September 28, 2018






Ad claims Valadao took $1M loan from donor, but there’s more to story

Fresno Bee

Red to Blue California, a political action committee aimed at flipping 10 Republican-controlled California congressional seats, sent out a campaign mailer Wednesday alleging Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford, accepted a $1 million personal loan from a campaign donor.


Nunes leads Janz in exclusive Action News poll


It does not appear Congressman Devin Nunes' (R-Tulare) close ties to President Trump are having a negative impact on his re-election campaign.


California gubernatorial candidate stops in Visalia for lunch at In-N-Out

Visalia Times-Delta

John Cox, a gubernatorial candidate, took a lunch break in Visalia. Cox briefly spoke with constituents, while on his way to northern California. He said the Central Valley is vitally important to his campaign.

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LIVE: State Assembly District 26 candidate forum

Visalia Times Delta

California State Assembly District 26 candidates Devon Mathis (incumbent) and Jose Sigala will face off during a candidate forum at the Tulare County Office of Education.

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     LIVE: Tulare County Superintendent of Schools candidate forum Visalia Times Delta


Bass Lake courthouse closing before the end of the year


The courthouse in Bass Lake will close before the end of the year. A notice is posted on the doors. It says the Bass Lake courthouse in Madera County is set to close in a few months because of safety concerns that are just too expensive to fix.


Turlock mayor candidates continue to punch it out

Modesto Bee

The candidates for Turlock mayor in the November election traded verbal body blows Wednesday during a question-and-answer session before The Bee’s editorial board.




Gov. Brown Signs Bills On Immigration, Family Leave, Marijuana Use

Capital Public Radio

Gov. Jerry Brown made decisions Thursday on bills related to whether non-citizens can serve on local government boards, extending family leave to military families, the use of medical cannabis products on pets, and other actions.

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     Gov. Jerry Brown rejects bill that would have allowed immigrants in the U.S. illegally to serve in California civil office Los Angeles Times


Citizens only for California boards and commissions, Jerry Brown says in veto

Fresno Bee

Undocumented immigrants and other non-citizens will not be allowed to serve on state and local boards and commissions, despiterecent efforts to further integrate those living in California illegally into civic life.


John Cox launches bus tour in California governor's race, telling voters 'help is on the way'

Los Angeles Times

Republican John Cox, kicking off the final weeks of his campaign for governor, huddled on Wednesday with workers who produce Sriracha hot sauce and prodded them to air their grievances about California’s housing costs and the price they pay at the pump.


Walters: Maybe there’s a U.S. Senate race after all


U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein took a lot of heat from the left wing of her Democratic Party by adopting a somewhat conciliatory attitude toward Donald Trump during the first year of his presidency.


Which California Congressional Seats Are Really In Play?

Capital Public Radio

California’s congressional contests could be determined by national events more so than anything the local campaigns do themselves.


California judges will soon be able to consider a pet's well-being when awarding custody in a divorce

Los Angeles Times

As more divorcing couples fight over who gets to keep their pets, a new law will allow judges to treat those conflicts more like child custody battles.


Republicans favor new federal regulation on sports gambling

Stockton Record

At a hearing of a House Judiciary subcommittee, GOP members Thursday expressed concerns about advertisements and online gambling platforms targeting minors, as well as the potential for match-fixing.


As experts predict a second “Year of the Woman,” female candidates in California set record


That was the year a record number of women were elected to federal office—California’s senior U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein among them—many riding a wave of revulsion to the perceived mistreatment of Anita Hill, the law professor whose sexual harassment accusations against Clarence Thomas failed to deter his Supreme Court confirmation.

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Trump’s name isn’t on the ballot, but midterm election is all about him

Fresno Bee

President Trump is the single most motivating force in our politics. The question of whether he inspires his supporters or opponents more fervently will ultimately decide whether Republicans or Democrats control Congress for the next two years.

