Bee

Firefighters made inroads on wildfires across in Northern California on Tuesday, but rural Lake County saw expanded evacuations as firefighters are still working to gain control of the Pawnee Fire, Cal Fire said Tuesday.

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     Kern County Fire crews still helping fight NorCal fires Bakersfield Californian

     Nearly 3,000 firefighters deployed as wildfire rages in Northern California ABC


Wildfire in Northern California grows to 13,000 acres with 17% containment

Los Angeles Times

A wildfire threatening hundreds of homes in Lake County grew even larger overnight, as high temperatures and breezy conditions continued to stoke the blaze.

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     At least 13,000 acres burned by Pawnee Fire in Northern California CNN






Kern Co. Board of Supervisors accept $2.6 billion preliminary budget

Bakersfield Californian

Kern County administrators believe they are well on their way to digging the county out of the hole it found itself in about three years ago, when crashing oil prices resulted in a $44.5 million deficit in the county’s general fund.


Trump tax cuts carry a big price tag: Huge debt and risk of another financial crisis, budget office warns

Los Angeles Times

The tax cuts championed by President Trump are helping push the nation toward an unprecedented level of debt, heightening the risk of another financial crisis, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

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       Government set to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year, an 84% jump from last year Chicago Tribune

     Global debt binge setting us up for a pounding economic headache AEI

     Opinion: The Numbers Tell the Story — Tax Cuts Work Roll Call


Fox: The U.S. Supreme Court Adds to California’s Treasury

Fox & Hounds

The state of California already sitting on a record surplus would benefit from an additional revenue windfall thanks to two decisions handed down by the United States Supreme Court. The question is what would the state do with that new money?


Families earning $117,000 now qualify as "low income" in California's Bay Area


A report out this week from the Department of Housing and Urban Development finds the median price for a single-family home in the Bay Area is now $935,000. A family earning $117,000 now qualifies as "low income" in the region




The particular skill sought by a variety of employers

Modesto Bee

The Central Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held its first bilingual job fair in Modesto on Tuesday, drawing 20 employers in need of people proficient in Spanish and English.


'Female-dominated' jobs erased in California state government

Sacramento Bee

Heading into his last months in office, Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration worked up a few edits to state law that could make it easier for public employees to earn promotions and help disabled state workers retain their jobs.


The Smart Ways to Switch Jobs Quietly

Wall Street Journal
Employees ages 21 to 38 have been changing jobs three times more often than other workers, according to a 2016 Gallup study of two million people. Looking for a new job discreetly, without damaging your standing at your current employer, requires some savvy.


Big Businesses Can’t Find Enough Workers, Either

Wall Street Journal

The number of job openings in the United States is at an all-time high, and a new report due out today shows American businesses of all sizes trying to find the workers they need to meet the demands of a rising economy.


China Mines Silicon Valley for Tech Talent

Wall Street Journal
The Trump administration, alarmed that a brain drain to China may erode the U.S.’s technological edge and weaken national security, is trying to restrict Chinese ownership of​​ 
some U.S. tech companies. Meanwhile, China is tapping into American know-how another way: poaching talent.






Central Unified hires Andrew Alvarado to be next superintendent


Central Unified has hired Andrew Alvarado to be its next superintendent. Alvarado has most recently been the superintendent of the Golden Valley Unified School District in Madera County.


California’s K–12 Test Scores: What Can the Available Data Tell Us?

Public Policy Institute of California

Overall, 2016–17 scores changed little from 2015–16. This is quite different than in the previous year, when students made large gains.


With California in the lead, LGBTQ history gets boost in school curriculum


It’s no surprise that California has paved the way for teaching gay history in our K-12 schools and that other states are beginning to follow suit.


Cyber Security Classes May Be Required In California Schools

CBS Sacramento

The Cyber Secure Youth Act would require school districts to teach students in grades K-6 and 7-12 “cyber hygiene.”


A portrait of civics education in the United States


American schools found themselves immersed in politics this year. In this environment, are U.S. schools equipping students with the tools to become engaged, informed, and empathetic citizens?


Higher Ed:


Proposal To Pay UC & CSU Tuition Based On Percentage Of Future Income

CBS Sacramento

The University of California and California State University may test out an income sharing program with students as a way to make school more affordable.






