October 11, 2018






California Online Voter Registration

California Secretary of State

The deadline to register or re-register to vote for any election is 11:59:59 p.m. on MONDAY, OCTOBER 22.


Preparing for the 2018 mid-terms

Madera Tribune

The mid-term elections are rapidly approaching. The Madera County elections department mailed ballots to 56,310 registered voters on Oct. 9.


McCarthy rebrands himself


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has never been the darling of the right — far from it.


Harris urges fighting ‘NRA-backed’ Denham. But his rival isn’t stressing gun control

Modesto Bee

California Sen. Kamala Harris is using a gun control message to urge support for promising Democrats — even if the Democrat isn’t using curbs on guns as a big deal in his campaign.


County, cities share progress

Madera Tribune

Leaders of the county and its cities cited good cooperation and the progress made on multiple topics such as homelessness, regional transportation needs, and enhancing economic development opportunities, as well as a new animal control and animal shelter facility.


How many members of law enforcement does Merced City Council need?

Merced Sun-Star

Depending on who gets elected in Merced, the City Council could have three members of law enforcement on the seven-person dais, raising questions about their ability to be unbiased.


Turlock can hear from council, mayor hopefuls Thursday

Modesto Bee

Turlock residents can hear from the City Council and mayoral candidates on the Nov. 6 ballot at a League of Women Voters forum Thursday night.


Prosecutors to review allegations of wrongdoing by Atwater’s top elected leaders

Merced Sun-Star

The allegations of wrongdoing by Atwater’s mayor and a councilmember are expected to be sent to the Merced County District Attorney’s Office and the Grand Jury as soon as Wednesday, according to the city attorney.


Grace Vallejo asks supervisors for greater voting access for county residents

Bakersfield Californian

Fourth District Supervisor candidate Grace Vallejo is calling for easier access to early voting for rural county voters.


Scrivner declines voluntary campaign spending limit

Bakersfield Californian

Eight of the nine candidates for Kern County Supervisor have accepted the voluntary campaign expenditure limits delineated under the Measure K-authorized county ordinance for the Nov. 6 general election, Auditor-Controller-County Clerk Mary B. Bedard announced Wednesday.


What Tulare County Supervisor Redistricting Could Mean For Latino Voters


Currently, four out of the five Board of Supervisor districts in Tulare County have a majority Latino population. On the surface, it looks like Latinos should be well represented. But dig a little deeper and the story changes. 


EDITORIAL: Endorsements for City Council

Madera Tribune

Here are the Madera Tribune Editorial Board choices for city council.




How Gavin Newsom, John Cox say they’d make California more affordable

San Francisco Chronicle

Both candidates for governor agree that the cost of housing in California, to rent and own, is too dang high. They concur that the skyrocketing homeless population is a travesty. And they want to help the 1 in 5 Californians who lives in poverty.

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California has 11 ballot measures to consider. These short videos will help you decide

Fresno Bee

Watch short videos to learn about California’s 11 propositions on the November 2018 ballot. Quickly and easily find what you need to know, including how they affect you, what they do, how much they cost, who is for them and who is against them.


It’s a debate? Feinstein and de León to face off over U.S. Senate seat

Fresno Bee

Sen. Dianne Feinstein and challenger Kevin de León, both Democrats, will debate in San Francisco on Oct. 17, 2018. The event is hosted by the Public Policy Institute of California. De León has demanded a debate for months.

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$770M in cash waiting for Californians to claim it


State Controller Betty Yee announced that her office has nearly $770 million in unclaimed cash belonging to Californians, and she's urging its owners to take steps to retrieve it.


Voting will change for these 5 California counties this year

Sacramento Bee

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla explains how counties will eventually shift to a new way of voting under the Voter's Choice Act by 2020. It's said to improve voter turnout.


Democrats bank on ‘Trump effect’ in California congressional races

Sacramento Bee

California Democrats are part of a nationwide surge in Democratic activism, post-2016, that has raised the party’s hopes of what’s been dubbed a “blue wave” this November — a backlash to Trump and his policies that will sweep Republicans out of office.

