October 24, 2018






Fail to make the registration deadline? It's not too late.

Bakersfield Californian

Californians who missed the Oct. 22 deadline to register or update their voter registration for the Nov. 6 election can still participate. A new option known as conditional voter registration allows eligible citizens to register and vote on the same day, today through Election Day, according to the Secretary of State's office.

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Newcomer Heng and veteran lawmaker Costa trade barbs in first televised debate

Fresno Bee

Democrat Jim Costa and Republican Elizabeth Heng sparred for nearly an hour on live television Tuesday in their first prime-time debate leading up to the Nov. 6 general election — as Heng looked to land the blow to finally topple the longtime political veteran Costa.


Congressman McCarthy's office broken into

Bakersfield Californian

Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield office was broken into on Sunday, according to the Bakersfield Police Department.


Meet the candidates: Congressional District 21

Hanford Sentinel

The midterm election is Nov. 6. In preparation for the election, the Sentinel asked candidates in local races to answer questions so voters can get to know them.


Accusations erupt at MID meeting over employment of Turlock mayor

Modesto Bee

Whether Modesto Irrigation District officers broke the law while considering new work for former employee Gary Soiseth is the subject of an independent investigation launched by Board Chairman Nick Blom and Vice Chairman Larry Byrd.


Reporting "Fresno's Divide" Wraps Up With Open Community Conversations


There’s a divide in Fresno. The north part of the city – the area above Shaw Avenue -- has more parks, better schools. And the meat rendering plant? It’s in Southwest Fresno.


Probe Into Corrupt Cops in Kern County Deepens


“Over my career I've seen an officer alone do some pretty stupid things and sometimes illegal things but never a group of narcotics officers,” said Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood in a recent interview.


PRICE: All candidates are equal on the ballot but not at the bank

Bakersfield Californian

It's all about money. Money buys exposure. Money buys message. And, after the election, money often buys access. That's why campaign disclosure documents are useful: They give us a good look at who’s giving what to whom in which races.


Valley air district granted $3.77 million for clean-engine programs

The Business Journal

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $3.77 million in grants to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to replace more than 200 vehicles.


McGeorge Law School Hosts California Initiative Forum 2018 To Explain Ballot Measures

Capital Public Radio

McGeorge School of Law associate dean Mary-Beth Moylan joins to preview the California Initiative Forum where law professors, students and members of the public can learn more about measures on this year’s ballot.




Gavin Newsom's approach to fixing homelessness in San Francisco outraged activists. And he's proud of it

Los Angeles Times

Newsom proposed slashing the amount of welfare for single homeless adults and instead using the funds on shelters, housing and services. Called Care Not Cash, the program sought to stop welfare recipients from spending their monthly checks on heroin or alcohol.


Why Gavin Newsom is striving for his next “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”


Now campaigning for the governorship, he has proposed remaking California’s healthcare system, its housing market and its early childhood education system in ways that seem both revolutionary and daunting.


Bernie Sanders rallying in California this week

Fresno Bee

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a likely 2020 Democratic presidential contender, is set to cap off a tour in support of liberal candidates with a visit to California, with rallies set for Friday and Saturday.


Podcast On Congressional Races Says California Will Help Decide Who Gets "Keys To The House"


Valley Public Radio covers a seven county area, which means a lot of campaigns and races to report on. So to get some additional perspective, we spoke to Ben Adler, the bureau chief from Capital Public Radio in Sacramento.


A Red-Meat Rallying Cry for National Republicans: California

New York Times

California would seem to be on the ballot in a number of states where Republicans are facing tough re-election battles this fall. In Nevada, Texas, Colorado and Florida, California is being hoisted as a symbol of high taxes, liberal social policy, lax immigration enforcement and an interventionist government run amok.


My turn: Why California elections are fair


Citizens Redistricting commissioners drew the fairest lines we could and did not take into consideration incumbency. As a result, we have several highly competitive seats. Reformers across the nation are envious of what Californians have done. We are on the right side of history in this fight. For that, Californians should feel pride.




