Tea Party: Are Reports of its Demise Premature?


After President Obama’s inauguration and Rick Santelli’s infamous rant on CNBC in February of 2009, disgruntled conservatives began raucous protests in opposition to bank bailouts, taxes, and what they perceived as the over-intrusiveness of the federal government.

The tea party surge helped the GOP take back control of the HOuse in 2010 midterm elections. However, it ha also been responsible for a slew of unelectable Senate candidates who won GOP nominations over more moderate candidates only to lose in the general election.

One of the most visible Tea Party organizations is the Tea Party Express, which became nationally known after several national bus tours and co-hosting a Presidential debate with CNN.

The cheif political strategist for the Tea Party Express, Sal Russo, is out guest

Commentary provided by Mike Villines, former Republican State Assembly Minority Leader; Paul Hurley, former Editorial Page Editor with the Visalia Times Delta; and Justin Stoner, District Director for the current Republican Minority Leader Connie Conway.