October 10, 2018




Turlock can hear from council, mayor hopefuls Thursday

Modesto Bee

Turlock residents can hear from the City Council and mayoral candidates at a League of Women Voters forum Thursday night.

Race for Stanislaus supervisor takes a strange turn; one candidate can’t be found

Modesto Bee

Frank Damrell III says he’s running hard for a Stanislaus County board seat, holding fundraisers and walking precincts every weekend. The strange thing is: He never sees his opponent.

Arvin's fifth city manager in a decade sees hope in long-term future

Bakersfield Californian

Arvin’s new city manager has only been on the job for a month, but he’s already attempting to look past the city's recent spate of problems toward the bright future he sees for the city.

Grace Vallejo asks supervisors for greater voting access for county residents

Bakersfield Californian

However, the only location for in-person early voting in the county is the Kern County Elections Department in Bakersfield. That's where Vallejo sees a problem. “It only favors residents in Bakersfield over those who live further away,” Vallejo said of the current system. “That doesn’t assist us in getting people out to vote.”

WORTH NOTING: Sen. Jean Fuller receives local Impact Award

Bakersfield Californian

Senator Jean Fuller is receiving the 2018 Impact Award from the Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government for her service to the county.

What Tulare County Supervisor Redistricting Could Mean For Latino Voters


Currently, four out of the five Board of Supervisor districts in Tulare County have a majority Latino population. On the surface, it looks like Latinos should be well represented. But dig a little deeper and the story changes.   

GOP Rep. Tom McClintock’s guide to the real California ballot

San Francisco Chronicle

Republicans — and occasionally Democrats —​​ have long complained​​ that attorneys general retitle ballot initiatives for their party’s own political purposes.


Motor Voter is on the ropes. California considers freeze of DMV registrations

Fresno Bee

Trying to get tens of thousands of voter registration errors under control, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla may temporarily halt a program that automatically registers voters through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Still time to join record number of registered California voters

City Times

Another option is through the Student Web Services system. Students can visit REG-e and click on the “Register to Vote” button to complete the voter registration process.

City College also has the direct link​​ https://www.sdcity.edu/RegisterToVote​​ available as another option for voter registration.

Want Election Results? On West Coast, Patience Is Required

Capital Public Radio

If control of the U.S. House comes down to any competitive congressional races in California or Washington, we may have to wait a while to learn the outcome. That's because those states allow vote by mail ballots to be post marked on Election Day.

California candidates for governor clash over transportation issues

Fox 2 KTVU

Cox calls Caltrans “one of the most corrupt bureaucracies on the planet,” for spending what he says is “more than double the national average to build and maintain a mile of highway.” For his part, Newsom said Cox’s plan to end the gas tax for road improvements will only “make things worse.”

California has billions in unclaimed cash, and some of it could be yours

Fresno Bee

California is holding more than $9 billion in unclaimed money and property. Here’s how to find out if some of it is yours.

Florida disaster relief company plays big in CA politics


A Florida-based company accused of botching the clean-up after last year’s devastating fires in Santa Rosa has jumped into California politics, writing big checks to Gavin Newsom’s gubernatorial campaign and the California Democratic Party.

California midterms: Democrats target Orange County


An NBC News correspondent, Jacob Soboroff, went to a bus stop crowded with U.C. Irvine students and asked whether anyone planned to vote in the midterm elections.


Help wanted. Haley’s exit leaves White House without one of its best messengers

Fresno Bee

The departure of Nikki Haley, one of the most polished messengers of President Donald Trump’s policy, will leave a void in a chaotic White House where, after two turbulent years, few officials remain who are trusted by Republicans of all stripes.

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Kavanaugh to hear his 1st oral arguments as Supreme Court justice​​ 


Brett Kavanaugh will hear his first arguments as a Supreme Court justice Tuesday morning in Washington, his first day on the new job after a contentious nomination process.