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     Partisan Loyalty Trumps Gender Solidarity in California PPIC

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Political insiders: Don’t expect a major “Kavanaugh effect” in California midterms


If progressives can find a silver lining in the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh—and as they now contemplate a conservative majority on the country’s highest court for years, if not decades, to come, it’s a vanishingly thin one—it’s on the odd chance that this whole catastrophe will ultimately turnout out more enraged Democratic voters in the November election.

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Noncitizens registered to vote? Put California’s bungled 'motor voter' system on hold right away

Los Angeles Times

California’s “motor voter” law, passed in 2015, was supposed to create a simpler, more secure way to register millions more voters in the state. When eligible adults go into a DMV office to get or renew a driver’s license or state ID, they are automatically registered to vote unless they opt out.


The census giveth, the census taketh away

Bakersfield Californian

Next year at this time Kern County is expected to have a population of about 931,000. But its official population — the number of people who actually get counted — will be about 888,000. That's a difference of 43,000 people. And, potentially, a difference of a lot of money.

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     California at risk of census undercount that could cost it in Congress San Francisco Chronicle




‘Exhausted majority’ feels left out by politics talk, study says. Are you one of them?

Fresno Bee

An ‘exhausted majority’ of Americans are neither progressive nor conservative — and instead feel left behind in national political discussions as they seek out compromise, says a new “Hidden Tribes” study.


America facing 'pandemic' of cyber threats from Russia and elsewhere: DHS chief


Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday said Americans are now facing a "pandemic" of threats from cyber-spies and cyber-thieves around the world, echoing a warning she has made before.


A record number of women are running for office. This election cycle, they didn't wait for an invite

Los Angeles Times

A record number of women are running for the U.S. House, Senate and state legislatures this year — more than any other election in U.S. history.


The 2018 midterms: Here are key Senate races we're covering


Here are the 16 states we're paying special attention to in the 2018 midterm elections.


It Turns Out Democrats Are Really Bad at Getting Mad

Roll Call

Anger in politics is like the porridge in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” — it has to be just right.

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Republicans Seize On 'Angry Mob' Mantra To Keep Their Midterm Base Fired Up


President Trump warned at his rally in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night that if his party loses in November's midterm elections, the "radical Democrat mob" will take away everything he has achieved since his election, while encouraging crime and socialism.




How to get young people to vote?

Sacramento Bee

California Influencers this week discussed the millennial vote: What discourages them from voting? What would motivate them to cast their ballots?


What the forgotten Americans really want—and how to give it to them


In the two years since Donald Trump’s election, Brookings economist Isabel Sawhill has been traveling the country to study the Americans who have been left behind by the evolving U.S. economy. In a new essay, she reports on how they reacted to seven policy ideas that could help improve their circumstances.


Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture

The Atlantic

On social media, the country seems to divide into two neat camps: Call them the woke and the resentful. Team Resentment is manned—pun very much intended—by people who are predominantly old and almost exclusively white. Team Woke is young, likely to be female, and predominantly black, brown, or Asian


Ask a Manager: Should we talk politics at work?


Watercooler chit chat isn’t always captivating: Martha’s got a new cat, traffic really was terrible today and Garrett wants to explain the difference between bouldering and top roping, again. But conversations at the watercooler don’t always stay cool.





Ag at Large: Water leaves a mark on farm equipment

Clovis Roundup

Theft of tractors and other equipment has become a huge factor in California’s farm country, but a subtle new means of identifying property is causing severe frustration among thieves.


Local grower describes how your Jack o’lantern gets to your porch

Modesto Bee

Art Perry with Perry & Sons, one of the state's leading growers of pumpkins, describes the process of growing, harvesting and packing the seasonal squash in Manteca, California.


California judge mulls new trial in $289M Roundup award

Sacramento Bee

A San Francisco judge said Wednesday she is considering tossing out the lion's share of the $289 million judgment against agribusiness giant Monsanto and ordering a new trial over whether the company's weed-killer caused a groundskeeper's cancer.

