$6,000 Summer Internship

**Not accepting applications at this time**

Wonderful Public Service Graduate Fellows are eligible for a $6,000 summer (stipend) internship.

The conditions of the summer internship are as follows:

  1. The Fellow will be required to provide the Maddy Institute with: (a) a current resume and (b) a list of organizations (e.g., four or more) where they would like to do their internship and the contact information for the key people/person who should be contacted. The Maddy Institute will assist the Fellow, on request, in finding potential organizations with which the Fellow could apply.  The goal is to have the internship finalized by April 15.  As a result, the process of determining the particular organizations should start in January.
  2. Once the Maddy Institute “pre-approves” a particular organization, we will then contact the organization on the Fellow’s behalf, explain the program and ask them to provide the Fellow an interview. The organization must be with a non-profit organization or government agency located in and serving the Central Valley which has been pre-approved, in writing, by the Maddy Institute.
  3. The professional internship must be for a minimum of 400 hours (e.g., 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 10 weeks) during the summer after the Fellow’s first year of graduate school.
  4. The “successful completion” of the internship will require: (a) a positive written performance appraisal from the Fellow’s supervisor, (b) a written verification from the supervisor that the Fellow has completed the requisite 400 hours and (c) a written report from the Fellow to the Maddy Institute on what he or she did during the summer internship.
  5. Payment for the internship is made as follows: After the Fellow has received written acceptance as a professional summer intern by the sponsoring agency, he or she will receive an initial payment of $2,000.  Upon the “successful completion” of the Fellow’s internship, he or she will receive the remaining $4,000 summer stipend.