Armies of lawyers are mobilizing to keep an eye on chaos at the polls

Fresno Bee

As Americans go to the polls for midterm elections, political parties and interest groups are deploying thousands of lawyers nationwide to guard against voting problems or challenge results.


Meet the moderate Republican women holding the GOP’s House majority hostage

Fresno Bee

On this week’s episode of Beyond the Bubble, lifelong Republican Terry Poulos is the type of voter both parties say could flip the House this fall: She dumped Trump to send the GOP a message in 2016. Her frustration with the party has only grown since.


Democrats Recruit Veterans as Candidates in Bid to Retake the House

The Wall Street Journal

Jon Soltz, chairman of VoteVets, a political-action committee dedicated to pushing military Democratic candidates, is surveying dozens of midterm contests to help candidates with funding to match GOP-aligned campaign spending.


What Could Hold Back a Democratic Wave? Economy, Confidence, Independence

New York Times

While Democrats remain favored to pick up House seats in the Nov. 6 midterms, which historically produce losses for a president’s party, many of the 70 most competitive House races are now exceptionally close.


GOP Latches Onto Vague Trump Tax Statement as Campaign Nears End

The Wall Street Journal

Republicans are attempting to turn a vague tax-cut promise floated by President Trump into a campaign plank as they try to hang onto their majority in the House of Representatives.


Here's why Trump thinks it's still 'acceptable' to target transgender people for discrimination and abuse

Los Angeles Times

These are the actions of bullies and cowards, pretending to be strong. For religious leaders to allow their creeds to be used against the vulnerable in this way is tantamount to draping themselves in cloaks of shame and giving up their right to be regarded as leaders at all.

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Trump Steps Up Attacks on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell

The Wall Street Journal

President Trump escalated his attacks on Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, saying the head of the nation’s central bank threatened U.S. economic growth and appeared to enjoy raising interest rates.

Trump tries to spur Republicans to vote with false claims and dystopian warnings of Democratic 'mob' rule

Los Angeles Times

Trump not only presents himself and his party as the safeguard against the Democratic dystopia he conjures, he also promises to lower drug prices, end opioid addiction and hand out additional tax cuts.


Trump has a new go-to political foil: An imaginary version of California

The Washington Post

Trump introduces this California as a foil mostly for his rhetoric about immigration but also, it seems, because his efforts to tie progressive policies to problems in Venezuela (another frequent trope of late) may be more effective when linked to a state already treated with skepticism by his base.

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Fact checkers identify increasing rates of false claims by the president

PBS NewsHour

Since the president took office, they’ve identified 2,915 claims that cannot be verified by the truth. Daniel Dale, Washington bureau chief of the Toronto Star, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss Trump’s increasing rate of dishonesty and how the press should report on it.

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The real definitions of “globalist” and “nationalist”


Nationalism takes a more discriminatory tone when Trump positions nationalism as the opposite of the anti-Semitic “globalist.” Add “white” to “nationalism,” and you get the name of a movement that openly promotes the idea that one race is superior to others.




Vote. Otherwise, the Hackers Win

Roll Call

Don’t let worries about election security keep you from going to the polls. The American voting system is in a better place than it has ever been, and added layers of protection ensure that votes can be cast and properly counted

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Wanted: News consumers armed with critical thinking skills and media outlets that want to connect with them

Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust

To increase trust, news consumers must understand how media outlets operate, and know the meaning of the terms that journalist use in describing their work. We are working to improve the knowledge base by increasing media literacy and starting a conversation between media outlets and the public they serve.


EDITORIAL: Obama’s ‘blizzard of lies’

The Washington Post

Obama told Americans that there was “not even a smidgen” of corruption at the Internal Revenue Service (while the investigation was still underway) — but then it was revealed that there had been a spontaneous combustion of hard drives among IRS officials under investigation.


Explosive devices sent to Obamas and Clintons, says the Secret Service

Modesto Bee

Two explosive devices were found in mail sent to the offices of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Secret Service said Wednesday





Ag interests to lawmaker: Every vote counts


Agribusiness interests have poured $420,000 in recent days into a push to unseat a Bakersfield Democrat who voted in 2016 for a landmark bill that grants farm workers overtime.