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     Judge in Roundup trial may overturn Bay Area man’s $289 million jury award San Francisco Chronicle


The Quest To Make California’s Weed The Champagne Of Cannabis


Legalization of cannabis in the state has been great for consumers—it means more oversight and safety testing, and fewer people thrown in jail for possession.






Prison psychiatry chief’s report accuses state of misleading court on mental health care

Fresno Bee

The state’s chief prison psychiatrist has compiled a secret report that alleges the state is offering up misleading data to convince overseers that mental health treatment of inmates is improving.


Police warn of online tales

Hanford Sentinel

In the age of social media and instant information sharing online, it can be easy to share that post you saw about a shocking local crime, but police officials are asking residents to reconsider clicking that share button.


Fresno Police see spike in car thefts over the weekend


An alarming average of six cars per day are stolen in the City of Fresno, but according to Police Chief Jerry Dyer, that's down from last year. Though the city has seen an 18% reduction in auto theft, this year to last year, there's growing concern over a recent spike.


Following California, pot legalization campaigns across the U.S. aim to throw out old convictions

Los Angeles Times

A new movement accompanying the widespread push for pot legalization aims is to wipe records clean and help people put their formerly illicit skills to use in the booming industry of legal cannabis.


Public Safety:


Denise Brown visits Fresno to advocate for victims of domestic violence


24 years after her sister, Nicole Brown-Simpson, was murdered, Denise Brown continues to advocate for victims of domestic violence. She came a day early to Fresno so she could visit women who have turned to the Marjaree Mason Center to get out of abusive relationships.


Family Justice Center ready to help victims in need

Stockton Record

Victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, child and elder abuse now have place to go that will make their process through the justice system simple and easy.


Trump Administration Seeks to Deploy Earthquake Sensors Faster

Wall Street Journal

The Trump administration has ordered accelerated deployment of earthquake-detection equipment on federal lands to help West Coast cities prepare for a seismic disaster experts say is near-certain to hit in the coming years.

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Helmet cam shows dramatic rescue in Fresno, ‘one of the busiest fire departments in the country’

Fresno Bee

Last year, there were 33 fires involving vacant buildings, Fire Chief Kerri Donis said, but this year there have been 76. Half of the fires in vacant buildings this year involve homeless and transients. Fresno has about one or two structure fires per day.


Some disaster relief on the way for businesses hurt by Ferguson fire

Sierra Star

Businesses in the Yosemite National Park gateway communities that were affected financially by the Ferguson Fire could now qualify for a government loan of up to $2 million.


Officials: Power Lines Ignited Fatal 2017 Cascade Fire In Yuba County

Capital Public Radio

Two sagging Pacific Gas and Electric Co. power lines made contact and ignited the Cascade Fire last year that killed four people and injured a firefighter in Yuba County, fire officials said Tuesday.






Downturn Looms as Leadership Test for California, World’s 5th Largest Economy

New York Times

It has the highest concentration of billionaires in the country. It exports more computers than any other state. It is the nation’s largest producer of agriculture products by far: More than $6 billion in dairy products alone last year.


Markets Right Now: White House downplays market plunge

Sacramento Bee

White House says there is no reason for concern after U.S. stocks suffered their worst loss in eight months Wednesday.

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IRS Internal Watchdog Faults Vigilance on Nonprofits' Political Activities

Wall Street Journal

the irs is still struggling with its role policing nonprofit groups’ political activities, the tax agency's inspector general said in a new report.


Government Can’t Rescue the Poor

Wall Street Journal

‘The War on Poverty is not a struggle simply to support people,” declared President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. “It is an effort to allow them to develop and use their capacities.”




Need a job? This Merced County project offers hundreds, CEO says

Modesto Bee

The construction of a solar array of more than 2,700 acres outside of Los Banos that’s estimated to create about 400 local construction jobs is set to kickoff on Thursday.


After backlash, Amazon to boost pay for longtime workers

Sacramento Bee

Amazon, facing a backlash from longtime warehouse workers who say its $15 hourly minimum wage wouldn't benefit them, will now provide a bigger raise.