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With the midterm election a month away, Trump seeks to keep Republican anger high

Los Angeles Times

With the midterm election now four weeks away and the fight over Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation receding into the past, President Trump and his party have embarked on an effort to keep conservative anger fresh, even at the potential cost of further alienating some women voters.

The legal philosophy of Donald J. Trump

The Washington Post

This brings the larger pattern into relief. Trump sees his current position much as he did his old one. He is not the protector of the Constitution so much as the CEO who demands loyalty from his subordinates.

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Majority of Americans say Trump is just venting when he calls the press 'enemies of the people'

Los Angeles Times

A slight majority think Trump is basically just blowing off steam. But Americans also think his words can be dangerous. Asked if Trump’s words were an example of his expressing frustration or whether he was issuing a serious warning when he makes those kinds of remarks, 45% said they believed he was serious compared to 55% who said he was expressing frustration,​​ 

Democrats Counter Trump Push for Cheaper, Limited Health Plans

The Wall Street Journal

Democrats are fighting to derail the White House’s push for cheaper, less-robust health plans, seeking to leverage the issue for advantage over the Republicans ahead of the mid-term elections.

OPINION: The dark side of American conservatism has taken over

The Washington Post

The ascendance of extreme views, abetted in recent years by Fox News, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and the tea party movement, increasingly made the House Republican caucus ungovernable.

OPINION: Memo to GOP: You’ve Got a Winning Message and It’s Not Pelosi

Roll Call

Republicans have a great economic story to tell if they are willing to tell it. They have less than a month to make their case to voters that the economic policies that House Republicans began pushing in 2010 are finally paying off. Now is the time to reinforce success, not change direction.


#ChooseKindness Campaign Kicks Off Bullying Prevention Month


October is Bullying Prevention Month. Do your part to spread acts of kindness.

Poll: only 28 percent of young voters say they will certainly vote in the 2018 midterms


A recently released​​ poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic​​ conducted in June showed only 28 percent of young adults ages 18 to 29 say they are “absolutely certain” they’ll vote in midterms, compared to 74 percent of seniors.


Here are this year’s agriculturist and ag business of the year

Fresno Bee

A longtime water district manager and a leading agricultural technology company were honored Tuesday for their contributions to the farming industry.​​ 

Law enforcement will target 'wandering weed' across California

Visalia Times-Delta

Law enforcement agencies from across the state are pushing to stop the practice of "wandering weed."​​ 

Proposition 12: Californians will vote again on farm animals


In industrialized meat and egg factory farms across the country, mother pigs, egg-laying hens and newborn calves raised for veal are often locked in cages barely larger than their own bodies.

Plight of the Honeybees


"You can’t just leave your bees in one place anymore." Bee theft has become a major problem in the Central Valley. California's almond growers depend on beehive rentals to fertilize their flowers. Theft has been an intermittent phenomenon for years. But lately the numbers have been climbing sharply.

EDITORIAL: 10 million reasons why you should vote for Fresno’s marijuana tax, Measure A

Fresno Bee

The majority of Fresno voters approved the recreational use of marijuana when they supported Proposition 64 two years ago. Now voters have a chance to take an important next step when they consider Measure A on the November ballot.



New task force cracking down on people who aren't allowed to own guns


A new effort to take guns away from those who have fallen out of grace with the law is underway. Monday, law enforcement announced a new partnership that's aimed at getting even more weapons out of the wrong hands.

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Following California, pot legalization campaigns across the U.S. aim to throw out old convictions

Los Angeles Times

The aim is to wipe records clean and help people put their formerly illicit skills to use in the booming industry of legal cannabis.

Public Safety:

New substation for Fresno County Deputies


The Fresno County Sheriff's Department has been renting a building on Shields near Clovis Avenue for 30 years to house a substation. The Supervisors have approved a 2.5 million dollar purchase to move the substation to a new, more spacious building about a mile away.​​ 


Los Banos Fire Department adds new tool to help those with special needs


Los Banos firefighters are adding a new tool to their engines aimed to help people with special needs. It's one of the first fire departments in the area to introduce these cards to firefighters in hopes of improving communication.

