October 27, 2016


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Harris widens lead; marijuana legalization, cigarette tax ahead in PPIC poll – Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris have widened their leads in California, according to a new poll that also finds strong support for a proposed cigarette tax, an income tax on high earners and the legalization of marijuana in the Golden State. KQED report

Why Gov. Jerry Brown is staking so much on Proposition 57 and prison sentences — In some ways, Proposition 57 is a proxy for a larger battle over prison sentences. There are sharp disagreements between Brown and many district attorneys over the legacy of California’s decadeslong push for new and longer mandatory sentences, a system in which flexibility is often limited to which crimes a prosecutor seeks to pursue in court. The warring sides have painted the Nov. 8 ballot measure in the starkest of terms, a choice for voters between redemption and real danger. LA Times article

Valley politics 

5 political takeaways from Gary Condit’s new book – aside from Chandra Levy — There’s a lot to learn about politics, as well as a unique take on the Chandra Levy case, from “Actual Malice,” the new book authored by Breton Peace with the cooperation of former California Congressman Gary Condit. Though Condit and Peace use the 495-page book to give Condit’s version of the still-unsolved Levy mystery, which brought his political downfall in 2002, they also shine a light on a political career that spanned decades. McClatchy Newspapers article 

3 of 4 candidates for San Joaquin County supervisor are newcomers – Three of the four candidates vying for the two posts are relative newcomers to running for office, even if their names are familiar. Stockton Record article

Jeff Jardine: Endorsements for sale; candidates among those propositioned – The folks who create political campaign mailers probably don’t like people like James Holden. Why? Because the 71-year-old Modesto resident is one of those annoying individuals who actually reads the obligatory fine print. They don’t want you to do that. They want you to read the big, bold type that proclaims life barely will be worth living, the world will end or, at the very least, your pets face grave danger if you vote for the other side. Jardine column in Modesto Bee 

Corporal punishment, public corruption and animal cruelty issues in Lamont school board race — One of the county’s most crowded school board races features an incumbent accused of public corruption, his childhood pal — a soccer coach with a string of misdemeanor convictions who insists people call him “Champion” in Spanish — and a middle-aged homemaker who hung up on a reporter trying to interview her. Twice. Bakersfield Californian article 

Porterville residents received incomplete ballot — Hundreds of Porterville area voters received an incomplete ballot, the Tulare County Elections Office reported Thursday. In a statement, the elections office said an omission of a Porterville Annexation resulted in 331 voters getting a ballot that does not include the city council race. Visalia Times-Delta article

Statewide politics/Ballot Measures

Aiming for supermajority, Democrats play Trump card – The one shred of power Republicans hold in the California statehouse—enough seats to block Democratic lawmakers from a “supermajority”—is on the brink in this election. CALmatters article; Capital Public Radio report 

New poll shows Kamala Harris leading California’s U.S. Senate race by 2-to-1 margin – With ballots already being cast, State Atty. General Kamala Harris leads by a more than a two-to-one margin over her rival in California’s U.S. Senate race, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California. LA Times article (scroll to item) 

A new poll shows Californians remain ready to legalize the recreational use of pot – A majority of California’s likely voters continue to favor legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, but the level of support has dipped from a reported 60% a month ago to 55% this month, according to a statewide poll released Wednesday night. LA Times article 

Weed as way of life: California farmers divided on legal bud — California voters will decide Nov. 8 whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use — an issue that has sown deep division here among longtime growers. The Costa family and many other pot farmers have yearned for the legitimacy and respectability that growers of legal crops enjoy. AP article

California’s voter registration deadline has passed, but not for new U.S. citizens — The voter registration deadline for most Californians was Monday. But people like De Leon who become naturalized citizens after the deadline are allowed to register and vote until polls close on election day if they provide documentation proving their citizenship. LA Times article 

Celebrities endorsing California ballot measures, not writing checks — When the Proposition 62 campaign sent out a fundraising email Tuesday night signed by Bryan Cranston, it was something rare. It was not just a celebrity endorsement, of which there are always plenty in California politics, but one from a celebrity who had actually put his money behind his advocacy. Sacramento Bee article

