The Maddy Report (TV)

The Maddy Report is a weekly public affairs TV program covering how State and Federal policy and politics impact California, generally, and the San Joaquin Valley, in particular. It is broadcast on KFSN ABC 30.

The goal of The Maddy Report is to encourage a deeper understanding of the issues facing our nation, state and region through a thoughtful, objective, fair and civilized exchange of ideas.

Modeled after such programs as Meet the Press, Washington Week, This Week and Face the Nation, The Maddy Report is a public affairs program that includes interviews with national, state and regional leaders and experts on the issues of the day, as well as a roundtable discussion with invited political reporters and columnists.

The program is moderated by the Maddy Institute’s Executive Director, Mark Keppler.

The Maddy Report debuted in 2006.
The following is a list with links to the most recent Maddy Report shows, which can be viewed on our YouTube page by clicking here.

Season 10 (2020-2021)

Telemedicine – Path to Better and More Affordable Health Care?

What Have We Learned About Distance Learning?

Season 9 (2019-2020)

California Latinos: An Economic Analysis

California’s Legislation in Review: 2019

Policing the Police

State Auditor: Medi-Cal in Rural Areas

PPIC: K-12 Test Scores – What do they tell us?

California’s Housing Crisis Hits Home

Gig Workers: What’s Old is New Again

State Auditor: City & County Contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

PPIC: Reducing Recidivism Among Felons

Does Granny (Flat) Have a Solution to the Housing Crisis?

California Migration: The Story of Us

California’s Top 10

Poverty and Income Inequality in California

California Utility-Caused Wildfires: Who Pays?

Season 8 (2018-2019)

“Higher Ed: A Good Investment for Students and Taxpayers?”

The 2018 Turnout: What it Means for 2020?

California Politics with Dan Walters: “Brown’s Legacy and Newsom’s Agenda”

Countdown to the 2020 Census

Water in the San Joaquin Valley: A PPIC Report

“Cal Facts”: Everything You Need To Know About California

“The Valley’s New State Senators: Return of the Valleycrats

Ready, Fire, Aim: High Speed Rail’s Initial Rollout

Retrospective: State Sen. Min Leader Jean Fuller

Federal Courts with Judge O’Neil

Medi-Cal Premiums and Claims Because It Failed to Follow Up on Eligibility Discrepancies

State Fiscal Outlook: Remarkable Good

Retrospective with LAO Mac Taylor

New Laws – Future Legislation

HSR’s New Business Plan:  Finally on the Right Track?

California’s 2018 Election Results: A Political Tsunami?

Nothing Extravagant: California’s Spending Plan for 2018-19

California’s Top 10

Groundwater Banking: Saving for a Not-So-Rainy Day

Protecting Students from Active Shooters: Are Schools Making the Grade?

November Elections: The Propositions

November Elections: The Races

Proposition 6 & the Gas Tax: Are Better Roads in for a Bumpy Ride?

Season 7 (2017-2018)

Saving for a Rainy Day: Preparing for the Next Recession

Public Employee Union Dues: “Fair Share” v. “Free Speech”

Candidate for Governor: Amanda Renteria

To Catch A Thief: Worker’s Compensation Fraud

California’s Concealed Carry Permits: The Wild West of Permitting?

Reducing Recidivism: Do Prisoner Rehabilitation Programs Actually Work?

Fighting Fire with Fire: Rethinking Forest Management

Governor’s Brown’s Last Budget: Caution Despite Surplus

Out of District Charter Schools: Does Out of Sight, Mean Out of Mind?

Is California Prepared for the Next Emergency?

2017: The Year That Was

Gov’s Twin Tunnels Project: Planning Snafus?

California’s Educational Reforms: Are They Making the Grade?

Candidate for Governor Delaine Eastin

2018: The Political Forecast​

2017: A Look Back

Immigration: Dreaming in a Sanctuary State

Candidate for Governor Antonio Villaraigosa

State Auditor To UC: UCPath on the Wrong Path

Candidate for Governor John Cox

Voting in California: No Longer Coming to a Neighborhood By You

California Supreme Court: Special Taxes are Special

Little Hoover Commission: What’s So Special About Special Districts?

California’s Top Ten 2017 

Candidate for Governor John Chiang

New State Transportation Tax: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later?

Season 6 (2016-2017)

Veterans Programs and Services

Bond Measures: Are Californians Paying More for Less? 