Minarets High School looking to transform bus into mobile production van


The Minarets High School media department is trying to take their show, the "Minarets Minute" on the road. They'll be travelling by bus, in their soon to be, first-ever mobile production van for media students.


Granville Homes donates books and gift cards to Fresno school after fire and vandals damage classrooms


Granville Homes surprised students at Edith B. Elementary School in Fresno with hundreds of books after their library was destroyed in a fire.


Tachi Palace donates $5,000 to Central Union School District

Hanford Sentinel

Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino recently presented Central Union School District with a check for $5,000 with funds raised at its monthly community breakfast. Central Union School District is comprised of four elementary schools in Kings County.


Candidates to share their solutions for education at Friday forum

Stockton Record

Four seats for Stockton Unified board of trustees are up for grabs this election with a dozen hopefuls on the ballot.


Higher Ed:


Fresno City College receives $1 million boost to CTE program


Right now robots are being used at Fresno City College as part of their Career and Technical Education Program also known as CTE. Very soon the program will have enough funds to incorporate even more machines into its courses, thanks to a $1 million boost from the state budget.


Strike threat looms at MJC, Columbia College; district, faculty in contract standoff

Modesto Bee

As two sides are deadlocked in a three-year unresolved labor negotiation, a possible faculty strike is the buzz on campus at Modesto Junior College and Columbia College near Sonora.


Myth or no myth: What you should know about the college ‘Freshmen Fifteen’ weight gain

Modesto Bee

Some college students will be returning home for Thanksgiving. Some may be a little heavier than when they left home, but a Cleveland Clinic psychologist has some good news about the Freshmen Fifteen myth.


CSUB students, employees provide wish list for next five years

Bakersfield Californian

New and expanded services for veterans and undocumented students are just a few things students would like to see at Cal State Bakersfield in the next few years.


4th District candidates spar at CSUB debate

Bakersfield Californian

Candidates for the 4th District Supervisors race sparred in a debate held at Cal State Bakersfield Wednesday evening.






Funding Constrained Framework for Implementation of San Joaquin River Restoration

San Joaquin Restoration Program

The mission of the Department of the Interior is to protect and provide access to our Nation’s natural and cultural heritage and honor our trust responsibilities to Indian Tribes and our commitments to island communities.


Less Snow Could Be Coming To California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains

Capital Public Radio

In a study released this week a UC Irvine team found that if winter temperatures increase by 1 degree Celsius, it will lead to a 20 percent jump in the likelihood of below-average snow accumulation in the high country.


Old-Growth Infrastructure: Redwood in Los Angeles


From Southern California, the redwood forest of Humboldt and Del Norte counties is a two-day drive. It might as well be another country. L.A. does palms and jacarandas, not redwoods.


Trump’s EPA shakes up science panel that guides pollution rules

Sacramento Bee

The Environmental Protection Agency has installed new members on a scientific advisory panel that guides the agency on air pollution – and only one of them is an independent, academic scientist.


EDITORIAL: The world is warming faster than we believed. All of us need to find the will to act — now

Los Angeles Times

The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change spells out in great detail the dire environmental changes that are already underway as a result of global warming — changes that will undoubtedly intensify within the lifetimes of most people alive in the world today unless humankind takes extraordinary steps to curtail carbon emissions.




Exxon came up with a climate change response that Republicans should love. They probably won't

Los Angeles Times

The carbon tax proposal that Exxon Mobil is backing is the only one that has a prayer of becoming a reality in the United States. The giant oil and gas company announced that it would contribute $1 million over the next two years to Americans for Carbon Dividends.


My turn: We must end utilities’ monopoly and help consumers


Millions of Californians have a new option to choose cleaner energy at competitive rates. The creation of community choice aggregation programs has given us the ability to choose to power their homes and businesses with up to 100 percent renewable electricity.


Big Oil pulls Democratic lawmakers through the revolving door


Inside the California Assembly chamber on the night of June 1, the presiding officer urged lawmakers to recognize former members in their midst, “the honorable Henry Perea and Felipe Fuentes.” In a familiar Capitol ritual, the former assemblymen waved from the balcony as applause rang out from their one-time colleagues.


