Ryan Ditchfield


Ryan Ditchfield

Doctoral candidate (Psychology-Law) at Iowa State

Ryan interned in Fresno office of Assemblymember Jim Patterson in the summer of 2015 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree on Political Science & Criminology in 2016.

“My education at Fresno State nurtured my passion for science and policy. However, the Maddy Institute gave me perspective into the real-world effects of policy.  As a scientist, it can sometimes be easy to forget that our research should ultimately be aimed at improving people’s lives. This is why the Maddy Institute internship was one of the most valuable experiences I had at Fresno State.  It has remained one of my best formative experiences. 

As a Maddy Intern, I was able to engage directly with policy-makers and the general public by working in a legislator’s local Fresno office. My internship showed me how policy impacts people in their daily lives, why science-based policy is vital to our communities, and gave me insight into the unique challenges associated with translating science into policy. These perspectives have informed my own approach to science and have kept me grounded and focused on serving my community. My experiences as a Maddy Institute intern undoubtedly continue to have a powerful impact on my career.” 

Ryan’s research is closely focused on policy as he works on scientific reform of police interrogations, eyewitness identification procedures, jury and judge decision-making, and forensic evidence.