Sun-Maid not happy with record-setting price for 2018 raisin crop. New CEO explains why

Fresno Bee

Sun-Maid Growers, the world’s largest marketer of raisins, has rejected a proposal by a grower group to sell the 2018 crop for a record-setting price.


Beef-linked salmonella outbreak has sickened 120 people, now in 22 states

Fresno Bee

The Centers for Disease Control says the salmonella outbreak linked to beef from JBS Tolleson has sickened 120 in 22 states. But a look at the rate of sicknesses says the outbreak might be over.

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From the Vine: This Symphony of flavors a perfect blend of fruity and floral

Stockton Record

Symphony is defined as something regarded, typically favorably, as a composition of different elements. Many wines are a symphony, a favorable combination of different elements, but only one wine grape is called Symphony.


Walnut Trees Can Handle Water ‘Stress’ And Still Thrive, Study Finds

Capital Public Radio

UC Davis researchers say they’ve found a way for walnut growers to irrigate more efficiently and still keep up their crop yields.


Judge slashes award by jury in Monsanto cancer case

San Francisco Chronicle

A San Francisco judge on Monday drastically reduced the damages award that a jury decided Monsanto had to pay a former school groundskeeper who contracted cancer after spraying the popular weed killer Roundup for years.


Cannabis dispensaries await amended operator’s permits

Stockton Record

Although dispensaries now are allowed to sell recreational cannabis, it is unknown when the businesses might open their doors to the general public.






Law enforcement sees spike in auto-pedestrian accidents, issues stern warning


A spike in crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists over the weekend has law enforcement issuing a stern warning about the dangers of distracted driving and walking.


California is among the worst for human trafficking

Visalia Times Delta

California was ranked fourth in human trafficking cases filed. New York is the leader in human trafficking cases — 72 were filed last year. Additionally, out of the 16 labor trafficking cases filed across the nation, five were filed in California.


Public Safety:


Lemoore squadron is first in Navy to pass this F-35C milestone

Fresno Bee

The first operational F-35C squadron, VFA-147 based in Lemoore, has achieved “interim safe-for-flight operations certification,” an announcement Tuesday said.


Misinformation persists in Atwater. Sheriff says — again — he won’t absorb city police

Merced Sun-Star

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke spoke publicly at an Atwater City Council meeting Monday in an attempt to further shoot down misinformation about the police department there.




National Park Service cancels controlled burn near Earth's largest tree

Los Angeles Times

A National Park Service plan to set fire to an ancient sequoia grove in western Sierra Nevada has been canceled for the second time this year, further delaying a delicate forestry operation aimed at triggering new growth near the world’s largest tree.


Guards and cameras: Builders fight arson with mixed success

San Francisco Chronicle

Some housing developers are spending thousands of dollars a month on extra security, cameras and less conventional measures like applying fire-suppressant spray on wood.


California wildfires made worse by hot, dry conditions, not water policy, as Trump tweeted

PolitiFact California

President Trump said it’s "being diverted into the Pacific Ocean." The problem with that claim? The state’s firefighting agency said it’s had no complications accessing water, while fire experts said the state’s hot, dry and windy conditions are to blame for the infernos, not any water policy.






Here’s why new home for small business center is good for Merced, officials say

Merced Sun-Star

Merced is now home to the headquarters for an organization that provides consulting, training and other resources for small business owners throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley, according to officials.

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Stocks mostly recover from their early plunge

Los Angeles Times

A turbulent day on Wall Street ended Tuesday with stocks climbing nearly all the way out of a steep, broad sell-off that at one point erased more than 500 points from the Dow Jones industrial average.


Risky Deals Return to Leveraged-Buyout Market

The Wall Street Journal

Nearly 13% of LBOs in the first nine months of 2018 were financed with debt equating to at least seven times the target company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or Ebitda, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s LCD.


New study shows minimum wage hikes don't hurt economies


Although raising local minimum wages has so far appeared to deliver benefits for workers, researchers caution that all recent studies have taken place in the midst of an economic expansion, and in particularly hot urban areas. Bringing a small town in New Mexico up to the same level, for example, might not yield similarly positive results.