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     With growing support from women, Democrats poised for major gains in midterm, new poll shows Los Angeles Times


Judiciary Committee to vote Friday morning on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court


Emotionally battling to rescue his Supreme Court nomination, Brett Kavanaugh denied allegations that he'd sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford and told Congress the accusations had "totally and permanently destroyed" his family and reputation.

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What happens to the Mueller probe if Rosenstein loses his job?

Hanford Sentinel

Rosenstein's fate as deputy attorney general remains in the air after reports last week that he floated the idea of recording President Donald Trump. Rosenstein went to the White House on Monday expecting to be fired, but the president gave him a three-day reprieve, and the two are set to have a face-to-face showdown on Thursday.

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Why is Trump accusing China of election interference?


President Trump’s new narrative that China is interfering in the U.S. electoral process could finally push U.S.-China relations down a “fruitlessly dangerous path,” Ryan Hass argues.


Nafta Isn’t Dead Yet, Despite Missed Deadline


President Trump has concluded that trade talks with Canada have reached an impasse, giving up on the self-imposed Sept. 30 deadline for completing a full rewrite of the North American Free Trade Agreement. As a result, the administration plans to publish as soon as Friday the draft of a Mexico-only deal that would replace the quarter-century-old trilateral bloc.

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       The impasse with Canada will continue unless the Trump administration listens The Washington Post


The GOP is buying the House. Literally.

The Washington Post

If Republicans succeed in keeping the House in November, it will have been bought for them by corporations and the rich — quite literally.


It just keeps getting worse for Republicans

The Washington Post

As  Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court hangs in the balance, Republicans, Democrats and their respective operatives and donors cannot help but notice the post-Labor Day trend.




Congress takes steps toward protecting consumer data


A California law set to take effect in 2020 will require companies to tell customers what personal data they've collected, why it was collected and which third parties have received it.


Tech Firms Face Bias Accusations at Congressional Hearing


A day before Google’s chief was set to meet with high-ranking Republicans, critics in a congressional hearing accused the internet giant and other tech firms of being “insular” and dismissive of the free-speech rights of conservatives.


Why baby boomers should vote like their kids this November

Los Angeles Times

Our friends and peers are asking more and more about our retirement plans, probably because they are thinking about retirement themselves. And although we all may be​​ thinking about it, we find ourselves reluctant to give up our career lifelines. But if our generation is wary, what are our kids thinking?


Native Americans Fight Back at the Ballot Box

PEW center

Tara Benally and her 16-year-old son Delaney After Buffalo set up a plastic table alongside the last dusty highway intersection before the Arizona state line. Here in Monument Valley, in the shadows of the towering red rock monoliths sacred among the Navajo, the two are doing something that’s rarely been done in this part of Utah: conducting a voter registration drive for local Native Americans.




U.S. Farm Sector Braces For Protracted Trade Fight


Leaders of the U.S. agricultural industry are girding for an extended trade battle with China, which is already taking a toll on U.S. farmers and food companies.


Labor board confirms ouster of UFW from California's biggest peach grower

Los Angeles Times

Workers for the state’s largest peach grower have ousted the United Farm Workers union as their representative, the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board confirmed Thursday.


California Proposition 12: Bigger cages for farm animals


Learn more.


‘Our brothers’ keepers’: Emergency Food Bank celebrating 50th anniversary

Stockton Record

Friday, the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton/San Joaquin is celebrating its 50th anniversary of providing supplemental food to low-income county residents.


New California pot law aims to help people the War on Drugs hurt most

Fresno Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new California law is aimed at providing help to cannabis entrepreneurs from minority communities historically more heavily targeted by the War on Drugs. Senate Bill 1294 provides assistance to marijuana business owners.






17 charged in massive series of Apple store robberies across California, AG says

Fresno Bee

Eight suspects have been arrested and booked, and warrants have been issued for nine more, in connection with a massive series of coordinated Apple store robberies across California, including Fresno, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Thursday.