Rudy Escalante: Prop 63 would complicate gun laws and hamper law enforcement – The chairman of the California Police Chiefs Association’s firearms committee writes, “For decades, the California Police Chiefs Association has been a leader in developing sensible firearms regulations that balance the need for enhanced safety and the right to responsible gun ownership. Unfortunately, Proposition 63 only adds complexity and cost to our existing laws.” Escalante op-ed in Sacramento Bee 

Gavin Newsom: Prop 63 will reduce gun violence and send a message to the NRA – California’s lieutenant governor and chief proponent of Proposition 63 writes, “California has been leading for decades through the passage of smart gun laws, and we know for a fact that they work. So let’s do more and save more lives. We are not innocent bystanders. Proposition 63 will reduce gun violence.” Newsom op-ed in Sacramento Bee

Local officials, farmers, biz leaders oppose Prop 53 – Fresno business leaders, firefighters, farmers and government officials gathered at the Fresno Chamber of Commerce Wednesday to voice their opposition to Proposition 53. The Business Journal article

Here’s what will happen if Californians legalize recreational pot – Proposition 64 would legalize the recreational use of marijuana starting Jan. 1, 2018. The ballot measure is 62 pages long and aims to regulate the entire cannabis industry, from seeds to pipe. Here are highlights. AP article 

Joe Mathews: California should create a pot cartel – If California is going to transition successfully to full legalization of marijuana, our state is going to need its own cartel. Mathews in Sacramento Bee 

Tom Steyer is now the biggest donor in the effort to raise tobacco tax — Billionaire Tom Steyer is now the largest donor in the effort to raise the state’s cigarette tax by $2 a pack. With a $3.5-million donation to the Yes on Proposition 56 campaign Tuesday, Steyer’s total spending on the race has reached $11.3 million. LA Times article 

The return of bilingual education in California? — Nearly two decades after California banned bilingual education, voters next month will have a chance to restore it. Proposition 58 would officially end the era of English-only teaching and re-introduce instruction in English and a second language as an option. NPR report 

Which way will you vote? Pro, con arguments on ballot measures could help you decide — Experts have staked out their positions on the numerous propositions on the Nov. 8 general election ballot, providing insights to help California voters decide key issues. Sacramento Bee article

Other areas 

George Skelton: Tom Hayden was a role model for participatory democracy. He didn’t stand on the sidelines – he jumped right in — This country needs more people like Tom Hayden, motivated citizens who don’t just stand outside the arena and gripe about how the game is played. They go inside and participate. Skelton column in LA Times

Presidential Politics 

Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris has big leads in California – Democrat Hillary Clinton pushed her lead over Donald Trump to 26 points in California, a double-digit increase over the last month, a new statewide poll shows. Clinton tops the Republican in the presidential race, 54 percent to 28 percent among likely voters, according to the survey released late Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California. Sacramento Bee article; San Jose Mercury News article 

Someone took a sledgehammer to Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star – James Otis arrived at the Hollywood Walk of Fame before the sun broke over the horizon Wednesday morning with his tools of choice: a sledgehammer and a pick.  Then, wearing a hard hat and construction vest, he got to work laying waste of Donald Trump’s star.  LA Times article

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The value of Central Valley farmland is falling.  Here’s why — Farmland values are tumbling in California’s Central Valley, reflecting a drop in key commodity prices as well as concerns over water shortages and the state’s enduring drought. A study released Wednesday by agricultural lender Rabobank N.A. says the price of farmland in parts of the valley will decline by as much as 30 percent between now and the end of 2017, following several years of substantial gains. Sacramento Bee article

Defense Secretary orders Pentagon to stop ordering repayment of California National Guard bonuses – Moving to quell widespread criticism, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carteron Wednesday ordered the Pentagon to suspend efforts to claw back enlistment bonuses improperly given to thousands of California National Guard members during the height of the Iraq war. LA Times article; McClatchy Newspapers article; ‘Lawmakers Patterson, Costa react to California National Guard fiasco’ in Fresno Bee; Reuters article; USA Today article

Jobs and the Economy

Pension crisis: Fully funded ones a rarity — Southern California has Los Angeles, with its movie stars and beautiful beaches, and the Bay Area has hip San Francisco and Silicon Valley. But working class Fresno has one thing no other city in California does: a fully funded pension. Fresno is only one of seven cities or states nationwide with a pension surplus, according to a study by Fellner’s organization and the group Wilshire Consulting. The rest are $6 trillion short, setting aside just 35 cents for every dollar promised.  Fox News report 