Cal Facts 2016: Everything You Wanted To Know About California

’Follow the Money!’ A Primer on the Calif Budget Process

State Auditors Nurses: What would California do with a Nurse Ratched

California’s Future Part Two

California’s Future: Part One

The San Joaquin Valley’s Water Challenges: A Comprehensive Review

Is Legalized Recreational Marijuana About to Go Up in Smoke?

Fake News & Info Illiteracy

The Governor’s 2017:  Cloudy, and Rain in the Forecast

Occupational Licensing: Worth the Cost?

California’s Foster Care System

California’s Public Employee Pensions Challenge

Recent Crime Trends: Should We Feel Safe or Sorry?

Trump Presidency: Will California Become Texas 2.0?

In-Home Services & Nursing Homes: The Coming Senior Care Tsunami

California 2016 Election: Political Sea-Change or Political Mirage?

California’s Climate Change Legislation: Too Little/Too Late or Too Much/Too Soon?

California’s Prop 13: Holy Grail or Epic Fail?

California Economic Summit 2016

California’s Top 10

California 2016 Election Special

California Propositions 2016: Revenue Issues

California Propositions 2016: It’s a Crime – Or Is It?

Season 5 (2015-2016)

Democracy at Risk: Voter Registration and Turnout Really Do Matter

Corporate Tax Breaks

High Speed Rail’s New Business Plan: Necessary Detour or Off the Tracks?

2016 May Revise: The Governor’s Aesop Fable

Eureka! (?): Exposing the Secret Money in California Politics

California’s Looming Housing Crisis

California Establishes Nation’s (Maximum) Minimum Wage: Economic Boom or Bust?

Senate Legislative Leaders

El Niño and the Drought

Cap and Trade 2.0: What Changes?

The Price of Education

The Governor’s 2016 Budget: Sunny Today, Rain Tomorrow?

How Political Influence is Changing California’s Political Landscape

Mission Possible: Making Government More Customer Friendly

Bad Apples: Blowing the Whistle on Improper Government Activities

Eliminating Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: Who You Gonna Call?

Flunking College: California’s Looming Higher Ed Skills Gap

California’s End of Life Law: New Law, Old Question

The Senior Boom: Preparing for the Baby Boom Aftershock

Employment Conditions Post-Recession: Same As It Ever Was

Californian’s View of State Regulation and the Environment: Too Much, Too Little or Just Right?

Unintended Consequences: Do Open Meeting Laws Undermine Good Decision Making?

Political Influence in California Politics: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Climate Change Legislation: Has the Political Climate Changed?

Highway Funding: Still Stuck in Political Gridlock

Year Two of Obamacare: How is The Patient Doing?

I Didn’t Vote!: Civic (Dis)Engagement and the (Dis)Interested Voter

Season 4 (2014-2015)

The California Water Equation Made Simple: Demand-Supply

Prop 63 & The State’s Mental Health Programs: Promises (Un) Fulfilled?

Local Street & Road: Filling the Financial Potholes

Livable Communities: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

IT Issues in State Government: Avoiding Another (Computer) Crash

Redistricting: Is the Fox About to be Let Back in the Henhouse?

Fixing California’s Highways and Bridges: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later?

Solar Energy & Clean Air Vehicles: Are State Initiatives Worth the Cost?

Public Employee Retiree Health Plans: A Promise Made to be Broken?

2015 California Legislative SessionL Democratic & Republican Agendas

Administration of the California Courts: What’s the Verdict?

Dealing with the Higher Costs of Higher Education

CalFacts: Everything you wanted to know…

The Governor’s 2015-16 Budget: To Save or Invest, That is the Question

Realignment and Recidivism: More or Less?

Realignment: Is More Street Crime Resulting in More Street Crime?

The Current California Budget Surplus: Mirage or a Trend?

Community Development in the Valley: A Federal Response

2014 November Election: Looking at Valley Results

Adapting to Climate Change: Implications for the Valley

Ready or Not, Here We Come: High Speed Moving in the Valley

Covered California: A First Year Examination

New Ground Water Regulations: Valley Concerns

Stockton: Gound Zero for Public Employee Pensions?

California’s 2014 Propositions: Fewer Propositions Doesn’t Mean Less is at Stake

California’s 2014 Election: Plenty of Reason to Vote

Season 3 (2013-2014)

Medi-Cal Providers:  Is the Doctor In?

Fresno Bridge Academy Story: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Public Safety Realignment: Emerging Trends in Year Two

2015 California Legislative Session: Democratic and Republican Agendas

Climate Change: Adapting to a Slow Moving Emergency

The Federal Reserve Does Community Development: Who Knew?