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‘Unprecedented’ number seek help from sexual assault hotline during Kavanaugh hearing

Fresno Bee

As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testified about her sexual assault allegations before the Senate, the National Sexual Assault Hotline had a 147 percent uptick in calls.

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We drank craft beers so you won’t drive drunk

Sacramento Bee

One beer = one glass of wine = one shot of liquor. It’s a time-tested formula printed on DMV pamphlets and federal diet guides, and makes counting drinks easier throughout long nights of mixed alcohols.


Public Safety:


Jerry Brown vetoes California bill to expand gun restraining orders

San Francisco Chronicle

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have allowed co-workers and school personnel to petition a court to temporarily remove guns from someone they believe poses an immediate danger.


Kaweah Delta team helping parents install car seats


This week is Child Passenger Safety Week, and one South Valley hospital is making it easier for parents to feel comfortable knowing their children are secure in cars.


9 common-sense safety tips for women who run — and everyone else

Los Angeles Times

For women, running alone has its risks, but that’s not news to those who do it.




Oak Fire containment reaches 85 percent, crews working to mop up

Sierra Star

The 360-acre Oak Fire, burning just a few miles north of Oakhurst, was 85 percent contained as of Thursday morning as crews continue to mop up and improve the fire line.


Fire Ecologists Say More Fires Should Be Left To Burn. So Why Aren't They?

Capital Public Radio

Fire ecologists are urging forest managers to allow more wildfires to burn on the landscape to help thin overgrown forests. Many challenges stand in the way.






U.S. Economic Growth Slated to Cool in Third Quarter


The pace of U.S. economic growth cooled a bit in the third quarter after a robust April-through-June period, economists say, but should remain well above the sluggish gains posted throughout the economic expansion.


Order the Steak! Client Meal Deductions Will Be Allowed


The Internal Revenue Service is expected to release guidance soon saying these meal expenses can often continue to be 50% deductible, according to people familiar with the matter.




The time to feel holly, jolly and hired is now. Valley retailers seek holiday workers

Modesto Bee

Never mind the calendar. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for holiday hiring. Major retailers have already put out the “Help Wanted” sign to gear up for the holidays. And many are planning for an even bigger and busier season, and staffing up accordingly at large hiring events across the county.


New Laws Aim to Make Work Hours More Predictable


The minimum wage that workers earn has long been a matter of public policy. Now some city and state governments are weighing how employee hours are set in an attempt to give shift workers more predictability and stability.






Rapid growth is pushing Clovis Unified to build another school


Rapid growth is pushing the Clovis Unified School District to build another new school. The proposed elementary school campus will be located at Locan and Shields.


Parents feel 'evicted' after Visalia Unified draws new boundary lines

Visalia Times-Delta

Visalia's new elementary school now has boundary lines despite objections by parents who live in the surrounding area.


Some say NRA is giving California schools ‘dirty’ money. These students beg to differ

Sacramento Bee

Placer County schools in California have received at least $124,559 in grants from the National Rifle Association, thrusting student competitive shooting clubs into a fierce debate about whether public schools should accept money from the gun rights organization.


Dealing students a dose of hope

Stockton Record

A youth summit meant to inspire hope in local high school students returned for its fourth year Thursday at Stockton Arena.


New superintendent takes helm at Lincoln Unified

Stockton Record

As Lincoln Unified School District trustees took their seats Wednesday evening, it was business as usual even with a new face sitting behind the “superintendent” nameplate.


Three looking to fill Kern High School District Area 4 seat

Bakersfield Californian

The landscape of the race for the Kern High School District Trustee Area 4 seat has shifted significantly within the past few months.


Higher Ed:


Fresno to be UCSF branch medical school campus

Fresno Bee

Update Sept. 27, 2018: Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation into law establishing an endowment fund for public and private donations to support a Fresno branch campus of the UCSF School of Medicine.


Here’s how new legislation could get more doctors in Merced

Fresno Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill this week that sets up a path to having a medical school in the central San Joaquin Valley, which leaves the potential for doctors to be trained at UC Merced.