Citizen science gives sense of empowerment in Arvin, but there are concerns

Bakersfield Californian

Gustavo "Gus" Aguirre Jr. calls them tools for "the democratization of data." The objects in question? Six air monitors operated not by government regulators, but by a private environmental advocacy group in the small farm town of Arvin, a city that often has the distinction of suffering some of the worst air quality in the nation.


California lead paint liability initiative heads to ballot

AP News

California voters will likely see an initiative on the November ballot that limits the liability of lead paint companies by authorizing bond funding to clean up the paint and other health hazards in buildings in the state. The California Secretary of State announced Tuesday that backers of the measure collected enough signatures to make the ballot.

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     Initiatives Backed By Children's Hospitals, Paint Industry Set For California's November Ballot Capital Public Radio

     Will paint companies pay to clean up lead in homes? California voters could decide in November Los Angeles Times

     Paint companies that want taxpayers to pay for lead cleanup still trying to strike deal with lawmakers Los Angeles Times

     California Counties Sue Over Lead Paint Measure AP News


Conservatives wanted Pruitt to derail a climate report — by removing an EPA employee


Conservative allies of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt lobbied last year to remove a career agency staffer in hopes of stopping the release of a government-wide report on the science of climate change, newly released emails show.

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     EPA’s Pruitt Wants to Limit His Own Agency’s Authority Wall Street Journal

     California, Greenhouse Gas Regulation, and Climate Change Fox & Hounds


Southern California's coastal communities could lose 130 feet of cliffs this century as sea levels rise

Los Angeles Times

It’s not just beaches and sand that are disappearing as the ocean pushes inland. Sea level rise is also eating away at California’s coastal cliffs. The question is by how much, as Californians have heavily developed and continue to build along the edge of the Pacific.




Big Oil Scores Victory Against California Climate Change Lawsuit


A California court ruled in favor of the nation’s top oil companies on Monday, dismissing a lawsuit that held them responsible for the effects of global climate change.


Native Americans Fear Effects Of New Oil Drilling Permit In California Monument

Huffington Post

The Bureau of Land Management announced in March that oil drilling would resume within the Carrizo Plain National Monument, land that is significant to more than a dozen tribes representing three tribal cultural groups in central California.


Canada dreams of oil exports to Asia, but California beckons


The nationalization of a crude oil export pipeline in western Canada has buoyed long-standing hopes for crude exports to markets beyond the United States - but the most likely destination for much of that oil is California.






Not all Californians can get life-saving hepatitis C treatment. Governor's budget aims to fix.
Sacramento Bee

This is why the revised California budget plans to allocate an additional $176 million to expand hepatitis C treatment for low-income patients covered by Medi-Cal and for state prison inmates.


Initiatives Backed By Children's Hospitals, Paint Industry Set For California's November Ballot

Capital Public Radio

Two new ballot initiatives have cleared the signature-verification hurdle to become eligible to go before voters in November: one backed by children’s hospitals and the other by the paint industry.

See also:

     California lead paint liability initiative heads to ballot ABC


How sky-high deductibles broke the U.S. health insurance system

Los Angeles Times
Health plans that put patients on the hook for many thousands of dollars are widespread and growing, but some employers are beginning to have second thoughts.


FDA increasingly approves drugs without conclusive proof they work


The FDA is increasingly green-lighting expensive drugs despite dangerous or little-known side effects and inconclusive evidence that they curb or cure disease.


Human Services:


Valley Children's gets top marks for providing care in four categories
Fresno Bee

Valley Children's Hospital in Madera County has four pediatric specialties recognized in the top children's hospitals in the nation for 2018.


State orders new bids on ambulance service in parts of Kern

Bakersfield Californian

California City, Mojave, Ridgecrest and Wasco could switch to different ambulance service providers as a result of a recent decision by the state agency overseeing emergency medical services.


California bill aimed at lowering health care costs gets shelved

San Francisco Chronicle

A bill aimed at banning a hospital contracting practice that patient advocates say leads to higher health care prices for consumers has been withdrawn by its author, state Sen. Bill Monning, D-Carmel.