Joe Mathews: Dear Government: Be careful how you help the Central Valley – While Central Valley communities are creating their own solutions to stubborn problems neglected by county, state, and federal government, they also need government to offer more support for successful local efforts—without hamstringing them. That message was conveyed by three panelists, each deeply immersed in community-based organizations, at a Zócalo Public Square/The California Wellness Foundation event at Frank’s Place at Warnors Center in downtown Fresno. Mathews in Zocalo Public Square 

Refreshing change at the corner market – Delta Food Market is one of seven retailers participating in Refresh San Joaquin, a countywide initiative to revamp corner stores to cut the sale and advertising of unhealthy products and increase access to nutritious foods. Stockton Record article 

Your California pension dollars at work in Las Vegas – CalPERS is betting big on Las Vegas real estate, purchasing a glitzy retail and nightlife complex on the Strip where entertainers like Britney Spears regularly perform. Sacramento Bee article 

California state workers to start casting ballots on possible strike – A strike vote for members of California state government’s largest union is scheduled to begin next week, according to announcements from SEIU Local 1000. The vote is scheduled to run from Monday, Oct. 31 to Friday, Nov. 11 at more than 50 different locations around the state. Sacramento Bee article 

Hanford’s long wait is over: Costco opens its newest warehouse store Thursday — The long-awaited Costco in Hanford opens at 8 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 27. The store is at 2395 E. Lacey Blvd., at Highway 43 near Highway 198. If it’s doing any opening day specials or giveaways, it’s keeping quiet about them. Fresno Bee article

Taxpayers’ cost for investigation into probation chief Rick Chavez: Over $350,000 — While Fresno County Superior Court officials won’t say how much it cost to investigate county probation Chief Rick Chavez, The Bee has learned that the court spent more than $175,000 for legal bills to conduct the five-month-long inquiry. That amount, on top of the $188,000 spent by Fresno County on the matter, in opposing the court’s efforts, means the investigation cost taxpayers about $365,000. Fresno Bee article 

Sacramento County homeless kids get motel rooms after sleeping in cars or tents — After Loaves & Fishes staff made a plea for shelter on behalf of homeless children at aSacramento County meeting last week, county staff went to Mustard Seed School to get nearly a dozen families off the streets. Sacramento Bee article 

Report: Women won’t earn as much as men for 170 years — The global gap in earnings between men and women will not be closed for another 170 years if current trends continue, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. AP article 

Daron McDaniel and Jerry O’Banion: Our time is now; vote yes on Measure V – The Merced County supervisors write, “Merced County has tried to pass such a measure before and we have failed. As a result, we are even further behind on making the needed investments in our local transportation system. This time, Merced County must – and will – put the votes together to help us help ourselves. We all will be part of the solution.” McDaniel/O’Banion op-ed in Merced Sun-Star

Dave Thomas: Just why did taxpayers association endorse a new tax? – The president of the Stanislaus Taxpayers Association writes, “The first obligation of any taxpayer association is to ensure a community’s taxes are necessary and are spent wisely. The Stanislaus Taxpayers Association has spent countless hours studying Measure L. We concluded that it is necessary, but the measure also contains guarantees that the funds will be spent properly.” Thomas op-ed in Modesto Bee

Courtney Roche Jr.: Tulare plan threatens longtime family business – The Tulare resident writes, “This plan would have a significant negative impact on Roche Oil and other businesses that have bought, developed and improved property in anticipation of the Paige interchange upgrades.” Roche op-ed in Visalia Times-Delta 

San Diego to consider sweeping Airbnb ban – Most Airbnb and other short-term rentals would be banned in San Diego under a proposal released Wednesday by outgoing Councilwoman Sherri Lightner. San Diego Union-Tribune article 

Surprise: Tesla turns a profit for first time in three years–  No one expected this. Electric car maker Tesla, admired by many, a source of skepticism for others and a money loser for years, reported a profit for its most recent quarter. And it said next quarter is expected to be profitable as well. LA Times article

California film credit increased production, benefit hazy — After years of decline, the number of television shows produced in California is on the rise. Lawmakers and Hollywood attribute the increase to a tax credit for filming in-state, while critics say that tax credit could be better spent on other priorities. Capital Public Radio report 