UC health system faces a potential 'existential threat' without changes, regents are warned

Los Angeles Times

The University of California’s massive health network brings in nearly half of UC’s revenue, but regents were told Thursday that its existence could be in peril if it isn’t able to be nimble and change.


UC faculty leaders announce study on whether SAT and ACT tests accurately predict college success

Los Angeles Times

University of California faculty leaders announced Wednesday they would launch a study aimed at finding out whether SAT and ACT tests accurately predict college success.


CSUB Food Pantry reaches one-year anniversary amid high demand

Bakersfield Californian

Michelle Lyon is a Cal State Bakersfield student who is trying to support herself and a child in her care as an Uber and Lyft driver. Having enough money to provide food for the both of them has been a challenge.


Her mother was dying. A Fresno State professor made this student’s situation tolerable

Fresno Bee

Fresno State professor Michael Botwin provided words of encouragement for student Gabriela Blanco — and she says he helped her get through a difficult time with her mother dying at the start of fall semester.


Spanos creates Stockton Scholars fund at Pacific

Stockton Record

The Stockton Scholars education program will be available to local high school students who want to attend University of the Pacific by the tune of a $100,000 gift from the A.G. Spanos Company.


Fresno City College discusses future expansion plans with public


Fresno City College has about 35,000 students and the campus in Central Fresno is experiencing some growing pains but campus officials have plans to provide much need relief.


California Community Colleges Are Transforming Developmental Education


With the passage of AB 705 in October 2017, California community colleges are in the midst of a major transformation of developmental education. The new law requires that community colleges restructure developmental education to maximize the likelihood that students will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and mathematics/quantitative reasoning in a one-year time frame.






Modesto temperatures about to do as the season says: fall

Modesto Bee

Valley residents know that the unofficial start of fall — Labor Day in early September — almost never signals cooler weather. Even the first day of autumn, Sept. 22, is met with a lot of “if only” wishfulness.


California bans giant ocean fishing nets blamed for killing sea turtles, whales

Mercury News

Ending years of controversy and debate, Gov. Jerry Brown late Thursday signed a new law phasing out the use of giant ocean fishing nets used to catch swordfish, but blamed for accidentally killing sea turtles, dolphins and other sea creatures.


Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100

Washington Post

Last month, deep in a 500-page environmental impact statement, the Trump administration made a startling assumption: On its current course, the planet will warm a disastrous 7 degrees by the end of this century.


E.P.A. to Eliminate Office That Advises Agency Chief on Science

The New York Times

The Environmental Protection Agency plans to dissolve its Office of the Science Advisor, a senior post that was created to counsel the E.P.A. administrator on the scientific research underpinning health and environmental regulations, according to a person familiar with the agency’s plans. The person spoke anonymously because the decision had not yet been made public




Gas prices in Southern California are rising toward $4 a gallon

Los Angeles Times

Gasoline prices are climbing toward $4 a gallon in Southern California, boosted in large part by a rise in worldwide crude oil prices.






CDC urges early flu shots; Estimated 80,000 flu deaths last year in US


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its annual recommendations on the flu vaccine. The agency suggests that everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated for influenza every season, ideally by the end of October.


Think Medicare-for-all is a bad deal? A doctor explains why you’re wrong

Modesto Bee

During “election season” we can expect to hear little lies, but Denham’s claims about single-payer healthcare system must be refuted.


Think Pink Luncheon to help raise breast cancer awareness

Hanford Sentinel

The community is invited to attend Adventist Health’s 4th annual Think Pink Luncheon to raise awareness about breast cancer.


Prop 2: Key Questions And Answers

Steinberg Institute

Proposition 2 will provide permanent supportive housing linked to treatment and services to help people with serious mental illness who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.


California’s Successes And Failures As A Healthcare Testing Ground


California is looked to in many ways as a world leader—not just in terms of agricultural production and climate change mitigation goals, but also in the field of health.


