Simon Haeder


Simon Haeder served as a Maddy Legislative Intern in the Fresno office of Senator Barbara Boxer in the Spring of 2005 and in the Sacramento office of former Congressman Dennis Cardoza during  the Summer of 2006.

Prior to his current appointment as Assistant Professor at West Virginia University, he completed his doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He also worked for more than two years as a project manager at Fresno Healthy Communities Access Partners where his focus was on systemic health policy change, the implementation of telemedicine projects, farm worker health care, and access to care.


The internship has had a tremendous influence on my professional career. For one, it allowed me to be competitive in my application to one of the premier doctoral programs in the country at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Even today, I use my experiences gained during my time in the program in my teaching in the classroom, and to inform my scholarly work. Not the least, I made wonderful memories, had an incredible amount of fun, and met some great fellow interns.