Climate bill would move D.C. to 100% renewable energy by 2032

The Washington Post

The District would adopt one of the nation’s most aggressive plans to cut carbon emissions, aiming to use entirely renewable sources of energy for the city’s power grid just 14 years from now, under new legislation proposed by five D.C. Council members.






Valley Fever Medication Poses Added Risk For Pregnant Women

Capital Public Radio

As with the general population, most pregnant women who contract valley fever overcome the disease with no symptoms and no need for treatment. But what worries epidemiologists is a handful of rare, severe cases, in which five babies were born with skeletal defects.


California bond would raise $1.5 billion for children’s hospitals

San Francisco Chronicle

California voters on Nov. 6 will decide whether to pass a bond measure, Prop 4, that would authorize the state to borrow $1.5 billion for infrastructure improvements at 13 children’s hospitals across the state.


Fact-checking Donald Trump's op-ed against Medicare for All in USA Today


President Donald Trump brought his battle with Democrats onto politically sacred ground, accusing them of forcing the death of Medicare. Trump moved from 280-character tweets to a 4,900 character op-ed in USA Today to paint a doomsday picture if Medicare for All became the law of the land.


Patient advocates decry Trump administration move to restrict immigrants' access to healthcare

Los Angeles Times

Health officials, physician groups, hospitals and patient advocates across the country are strongly condemning the Trump administration’s proposal to restrict immigrants’ access to green cards if they use the healthcare safety net, warning of risks to public health and government finances.


Report On Substance Use Finds Alcohol Use Is The Most Common


But as concerning and dangerous as opioids are, we shouldn’t forget about another addictive substance that’s long been known to disrupt lives: Alcohol.


CVS’s $69 billion merger with Aetna is approved in deal that could transform health-care industry

Washington Post

Antitrust officials gave CVS the green light on Wednesday to purchase Aetna, the nation’s third-largest health insurance company, in a $69 billion deal that could potentially transform the health-care industry and change how millions of Americans receive basic medical services.


Human Services:


Drug counseling service pulls out of valley high schools


Substance abuse counseling services for nearly 600 Students at more than two dozen valley high schools in nine school districts came to a sudden end this week when a company called Eminence Health Care shut down.




‘We don’t know what to do.’ Proposed Trump rule strikes new fear in immigrant communities

Fresno Bee

A proposed Trump administration rule that would make it more difficult for immigrants to become legal residents if they get government benefits has Fresno County immigrants and advocates concerned, while gaining support from fiscal conservatives who say the U.S. should not have to support individuals coming into the country.


Supreme Court wrestles with case on detention of immigrants

Stockton Record

The immigrants, mostly green-card holders, say they should get hearings where they can argue for their release while deportation proceedings against them are ongoing.

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     Kavanaugh backs Trump administration on jailing and deporting immigrants for crimes committed years earlier Los Angeles Times


Trump administration waives environmental laws to build border wall

Los Angeles Times

With construction of what President Trump calls the first 40 miles of new border wall already underway across the nation’s southern boundary, federal officials have announced this week they’re waiving nearly 30 environmental laws to expedite additional building in the interest of homeland security.


Donald Trump falsely claims there's an 'open borders bill' backed by Democrats


President Donald Trump went to Kansas to rally for Republicans seeking election in November and in the process made false claims about Democrats signing on to a purported "open borders bill."


Photojournalist Matt Black On Rising Fear And Hope Among Immigrants In Farming Communities


We’ve brought you stories about undocumented immigrants in the San Joaquin Valley before, and many of them are struggling with changing policies under the Trump administration.




If it works, this tiny homes plan for homeless vets will likely be duplicated

Bakersfield Californian

The grassy patch of land on Covey Avenue in Oildale is mostly hidden behind a wooden fence that has seen better days.


Merced Co. Planning Commission recommends denying proposed Hilmar apartments


Dozens of folks from Hilmar spoke against the proposed Poquito Lakes apartment project on Wednesday. In a 4-1 vote, the Merced County planning commission ultimately decided to recommend denying the project.