ObamaCare Can Be Worse Than Medicaid

Wall Street Journal

This year will be the last in which uninsured Americans are forced to pay ObamaCare’s penalty for lack of coverage. The change—part of the GOP’s tax reform—comes as relief on the demand side of health insurance.


Pregnancy center ruling a blow for abortion-rights advocates

AP News

In knocking down a California law aimed at regulating anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a blow to abortion-rights supporters who saw the law as a crucial step toward beating back the national movement against the procedure.

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     EDITORIAL: Supreme Court’s anti-abortion ruling in California upholds the right to misinform Sacramento Bee

     EDITORIAL: Tuesday was a bad day for getting truthful information out to pregnant women in crisis Los Angeles Times

     EDITORIAL: Supreme Court protects lying to women San Francisco Chronicle

     EDITORIAL: Free Speech Wins One Wall Street Journal




Judge Orders Migrant Families Separated at Border to Be Reunited Within 30 Days

Wall Street Journal

A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to stop separating migrant families and reunite all children with their parents within 30 days, ruling that the “situation has reached a crisis level.”

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     States sue to force reunification of migrant families Mercury News

     California federal judge orders separated children reunited with parents within 30 days Los Angeles Times

     Judge Bars Migrant Family Separations, Orders Return Of Children Within 30 Days NPR

     Federal judge orders reunification of parents and children, end to most family separations at border CNN

     US judge bars separation of immigrants from children, orders reunification CNBC

     Federal judge rules children, parents separated at border must be reunited within 30 days ABC

     Federal judge orders Trump administration to reunite migrant families Politico

     California Judge Orders Immigrant Families to Be Reunited Within 30 Days Time

     The Trump administration won't reunite migrant children unless their parents get asylum or agree to be deported Business Insider

     On Immigration, Lawmakers Look Beyond Today's Vote Wall Street Journal

     Trump reveals “zero tolerance” for democracy Brookings

     Trump Doesn’t Regret the Border Controversy—Sobbing Kids or No Wall Street Journal

     Are the Ends Worth the Means at the Border? Wall Street Journal


California Reps Demand Information From Navy on Potential for Concord Base to House Undocumented Immigrants


More than a dozen California members of Congress are calling on the U.S. Navy to release information about an apparent request the Trump administration has made that could eventually mean thousands of undocumented immigrants would be housed at the old Concord Naval Weapons Station.


Politifact CA: Has construction 'already started' on Trump’s border wall in San Diego?


Amid chants of "Build the Wall!" at a recent rally in Nevada, President Trump repeated the claim that construction has "already started" on the border wall in California.


There’s no immigration crisis, and these charts prove it

Washington Post

The humanitarian crisis involving immigrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border has, among other things, laid bare a number of falsehoods driving much of the Trump administration's immigration agenda.


Are Democrats Ready to Make Immigration an Issue in the Midterms?

Cook Political Report

For years, Democrats have watched Republicans effectively cast their party as more concerned with the rights and comfort of illegal immigrants than the safety, security and economic livelihood of American citizens.

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     Democrats Search for a Winning Campaign Strategy on Immigration Roll Call

     The Democrats’ Racial Fault Line Wall Street Journal


Question of Legalizing Dreamer Parents Trips Up Immigration Debate

Roll Call

Moderate Republicans have given a lot of ground to conservatives in immigration talks, but it’s the one matter where they’ve refused to negotiate that is likely to sink a compromise bill the House is scheduled to vote on Wednesday.

See also:

     GOP Leaders Prepare for Rejection of Latest Immigration Bill Wall Street Journal


Europe tussles over migration politics


While President Trump has triggered political and moral havoc on this side of the Atlantic by separating migrant children from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border, Europe is also in the midst of consequential battles over migration.




Land Use:


QK makes big move to Old Town Clovis

Clovis Roundup

QK, an award-winning regional engineering and planning firm, is settling into its new Old Town Clovis location.


Dry Creek master plan and annexation agreement approved

Clovis Roundup

After years of anticipation and months of intense negotiations, the city has finally approved a master plan for the Dry Creek Preserve area, a 795-acre space of wildlife and agricultural lands generally bounded by Nees Avenue to the south, Big Dry Creek to the west, Enterprise Canal on the east, and Shepherd Avenue to the north.