Well-intended neglect


Even if babies born exposed to drugs in utero do not have physical birth defects, they are still being sent home with parents who may not be capable of caring for them. These children are not getting the kind of nurturing essential to proper social and intellectual development. Even worse, their parents may not be paying attention to their safety and well-being. In our quest to make up for past mistakes, we can’t ignore these facts.


Human Services:


Tulare's hospital to reopen October 15


The doors of Tulare Regional Medical Center will reopen to patients on Monday, October 15. The announcement came late Thursday after the Tulare Local Healthcare District and Adventist Health agreed to lease terms.

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     Those who helped turn TRMC around now criticize the board, transparency Visalia Times-Delta


Dozens more jobs being cut at Adventist Health Bakersfield

Bakersfield Californian

Dozens more jobs will soon be eliminated at Adventist Health Bakersfield as the Chester Avenue hospital continues an outsourcing drive that has affected about 175 positions at the medical center since April.


Dignity Health Mercy and Memorial Hospitals to host drive-thru flu clinics

Bakersfield Californian

An annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to reduce the chances of getting seasonal flu and spreading it to others. Getting a flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctor’s visits and missed work and school due to flu, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations.




Brown vetoes bill that would have prevented ICE courthouse arrests

Fresno Bee

The bill, which was initially labeled as Senate Bill 183, and later became Senate Bill 349, would have prevented civil arrests of people attending proceedings in courthouses.

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     Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes legislation barring immigration arrests inside California courthouses Los Angeles Times

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Citizens only for California boards and commissions, Jerry Brown says in veto

Sacramento Bee

Undocumented immigrants and other non-citizens will not be allowed to serve on state and local boards and commissions, despiterecent efforts to further integrate those living in California illegally into civic life.


In Little Saigon, strong support for Trump's war on illegal immigration collides with other realities

Los Angeles Times

President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration has sparked strong criticism and protests across California. But among older residents of Little Saigon, he has found a corner of support for his hard-line tactics and rhetoric.


EDITORIAL: Why do we let border agents run checkpoints 100 miles from the border?

Los Angeles Times

Two out of 3 people in the U.S. live within the 100-mile zone, which extends from all boundaries, not just the land borders with Mexico and Canada.




Land Use:


A new store is taking over two empty Shaw Ave. spots. It’s a familiar name – with a twist

Fresno Bee

Two Shaw Avenue storefronts that have been empty for months are on their way to getting new life. Big Lots is taking over both the Toys R Us on West Shaw Avenue in Fresno that closed this spring and the empty Rite Aid and Tuesday Morning stores on Shaw Avenue across from Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis.


Granite Park developer seeks additional commitment from city


Acres of green are now growing adjacent to the baseball fields at Granite Park. Developer Terence Frazier is transforming the 20 acres into a sports destination.


‘It is very unfortunate.’ Popular Clovis restaurant shuts down

Fresno Bee

REV’S, one of Old Town’s better known restaurants, has shut its doors after three years in business.


Aldi, Urban Air still coming to Hanford

Hanford Sentinel

Both Aldi and Urban Air Adventure Park announced last year plans to locate their respective businesses in Hanford, but progress seems to be moving slower than anticipated on the projects.


Highway 41 hotels expected to open in 2019 — though specific date to be determined

Sierra Star

Three hotels being built along Highway 41 are expected to be completed next year, more than five years since construction crews broke ground on the project.

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     Do the math before green-lighting tax rebates for proposed Oakhurst hotel Sierra Star




Realtors: Valley home prices climb to close out summer

The Business Journal

Central Valley home prices were mostly higher to close out the summer than the year prior, according to data from the California Association of Realtors.


Is Rent Control An Answer To California's Housing Crisis?

Capital Public Radio

The state has the highest poverty rate in the nation, largely because of a lack of affordable housing. In November, voters will decide whether or not rent controls will help solve the problem.