Sacramento Housing Alliance Hold Summit On Solutions To Ongoing Crisis

Capital Public Radio

Leaders from the Sacramento Housing Alliance preview their annual summit and discuss approaches to the affordable housing crisis.


$45m In Fresno County Retirement Funds To Be Reinvested Locally

Business Journal

Fresno County Employees’ Retirement Association has announced a partnership with RBC Global Asset Management (RBC GAM) in support of homeownership, affordable rental housing and small business development in Fresno County.




Curtailing California's inheritance tax break would raise billions of dollars in property taxes, new analysis finds

Los Angeles Times

Eliminating California’s inheritance tax break for vacation houses and rental property and restricting its use for primary homes could raise $2 billion a year in property taxes over time, according to a new analysis.




Google’s Waze expands carpooling service nationwide

San Francisco Chronicle

Carpooling — the cheapest, easiest way to solve traffic congestion — remains stubbornly stuck in neutral. Americans love riding solo. Fewer than 10 percent share rides en route to work. Google wants to change that.


Forget the gas tax. Let's get to the bottom of California's 22-cents-a-gallon mystery surcharge

Los Angeles Times

Why are California’s gasoline prices so much higher than those of the rest of the country?

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     $700 a year? Less than $10 a month? We analyze how much California’s gas tax increase really costs you Sacramento Bee


California High Speed Rail’s Plan for the Future


The California High-Speed Rail Authority is striving to get some kind of starter service — from Silicon Valley to the San Joaquin Valley — operational by 2029, and maybe even a service that connects with Amtrak’s San Joaquins as early as 2026.

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     Caltrain Plan Suggests Potential for up to 300 Percent Increase in Demand by 2040 CalTrain

     Why Public Transportation Works Better Outside the U.S. CityLab


Airlines To Boost Flights Out Of Fresno For Holidays

Business Journal

Winter traveling may become easier as Fresno Yosemite International Airport airlines will increase flights.




Water deposit program to begin soon

Hanford Sentinel

The city of Lemoore will soon require deposits when a resident signs up to receive city water. The Lemoore City Council approved a plan for city staff to put together a program in which city water users would pay a deposit to fix some of the common problems users of city water have upon ending their service.


What you need to know about Prop 3: Bonds for water projects

Sacramento Bee

What is Proposition 3? Here's a deeper look at the dam and water project initiative on California's November ballot that would authorize bonds for water projects.


As states near deal on Colorado River shortage, Calif looks at water cuts of as much as 8%

Los Angeles Times

After years of stop-and-go talks, California and two other states that take water from the lower Colorado River are nearing an agreement on how to share delivery cuts if a formal shortage is declared on the drought-plagued waterway.


Fresno State Symposium To Address Concerning Arsenic Levels in Groundwater


In June of this year, the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications published a research article linking over-pumping of the San Joaquin Valley’s groundwater to rising concentrations of arsenic


Water Resources Bill Would Speed Hydropower Licensing

Roll Call

Hydropower facilities would get permits faster if the 2018 water projects authorization bill passes the Senate Wednesday — a rare inclusion of an energy title on the bill known for its transportation and drinking water projects.




Pismo Beach Pier to reopen ahead of schedule


The pier at Pismo Beach along the Central Coast is closer to reopening. Construction crews removed a crane from the site earlier this week. The structure has been closed for more than a year while undergoing a face-lift.


Local author delves deeper into WWII's Eastern Front in new book

Bakersfield Californian

Craig Luther, who has lived in Tehachapi about 20 years, has authored multiple books, taken trips to Germany and Russia and met with World War II veterans who fought on the Eastern Front in Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union.


Get on fast track to terror with Scare Valley at new Track House Bakersfield

Bakersfield Californian

Filling the void left by two other businesses, Mike Ross and his partners saw an opportunity to bring both indoor karting and a Halloween haunt back to the Bakersfield community. Both Track House and Scare Valley are set to open on Friday.


Rapper Common visits Bakersfield for Q&A with local youths

Bakersfield Californian

It’s not every day that youths in Kern County get to meet a celebrity in person, but Wednesday was one of those days.