Casino mogul Adelson says no certainty over Las Vegas stadium for NFL’s Raiders – Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson said he is prepared to walk away from a deal to build a stadium that would help relocate the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas if terms offered by the team do not improve. Reuters article 

Groupon buys rival LivingSocial, once valued at $6 billion, as daily deals business sputters — LivingSocial, the online deals site based in Washington, D.C., that was once valued at $6 billion, announced Wednesday that it is selling itself to rival Groupon for an undisclosed sum. LA Times article 

Twitter cuts 9 percent of its workforce worldwide — Twitter, seemingly unable to find a buyer and losing money, is cutting about 9 percent of its employees worldwide. Twitter Inc., which has struggled amid competition from the likes of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, said Thursday that it expects to book about $10 million to $20 million in workforce restructuring charges. AP article


A Delta tunnels alternative: Embracing flooding for our water supply – When California officials got serious about building two giant tunnels to divert freshwater out of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, it didn’t take critics long to propose alternatives. One of the first was a grassroots scheme that, at first, seemed radical and counterintuitive: Let winter floods retake vast parts of the San Joaquin Valley – the very farmland that needs those Delta water diversions. The floods would recharge depleted groundwater that could then be used to irrigate the farms, preventing the need for Delta water exports. KQED report 

Turlock water will tap residents’ wallets in 2017 – It will cost more to keep grass green and showers long starting Jan. 1 in Turlock. Water rates will go up an average of 15 percent, in line with the five-year plan for increases decided in 2014. The City Council vote was unanimous Tuesday to stick with the plan. Modesto Bee article 

Northern California is seeing two or three times more rain than normal.  So why is Southern California so dry? –  As the state enters its sixth year of drought, Northern California is seeing some significant relief thanks to a series of powerful storms, while Southern California remains mired in record dry conditions. LA Times article 

Is Sacramento slacking when it comes to saving water? –Sacramentans are still saving water, but their conservation efforts have slipped compared with a year ago, suggesting that the relaxation of statewide drought mandates is prompting more consumption. The Sacramento Regional Water Authority reported Wednesday that area residents reduced water consumption in September by 15 percent compared with the September 2013 baseline. Sacramento Bee article 

Del Rio well conflict makes waves in appeals court — Whether Modesto officials violated the civil rights of some rural homeowners north of town should be decided “very soon,” an appellate justice said Wednesday after attorneys argued about a future water well proposed to serve the Del Rio community. Modesto Bee article

Criminal Justice/Prisons 

Fresno’s police auditor makes use-of-force recommendations; Dyer responds — Fresno Police Auditor Richard Rasmussen’s 2016 third quarter report makes several policy recommendations for the department, including one arising from the fatal officer-involved shooting of Dylan Noble by Fresno officers, as well as other use-of-force incidents in which Fresno officers were involved during the time frame. Fresno Bee article 

Suspects shot at patrol car in which woman was doing ride-along, police say – Madera police Wednesday announced the arrest of the suspected gunman who opened fire on an officer and a woman in his patrol vehicle early Sunday. Also arrested was a woman who was in the suspect’s car. Police Chief Steve Frazier said the apprehension of a third suspect is imminent. Fresno Bee article 

Fresno City College student commits hate crime thinking peaceful Sikh man was terrorist – A 23-year-old Fresno man was found guilty Wednesday of hate crime for assaulting an elderly Sikh man and urging his friend to run the victim over – a brutal crime that was captured by a private security camera. Fresno Bee article 

Law enforcement eyes carrying Narcan – Kings County officials are in the planning stages of establishing policy and procedures for police and sheriff departments to administer naloxone, a medication that can help reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Hanford Sentinel article 

Merced officers say final farewell to K-9 officer — During his six years with the Merced Police Department, the officer’s unique skills to sniff out evidence and track down suspects made him a beloved part of the law enforcement team. Under the morning sunshine Wednesday, fellow officers gathered to remember Axle, who died suddenly of natural causes earlier this month. Merced Sun-Star article 

Man accused of killing two Palm Springs police officers in ambush faces death penalty — The man accused of killing two Palm Springs police officers during an ambush-style attack will face the death penalty, Riverside County Dist. Atty. Mike Hestrin announced Wednesday. LA Times article 