Drilling Down on California’s New Rules on Groundwater Pumping

High Speed Rail: Are We Any Further Down the Tracks?

Public Employee Pensions: Just How Defined is the Benefit?

Congressional Election Results: What Are the Implications?

California Retrospective: A Conversation with Connie Conway

California Retrospective: A Conversation with Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg

California Retrospective: A Conversation with Bill Lockyer

2014 State Budget: ‘Joyfully Normal’?

Capitol Crimes: Personal Failings or a Culture of Corruption?

Unemployment Compensation Reimbursements: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

Groundwater Pumping: A Race to the Bottom?

CalFresh: Is California’s Food Stamp Program Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?

Universal Pre-K: State and Valley Legislators Weigh In

Affordable Care Act: Diagnosing the Costs and Benefits

ACA: The Initial (Medical and Political) Prognosis Is…

California Republicans: A Minority Report

California’s Initiative Process: Time for a Makeover?

Private, For Profit Colleges: Good Deal or No Deal?

High Speed Rail: The Little Engine that Could, or Couldn’t?

The Local Control Funding Formula: The Devil is in the Details

Common Core: A Course Correction?

The Drought: Is There a Silver Lining in the Non-Existent Clouds?

Armed and Potentially Dangerous: Crime, Weapons and Mental Illness in the Valley

California’s High Risk Issues and How They’re Impacting the Valley

Master Plan for Higher Education: Time for a New Edition

The State Water Plan: A Peace Treaty in the Water Wars

California Business and Jobs Climate: What’s the Forecast?

California’s Political Climate: Just (Not) Right?

Public Employee Pensions: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?

Fracking: Boom or Bust?

California’s Legislative Session: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

California’s Prisoner Dilemma

High Speed Rail: Derailed in the Valley?

Covered California: California’s New Health Care Exchange Opens for Business

Building Up or Building Out: The Dollars and Cents (Sense) of Smart Growth

Fresno State President Joseph Castro: A Look Forward

Season 2 (2012-2013)

California Retrospective: A Conversation with Peter Schrag

Immigration Reform: Ag/Farmworkers

Immigration Reform: Generally

High Speed Rail: All Aboard?

2013 May Revise: A Debate Over Restoring Cuts v. Holding the Line

Trade with China: Challenges and Opportunities

President Welty Retrospective

Water Woes: Dealing with the Legacy of Nitrate Contamination

The Delta: Fixing California’s Water Faucet

UC’s and CSU’s – Getting a Bigger Bang for the Buck

California’s Community Colleges: Can They Meet the State’s Education and Workforce Needs?

Crime in California: Just the Facts

Reforming State Government: First, Do No Harm…

California Retrospective: A Conversation with George Skelton

California Retrospective: A Conversation with Dan Walters

Government Regulations and Lawsuits: Balancing Jobs and Justice

School Financing Reform: Show Me the Money!

CEQA Reform: Trying Not to Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

The Governor’s 2013 Budget: Back in Black?

California 2025: Planning for a Better Future

Cap and Trade: What’s the Forecast for California’s Climate Change Program?

Money in Politics: The Costs of Free Speech

Tea Party: Are Reports of its Demise Premature?

Legislative Year in Review and Legislative Agenda for 2013

The Fiscal Cliff and the Political Divide: Is Compromise Possible?

2012 Election: Implications for California and the San Joaquin Valley

California’s Congressional Delegation: A View from Washington

Capital Punishment and Three Strikes – Propositions 34 and 36

Taxes to Fund Education: Propositions 30 and 38

Prop 32: Declaration of War Against the Union(s)?

Prop. 31: Government Reform or Proposition Overreach?

State Agency Shenanigans: Squirreling Away Money- Is that Just Nuts?

Public Employee Pension Reform: Was it A Touchdown, First Down or a Punt?

California State Parks: Going Extinct?

Reforming the California Legislature: Mission Impossible?

After the Fall: What is the Future of Redevelopment Agencies in California?

California’s Agricultural Value Chain: Cultivating (Economic) Growth?

The State of K-12 Education (Part 1): Gov. Brown’s Education Agenda

The State of K-12 Education (Part 2): The California Legislature’s Education Agenda

The State of K-12 Education (Part 3): The Divergent Voices of Reform

Federal Health Care Reform Comes to California (Part 1): The Devil is in the Details (of Implementation)

Federal Health Care Reform Comes to California (Part 2): The State’s Role

California’s Master Plan for Higher Education