OPINION: Opportunity Is Coming to a City Near You

The Wall Street Journal

Enter “opportunity zones,” economically distressed communities where new investments can receive preferential tax treatment. The incentives were quietly inserted into last year’s tax-reform bill. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently predicted they could prompt $100 billion in private investment to low-income communities.


OPINION:As Both Parties Play the Blame Game, Our Fiscal Future Hangs in the Balance

Roll Call

This is fiscal insanity. The federal deficit grew 17 percent to $779 billion in the fiscal year just ended, but that’s not the worst of the problem. By the administration’s own estimate, the deficit will increase almost 40 percent to nearly $1.1 trillion in the current fiscal year. With few policymakers batting an eye, this disturbing trend has no end in sight.




Faraday Future to cut salaries and lay-off employees


An electric car startup in the South Valley is reportedly making significant cuts in order to stay in business.


Sweet contracts, tricky rules help California unions hold on after court loss

Merced Sun-Star

California public employee unions can celebrate a little good news in the months since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling thatstripped them of millions of dollars in revenue and threatened their influence in the state.


California has lost more than half a million jobs to China — more than any other state, report says

Los Angeles Times

California has lost more jobs to China than any other state since 2001, fueled by Silicon Valley outsourcing and the continued shrinking of Southern California’s apparel industry, according to a report released Tuesday by a Washington, D.C., think tank.






Valley fails at many scores for childhood well-being, including a lack of day care

Fresno Bee

Children in the central San Joaquin Valley are more likely to go to bed hungry and not be in licensed day care than many children in California, according to a report released Tuesday.


Nintendo consoles to be used in elementary school classrooms


Nintendo is going from the living room to the classroom. It's partnering with education nonprofit Institute of Play to bring some of its products to a hundred elementary school classrooms across the U.S.


Visalia's new school: Kaweah Kangaroos or Firehouse Dalmatians?

Visalia Times-Delta

With construction moving along at Visalia's newest elementary school, administrators and community members are working toward creating the school's identity.  First on the list: a name for the northwest Visalia school.


BCSD moving forward with removing trees for solar structure at Voorhies Elementary

Bakersfield Californian

Large trees that students and employees at Voorhies Elementary School have enjoyed for the past 30 years will soon be gone.


California Schools Race Sets Record For Most Expensive

Capital Public Radio

California is again recording the most expensive state superintendent election in history, with a cast of billionaires who are outspending the teacher unions in support of a former charter schools executive.


Higher Ed:


Should for profit colleges exist? This former student says no

Fresno Bee

Jana Bergevin, a former Art Institute student and a 3D artist talks about her experience attending the The Art Institute of San Francisco on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 in Pleasant Hill.


Stackable Credentials in Career Education at California Community Colleges

Stackable credentials are a key component—students who “stack” multiple, related awards can build skills and increase earnings over time. We need to know more about how well
‑designed stackable credential programs help students succeed.


Thousands Of Employees Strike At UC Hospitals

Capital Public Radio

Thousands of University of California medical workers are walking off the job in a contract dispute that has prompted rescheduling of surgeries and thousands of outpatient appointments. The three-day strike begins Tuesday.

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The SAT has bumped the ACT out of the top spot as the most widely used college admission test

The Washington Post

Nearly 2 million U.S. students in the class of 2018 took the SAT during high school, compared with 1.91 million who took the ACT. A surge in delivery of the SAT on school days helped fuel the switch.


‘Degenerate and Murderous’: California Campus Republicans’ Platform Attacks College Culture

The Chronicle of Higher Education

“In addition, ethnic, women’s, and sexually deviant ‘community centers’ and ‘theme dormitories’ that engender ethnic nationalism, racial animus and encourage degenerate behavior go against everything we believe as conservatives, and we flatly refuse to fund them,” reads the 2018 platform, released this month.




As climate change becomes more visible, its weight as a campaign issue is growing

Los Angeles Times

Climate change has yet to register as a top voting priority for most Americans, but many Democrats rank it substantially higher than they did just a few years ago. That’s driving the issue to the forefront in swing districts.