‘Somebody help,’ man yells as police tase him at Sacramento train stop — A video that went viral on Facebook Wednesday, Oct. 26, shows Sacramento police and Regional Transit officers wrestling a man to the ground and tasing him after he walked away from them. A woman was also held down and arrested. A bystander filmed the incident on his cell phone, saying “Black Lives Matter.” Sacramento Bee article


University High is ranked among the best in U.S., so why is Fresno Unified concerned? – University High has long been ranked as one of the best schools in the country, but its leaders are worried Fresno Unified could close its doors. Families from the high-achieving, music-centered charter school, located on Fresno State’s campus, packed the Fresno Unified school board meeting on Wednesday, begging trustees to renew its charter after concerns that the school is discriminatory and not diverse enough. Fresno Bee article 

California awards $200 million to help more students become college ready — Nearly 1,000 school districts, county offices of education and charter schools across California will share $200 million in state grants as part of an effort to prepare more high school students for college, state officials announced Wednesday. EdSource article 

How well are California students doing in science? – California has produced some of America’s most celebrated innovators, but its students test below the national average in science, according to a new federal report. LA Times article

Merced College president candidates ready to move past rocky years – Candidates for Merced College’s top position acknowledged the last few years have been rocky in terms of the school’s leadership and accreditation, and they used public forums this week to discuss potential paths forward. Merced Sun-Star article 

Jesse Aguilar: Kern High School District board is dead wrong about guns on campus – The teacher, vice president of the teachers association and liaison to the California State Board of Education writes, “The Kern High School Board of Trustees was wrong to allow people with concealed handguns access to our schools and to our school events. They were wrong to portray what they were doing as simply protecting parents with CCW permits from inadvertently falling into an unintentional act of criminality by driving into a gun free zone while picking up their kids.” Aguilar op-ed in Bakersfield Californian

Four Bullard High students had positive TB tests, but none have symptoms — Fresno County health officials said four Bullard High School students, who were among more than 100 screened for tuberculosis earlier this month, have tested positive for the disease. Fresno Bee article

African-American students at Long Beach High more likely to be suspended, report finds — African-American, Latino and Pacific Islander students in the Long Beach Unified School District are suspended at much higher rates than their white peers, according to a new study by the Children’s Defense Fund-California and the Public Counsel law firm. EdSource article 

San Diego State gets its largest gift ever: Padres executive and wife donate $25 million – San Diego State on Wednesday announced it has received a $25 million gift from philanthropist and Padres Executive Chairman Ron Fowler and his wife, Alexis, the largest single donation in the institution’s 119-year history. San Diego Union-Tribune article 


Smoke from Tulare County wildfire impacting Kern residents — Smoke from a Tulare County wildfire is impacting communities in the Kern River Valley area, according to the Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District. Bakersfield Californian article

Health/Human Services 

Some Valley hospitals missing from California C-section honor roll – California recognized hospitals Wednesday for meeting or exceeding a federal goal for reducing Cesarean births, but four of the biggest baby delivery hospitals in the central San Joaquin Valley did not make the list. Fresno Bee article 

Tulare Regional Medical Center: We don’t need bond — Months after officials said the Tulare hospital would have to close if taxpayers failed to approve a $55 million bond issue, they now say they don’t need it to finish their troubled tower. Visalia Times-Delta article 

Jolie Limon: Where will pediatricians come from? Valley Children’s has answer – The chief of pediatrics and executive director of medical education for Valley Children’s Healthcare writes, “Valley Children’s has decades of educating future physicians and pediatricians. We have an established and nationally recognized medical education program that partners to train 186 residents, approximately half being family medicine residents who will serve adults and kids.On Oct. 20, Valley Children’s started interviews for our pediatric residency program, with our inaugural class arriving next June. This is a critical step, not only for Valley Children’s, but for the entire Valley, as we bring a life-saving program that aims to train and retain physicians, particularly pediatricians.” Limon op-ed in Fresno Bee

Grant will expand services to Latino survivors of sexual assault — Centro La Familia has been awarded a $327,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice on Violence Against Women to provide services to Latino survivors of sexual assault, announced Kristina Solberg, spokeswoman for Congressman Jim Costa. Fresno Bee article 