Some disaster relief on the way for businesses hurt by Ferguson fire

Merced Sun-Star

The US Small Business Administration has opened up applications for disaster assistance loans of up to $2 million for small businesses impacted by the Ferguson Fire. The application deadline is June 4, 2019.

Innovative Mass Timber Could Help Cut California Wildfires, Advance Forest Resiliency and Economic Prosperity


The​​ California Economic Summit, in advancing the​​ Elevate Rural CA initiative, has identified forested areas as one of three key “solution spaces” for lifting up the economies and well-being of rural communities. The goal is to develop next-generation forest products that could lead to the removal and commercial use of excess woody materials now serving as fuel for fires.

Officials: Power Lines Ignited Fatal 2017 Cascade Fire In Yuba County

Capital Public Radio

Two sagging Pacific Gas and Electric Co. power lines made contact and ignited the Cascade Fire last year that killed four people and injured a firefighter in Yuba County, fire officials said Tuesday about the latest wildfire to be blamed on power lines.

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Electric car catches fire at Faraday plant in Hanford. But that’s not the biggest worry

Fresno Bee

An electric vehicle caught fire at the Faraday Future manufacturing plant in Hanford, California — and a crucial financing deal appears to be falling apart.

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Let's stop pretending that corporations have any 'values' beyond making money

Los Angeles Times

The idea is that we live in turbulent times, and businesses need to demonstrate that what consumers care about, they care about — issues such as sexual harassment, ethnic diversity, racism and gender discrimination.

Stocks end mixed as interest rates take a pause

Los Angeles Times

U.S. stock indexes ended Tuesday nearly where they began, as interest rates let off the accelerator following their sharp rise last week. But the modest moves for indexes masked some roiling underneath.

Why it’s time to end the tit-for-tat tariffs in the U.S.-China trade war


David Dollar and Peter Petri argue that breaking the self-defeating cycle of tariff retaliations between the United States and China is the first step toward de-escalating the trade war and creating an environment conducive to negotiation and resolution.

Watch live: An economic agenda for a divided nation


Today at 2:00 p.m. EDT, tune in to watch Governors John Hickenlooper (D-Col.) and John Kasich (R-Ohio) join Brookings economist Isabel Sawhill for a discussion on advancing the economic interests of American workers who feel disenfranchised by inequality and job losses.





Sequoia High will get new campus if contaminated dirt cleared

Visalia Times-Delta

After years of planning and unexpected delays, construction crews will finally begin work to create a new, updated campus for Sequoia High School students and faculty.​​ 

Home libraries confer long-term benefits

Pacific Standard

"Adolescent exposure to books is an integral part of social practices that foster long-term cognitive competencies," writes a research team led by​​ Joanna Sikora​​ of Australian National University.

Higher Ed:

Fresno City College celebrates $1 million state funding for CTE program

Fresno Bee

Fresno City College got a $1 million boost in state funding for its Career and Technical Education program. The college celebrated the funding Tuesday morning in an event with Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula, D-Fresno, who helped secure the funds in the state budget.

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CSUB students, employees provide wish list for next five years

Bakersfield Californian

New and expanded services for veterans and undocumented students are just a few things students would like to see at Cal State Bakersfield in the next few years.





Stop wild horse roundup, potential slaughter, Feinstein says

Fresno Bee

Democratic US Senator Dianne Feinstein called on the US Forest Service to halt a planned wild horse gather in Modoc National Forest in California out of concern that hundreds of horses could be sold for slaughter.

Climate change effects could be 'irreversible' without drastic action: Scientists


Scientists with the United Nations issued an alarming report on Monday, warning that global temperatures could reach an irreversible tipping point as soon as 2030.

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OPINION: Our planet is in crisis. We don’t have time for Trump’s foolishness.

The Washington Post

Trump, who has ignorantly called climate change a “hoax,” decided to withdraw the United States from the pact. Even worse, Trump is aggressively trying to increase reliance on coal, which contributes a disproportionate amount of carbon dioxide emissions compared with other fossil fuels.