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     Strict rent control has been banned in California for 20 years. Now voters could resurrect it. The Sacramento Bee

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     Can’t afford the rent? Then do something! Just don’t make it worse The Modesto Bee

     EDITORIAL: Can’t afford the rent? Then do something! Just don’t make it worse Modesto Bee

For Rent: 98-Square-Foot BR in Co-Living Apt., Community Included


Scott Levine wakes each morning in his tiny room in the Alta apartment building in Long Island City, N.Y., across the river from Manhattan. He gets dressed, brushes his teeth in an attached bathroom, and folds away his Murphy bed.




Republicans double down on tax cuts ahead of the midterms


With the Senate engulfed in crisis, House Republicans have pushed forward a second round of tax cuts largely unnoticed, with a vote scheduled for today. Vanessa Williamson and Jackson Gode explain why the effort could backfire in November.




High-speed rail is ‘biggest point of departure’ between gubernatorial candidates, Cox says

Fresno Bee

Republican California gubernatorial candidate John Cox stopped in Fresno on his #HelpIsOnTheWay tour on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. He discussed the high-speed rail project and affordable housing.


Get aboard the ACE train to California’s future

Modesto Bee

The ACE train between Stockton and San Jose is a real story of successful transportation in California. A planned expansion would take it to Sacramento and Merced.

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     What could derail ACE’s arrival in Modesto? Prop 6 and those backing it (that’s you, Harder and Denham)Modesto Bee


San Joaquin Valley’s commuters closer to getting rail line

San Francisco Chronicle

The Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission voted Wednesday to spend $10 million on an environmental study for a new rail line to ferry commuters from the San Joaquin Valley to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, which supporters see as a solution tosoul-grinding car trips that clog freeways.  


LAX will allow passengers to carry pot


Passengers flying out of Los Angeles International Airport can now bring their marijuana with them. The policy is tied to Proposition 64, which legalized pot in California.


Gas Tax Repeal’s Fate Could Rest On What Voters Think They Can Gain Or Lose

Capital Public Radio

A new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California suggests the fate of Proposition 6, which would repeal last year’s gas tax increase, could rest on what voters think they’re being asked to decide.


Let motorcycles drive between lanes, and give them room, California Highway Patrol says

Los Angeles Times

Lane splitting by motorcycles has been allowed by California law for nearly two years. Now the California Highway Patrol has issued safety guidelines on the topic — guidelines that apply not only to motorcyclists but also to drivers of cars and trucks.


Crews prep to shore up cracked San Francisco terminal beams

Sacramento Bee

San Francisco officials said Thursday that crews have started work to shore up two cracked beams that shuttered a celebrated and newly opened $2 billion transit center.

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     Crews begin work to shore up cracked beams at SF’s Transbay Transit Center San Francisco Chronicle

     Before transbay center beam cracked, 2 contractors already mired in litigation San Francisco Chronicle



Work begins on raising the height of Shasta Dam

Record Searchlight

Nathan Morgan has been hanging over the side of side of Shasta Dam recently — sometimes upside down — making marks on the side of the dam.




Rare collection of Ansel Adams photos on display in Yosemite for short time

Fresno Bee

A rare collection of photographs by Ansel Adams, one of the nation’s most renowned landscape photographers, is on display in Yosemite National Park into November.


26th annual Oakhurst Fall Festival to bring fun, food and lightsaber duels

Sierra Star

The Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce will fill Oakhurst Community Park with carnival rides, food, live music and maybe a few Jedi on Oct. 12 and 13 for its biggest fundraiser, the 26th annual Oakhurst Fall Festival.


The Caruthers District Fair is in full swing


Fried food, fun and rides are bringing thousands of people to Caruthers for the state's largest "free-gate" fair.


Big fundraising weekend for Valley Children’s Hospital

The Business Journal

Philanthropic activity in the Central Valley was energetic over the weekend as local charities raised more than $1 million for Valley Children’s Hospital.


Why Martin Luther King Saw His Life As A Sacrifice

Zocal Public Square

David J. Garrow is the author of Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which won the Pulitzer Prize for biography in 1987.