San Luis Obispo, California: America's happy valley

The Guardian

This historic college town between California’s mountains and its rugged Pacific coast seems to have it all. No wonder Oprah raves about it.


New California redwood park larger than Muir Woods created on Sonoma Coast

San Jose Mercury News

For more than a century, Muir Woods National Monument in Marin County has been one of Northern California’s main tourist attractions, with towering old-growth redwood trees that draw more than 1 million visitors a year.

See also:

     Redwood grove on California coast to become public park Los Angeles Times




Sky-high California housing prices are forcing house hunters east


Home prices in California keep on rising. According to the California Association of Realtors, the median price of a single-family home in the state is now more than $600,000. Nationally, that number is closer to $260,000.

See also:

       California housing costs: 'When will they start paying enough for people to afford to live here?'  Sacramento Bee




Brown takes victory lap as he signs California budget

AP News

Brown, who leaves office in January, will appear alongside Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, the top legislative Democrats with whom he negotiated the final budget agreement.

See also:

      Jerry Brown, CA Legislature strike $200 billion budget deal Sacramento Bee


Jerry Brown dined with soda industry representatives ahead of tax ban deal

Sacramento Bee

Weeks before negotiating a lucrative deal to ban new local taxes on soda and other sugary drinks in California for more than a decade, top representatives for the beverage industry met with Gov. Jerry Brown for a private dinner at the governor's mansion.

See also:

     EDITORIAL: Shame on California lawmakers for caving in to the soda industry Los Angeles Times


Capitol annex faces $755 million redo

Capitol Weekly

The Capitol’s six-story annex is a functional, granite hive of lawmakers’ offices, committee hearing rooms and assorted legislative staff offices, joined at the hip with the domed Capitol. One factoid: The third floor of the annex matches the second floor of the historic wing, which leads to no end of confusion for visitors trying to navigate the labyrinth.


Blue Dogs Respond to CBO’s 2018 Long-Term Budget Outlook

Blue Dog Coalition

Today, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released the 2018 Long-Term Budget Outlook report. According to the CBO, federal debt held by the public will approach 100 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) within the next 10 years and 152 percent of GDP by 2048—far surpassing any amount of debt our country has ever held.


Republican tax law hits churches


Republicans have quietly imposed a new tax on churches, synagogues and other nonprofits, a little-noticed and surprising change that could cost some groups tens of thousands of dollars.


Supreme Court ruling on online sales tax sets level playing field


The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair last weekempowers states to establish a level playing field for the taxation of goods sold by in-state and out-of-state sellers.




Demaree expansion: Your road work questions answered

Visalia Times-Delta

In less than two weeks, the intersection at Goshen Avenue and Demaree Street will become the spot of an eight-month street overhaul.


California's gas tax repeal measure makes fall ballot and could boost GOP candidates


A proposition to repeal California's gas tax could end up being one of the costliest statewide measures on the November ballot and potentially push GOP and moderate voters to the polls for the midterm congressional elections.

See also:

     In fighting California gas tax, national Republicans see rallying point San Francisco Chronicle


Autonomous Vehicles Might Drive Cities to Financial Ruin


The advent of driverless cars will likely mean that municipalities will have to make do with much, much less. Driverless cars, left to their own devices, will be fundamentally predatory.




Modesto Irrigation District removes roadblock to water plant for Turlock and Ceres
Modesto Bee

Modesto Irrigation District leaders on Tuesday backed off previous opposition to a future treatment plant supplying tap water to homes and businesses in Turlock and Ceres.


Santa Clara Valley Water District to buy site for huge new reservoir, largest in 20 years in Bay Area

Mercury News

Saying it needs an insurance policy against future droughts, the Santa Clara Valley Water District is moving forward with plans to purchase a key property to build the largest reservoir constructed in the Bay Area in the past 20 years.




Humpback whales are back in the waters off SLO County

Fresno Bee

The humpbacks are back in full force on the Central Coast. Kevin Winfield, captain and co-owner of Sub Sea Tours in Morro Bay, said since May he has seen the number of whales increase in the area.


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