Valley air district granted $3.77 million for clean-engine programs

The Business Journal

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $3.77 million in grants to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to replace more than 200 vehicles.


Thanks to volunteers, dozens of downtown tree wells no longer empty

Modesto Bee

About 35 members of the Modesto Rotary and Modesto Sunrise Rotary, joined by other volunteers, dirtied their green thumbs Saturday morning by planting more than 40 pistache and gingko trees.






As November Approaches, Where Do Candidates For Governor Stand On Health?


As we approach the midterm elections, we wanted to examine the health platforms of some of California’s highest profile candidates: The two men running for governor.

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Number of unvaccinated children increasing despite overall high coverage


Despite increased efforts by federal health officials to vaccinate children early in life, the number of unvaccinated children in the U.S. continues to rise, according to a new report.


More U.S. Women Dying from Childbirth. How One State Bucks the Trend


Over the past three decades, the world has seen a steady decline in the number of women dying from childbirth. There’s been a notable outlier: the United States. But that trend has been reversed in dramatic fashion in one state: California. The state Department of Public Health calculates that between 2006 and 2013, California lowered its maternal mortality rate by 55 percent


Family behind drug company sued over toll of opioids

Stockton Record

Well over 1,000 lawsuits filed by state and local governments blame drug companies for a crisis of addiction and overdoses across the country.


After 10 infants die of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome in 2017, County hopes to reduce numbers

Bakersfield Californian

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome was the leading cause of preventable deaths among children in Kern County for 2017, according to a recent report by the Kern County Public Health Services Department Child Death Review Team.


Understanding How Prop. 8 Would Affect The Dialysis Industry

Capital Public Radio

California voter shave 11 ballot measures to decide on this November. CapRadio Health Care Reporter Sammy Caiola breaks down Prop. 8 ahead of Election Day.


University Of The Pacific Hosts Clinics To Help Patients With Medicare Open Enrollment

Capital Public Radio

The University of the Pacific is hosting 13 public events with their Mobile Medicare Clinics outreach program to help patients pick the right drug plan during the 2018 open enrollment period.


The Trump administration takes a step that might - gasp! - help Obamacare

Los Angeles Times

A day after announcing a rule change designed to undermine Obamacare and its protections for people with preexisting conditions, the Trump administration unveiled a proposal that just may strengthen Obamacare. Wait, what?


Health Industry Reports Lobbying Costs the Size of a Grapefruit — Drugmakers Lead

Roll Call

In 2017, the industry spent $171.6 million. During the first half of 2018, drugmakers spent almost $95.4 million, putting them on pace to top last year’s total.


OPINION: Democrats Embrace Bernie’s Promise to End Pre-Existing Coverage

The Wall Street Journal

In fact Sanders imposes fewer choices and complete bureaucratic control on virtually all U.S. patients. Embedded in the text of BernieCare is the one Sanders promise voters can be confident he will keep: if you like your health plan, you won’t get to keep it.


Human Services:


Here’s why Meals on Wheels is asking elderly Californians about their LGBT status

Sacramento Bee

The first provisions of Assembly Bill 959 and AB 677 call for four state departments, including the Department of Aging, to gather demographic data regarding sexual orientation and gender identity during the course of conducting surveys on ancestry or ethnic origin.




Hopeful immigrants march to U.S. through Mexico. How many are already in the Valley?

Fresno Bee

More than one-third of residents living in the central San Joaquin Valley were born outside the U.S. but now make their homes in Fresno, Kings, Madera, Merced and Tulare counties.

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Land Use:


Fresno’s biggest Walmart is opening. Here are 10 things to know about it

Fresno Bee

The biggest Walmart Supercenter in Fresno, Clovis and Visalia is opening, with a grocery store, spa, expanded toy section, more. It’s in the former Camp America and Super Kmart space on Shaw Avenue.

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Supervisors OK plan for animal shelter to move forward, despite neighbors’ concerns

Fresno Bee

Despite concerns from residents, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved the rezoning of 4-acre piece of land in northwest Fresno for a proposed animal shelter.