Make-A-Wish helping a child find her voice — Stacie Avila has never heard her daughter, Serina, call her “Mommy.”The beautiful little 4-year-old girl has never been able to say she’s hungry or in pain — or even “I love you.” Serina was diagnosed in infancy with a rare condition, Rett Syndrome, that left her not only unable to walk but unable to give voice to her thoughts and feelings. For the whole of her young life the door to her mind has been locked shut. Bakersfield Californian article 

EpiPen competitor will re-launch after being pulled off market in 2015 — Mylan NV’s dominance of the U.S. allergy-shot market will be challenged next year as drugmaker Kaleo Inc. says it will resume sales of a competing product that was recalled last year. Bloomberg article

Land Use/Housing

Stockton residents’ vision could become new General Plan – Less than a quarter-century from now, Stockton will be a “regional destination” with “well-maintained parks,” it will have a downtown that exudes a “vibrant and creative energy,” “quality jobs” will abound, and a state university campus will be serving students. Or at least that’s what the 250-300 residents who attended three General Plan workshops hosted by the city in September are hoping. Stockton Record article 

Visalia council sides with residents’ construction project appeal — Council upheld a residents-initiated appeal on a 128-unit housing development proposed for southeast Visalia, reversing an approval from the planning commission. Visalia Times-Delta article 

Davis council Oks plan to curb urban turkeys — The population of wild turkeys in the city of Davis has grown eightfold over the past decade, with some male birds getting aggressive toward residents. Officials decided Tuesday it was time to respond with a program of trapping, relocating and, in some cases, killing the birds. They also want residents to stop feeding turkeys. Sacramento Bee article


How much more does it cost you to fly from Fresno than other California airports? – It’s a frequent complaint of airline travelers in Fresno: Airlines seem to charge more to fly from Fresno Yosemite International Airport than from places like Los Angeles or San Francisco. And figures released this week by the U.S. Department of Transportation show that it’s more than just a perception. In the second quarter of 2016, the average airline ticket price for a domestic itinerary from Fresno was estimated at $439. That’s higher than the average cost at any of California’s other major airports, and about $86 more than the nationwide average among all airports large and small. Fresno Bee article 

‘There’s a lot of crazy drivers’: City, advocates take aim at Fresno pedestrian safety – The streets of Fresno can be dangerous—not just to drivers and bicyclists, but also to pedestrians. Following a trio of fatal accidents last week, more pedestrians have died this year than in all of 2015, and they’ve made up more than half of all traffic-related deaths. Now, a new city plan aim to make the city safer for walking. KVPR report 

Modesto celebrate Pelandale interchange’s completion – Officials gathered Wednesday to celebrate the completion of a new Highway 99 interchange at Pelandale Avenue in north Modesto, a $54.1 million city project that they said came in on budget and a few months ahead of schedule. Modesto Bee article 

Sacramento could be among the first to test fleet of self-driving vehicles — Self-driving robot cars will be coming soon to the streets of American cities. Exactly when is uncertain. But Sacramento city transportation officials are taking steps now to be ready when the revolution rolls in. Sacramento will be among 16 select cites meeting next month to discuss ways to harnessing new technologies, including autonomous vehicles, as part of a new national study effort called the Smart Cities Collaborative. Sacramento Bee article

Other areas 

Fire chiefs vent frustration with San Joaquin County EMS – Frustration with the county’s Emergency Medical Services Agency boiled over this week when fire chiefs and city representatives addressed the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors during the time reserved for public comments. Stockton Record article 

Dozens celebrate end of program, start of new leadership roles — Last May, Maria Preciado walked into her first class of Merced County’s Parent Leadership Training Institute unsure of what to expect. This week, the 52-year-old Delhi woman was one of 25 local residents who celebrated completion of the program, ready to be better engaged with the community and determined to make it a better place, particularly for children. Merced Sun-Star article 

Palo Alto bans growing marijuana outdoors — Pot growers in Palo Alto will have to limit their activities to the indoors if California voters legalize marijuana in November, the Palo Alto City Council decided Monday. San Jose Mercury News article

Valley Editorial Roundup 

Bakersfield Californian The California recommends: A guide to California’s crowded initiative ballot.

Sacramento Bee – Donald Trump irresponsibly claims the presidential election is rigged. But because of gerrymandering, outside of California, congressional races are rigged.