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BCSD moving forward with removing trees for solar structure at Voorhies Elementary

Bakersfield Californian

Within the next couple months, the Bakersfield City School District is planning to remove five mulberry trees located in the schoolyard at Voorhies Elementary to make way for a new solar installation, a decision that several parents and other members of the community are opposing.


Visalia's new school: Kaweah Kangaroos or Firehouse Dalmatians?

Visalia Times Delta

With construction moving along at Visalia's newest elementary school, administrators and community members are working toward creating the school's identity.  First on the list: a name for the northwest Visalia school.


Taking a Dip in History: A Pool Party at Hearst Castle

New York Times

The event was to celebrate the completion of the largest restoration project in the property’s history: a five-year, $5.4 million project to repair cracks that caused the pool to leak up to 5,000 gallons a day. The effort also involved replacing the 20,000 marble tiles that make up the pool’s Grecian-style mosaic floor.




Plan approved for new development in Northwest Clovis


Northwest Clovis is soon becoming the land of opportunity. At least that's the message dozens of commercial brokers, property owners and local business owners learned about the city's newest project Heritage Grove.


Walters: Is a deal possible on split-roll property tax measure?


Any agreement to replace the split roll initiative would require the blessing of the Democrat-dominated Legislature and the next governor, presumably Democrat Gavin Newsom, so there’s the possibility that it could be folded into a larger tax overhaul.




Miller enlightens supervisors of SJ County’s spiraling pension obligations

Stockton Record

More than six years after voting as vice mayor in favor of Stockton’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing, now-Supervisor Kathy Miller says she is proactively working to steer San Joaquin County as far away as possible from similarly treacherous financial waters.


EDITORIAL: The Kamala Harris tax credit isn’t ‘socialism.’ It’s barely enough to prevent poverty

Sacramento Bee

The tax credit proposed by Sen. Kamala Harris would be a big boost to needy families in California, which is why it’s being sold as universal basic income. But it’s also good politics and would fix the unfair Republican tax cuts.




‘Temporary’ fix coming soon to dangerous Merced County intersection, Caltrans says

Merced Sun-Star

A Highway 152 intersection that Los Banos residents have for years described as dangerous for students and other pedestrians may get an effective, albeit temporary, fix by the end of the month.


Bakersfield may get temporary high-speed rail station, full buildout might never happen

Bakersfield Californian

Project officials are considering four different "interim" design proposals, all of them less ambitious and less expensive than the design floated in recent years by the city of Bakersfield. A project official said Tuesday a decision on which of the four to build will come within 12 months


Gas tax: Labor’s test for CA Democrats


Labor’s share represents 42 percent of $42.7 million raised so far to kill the initiative. Construction companies and their consultants have given the bulk of the rest, $23.4 million, my analysis of campaign finance filings shows.




West’s rivers are hot enough to cook salmon to death. Will this court ruling keep them cool?

Fresno Bee

A U.S. District Court judge in Seattle directed the Environmental Protection Agency to devise a plan for cooling the Columbia River waters to protect salmon. The ruling has potential implications throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.


East Orosi families discuss plans to connect to clean water for the first time in a decade


For as long as they can remember, families in East Orosi have lived with contaminated wells, forced to drink and cook with bottled water every day. For the first time, state officials presented a long-term solution to the community, proposing to connect to a neighboring district.


Trump signs law giving Merced County more water storage

Merced Sun-Star

New legislation pushed by Central San Joaquin Valley lawmakers was signed into law by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, increasing the storage capacity at Lake McClure, according to leaders.

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“Active Measures” Film To Run In Clovis, Producer Says Russian Interference Remains A Threat


“Active Measures” is a documentary film that explores the history of Russian interference in elections -- including the 2016 US presidential election. It’s now playing in swing districts across the country, including a one night run this Saturday in Clovis


The 20 Best Backcountry Lakes: Precipice Lake


Sure, Precipice Lake is a beauty—Ansel Adams agreed when he made it famous in his iconic photograph. But location counts a lot, too, and icy Precipice, which sits at 10,300 feet inside a bowl of sheer granite, couldn’t be better situated