EDITORIAL: The world is warming faster than we believed. All of us need to find the will to act — now

Los Angeles Times

Are the world’s nations — and the​​ world’s people​​ — willing to take the necessary steps? Or are we content to imperil the habitability of Earth for the sake of selfishness and near-term economic growth? We have been warned, and warned again, about the dangers we face from our own activities. Now we need to take the crucial steps to address them.


Trump to announce plans to expand ethanol use at Iowa campaign rally


President Donald Trump is expected to announce that he will ask the Environmental Protection Agency to allow more ethanol to be used year-round ahead of a rally in Iowa.​​ 

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Exxon Puts Up $1 Million to Promote Carbon Tax

The Wall Street Journal

The U.S.’s largest energy producer will commit $1 million over two years to promote a national tax on carbon as a way to address the environmental issue.​​ 



Report On Substance Abuse Finds Alcohol Abuse Is The Most Common


As concerning and dangerous as opioids are, we shouldn’t forget about another addictive substance that’s long been known to disrupt lives: Alcohol.

Health Department finds surprising appetite for nutrition and fitness program in Buttonwillow

Bakersfield Californian

The Health Department launched the #KnowYourNumbers pilot program in Buttonwillow in early September. Since it began, the program has seen a surprising amount of success in the small town west of Bakersfield, and the Health Department hopes to expand the pilot to multiple areas of Kern County by early 2019.

Human Services:



‘We don’t know what to do.’ Proposed Trump rule strikes new fear in immigrant communities

Fresno Bee

A Trump administration proposal would make it more difficult for immigrants to become legal residents if they get government assistance like food stamps and housing vouchers has caused fear in Fresno County, CA.

For Next U.S. Census, Cameras in Space Replace Boots on the Ground

The Wall Street Journal

The broader digital overhaul of the 2020 count includes a push to have most Americans respond over the internet instead of mailing back a paper form. And for the first time, a full option to complete the census by telephone will be available.

Deported parents may lose kids to adoption

AP News

Federal officials insist they are reuniting families and will continue to do so. But an Associated Press investigation drawing on hundreds of court documents, immigration records and interviews in the U.S. and Central America identified holes in the system that allow state court judges to grant custody of migrant children to American families — without notifying their parents.


Land Use:

National retail store set to open in Los Banos

Merced Sun-Star

A major retail store is set to open its doors this weekend in Los Banos. The opening marks the first major retailer coming to Los Banos recruited with the help of Texas-based retail strategist Buxton Co., said Community and Economic Development Director Stacy Souza Elms.​​ 

How community captured California in Turlock park’s pool mural design

Modesto Bee

The bright painting along a dozen or so segments of cinder-block wall was designed by California State University, Stanislaus, art department faculty and students, with great input from the community.

Enchanted Playhouse gets temporary reprieve

Visalia Times-Delta

Enchanted Playhouse board member Laurel Barton and city's attorney Leonard Herr say the city has agreed to allow the theater company to remain at the Main Street Theatre until Jan. 31 as long as they pay past-due rent of $12,500 and then $2,000 a month moving forward.​​ 

Work begins on Amazon facility near Meadows Field

Bakersfield Californian

Earthmovers shuttled up and down a large dirt mound across from Meadows Field airport Monday, the latest sign Amazon is moving ahead with a plan to open a distribution center that would employ at least 1,000 people as soon as late 2019.


John Cox has the real estate experience to help California's housing crisis. Too bad he doesn't have any ideas

Los Angeles Times

It’s no surprise that California’s insanely high housing costs were the first topic that gubernatorial candidates Gavin Newsom and John Cox tackled during their one and only​​ debate​​ Monday.

As California struggles to house the homeless, some neighbors say ‘welcome’


On a bright recent morning, Van Thomas was holding forth from his front porch in Central Los Angeles, alongside his mixed-breed dog, Princess.

EDITORIAL: California desperately needs affordable housing. Prop 1 will help build it. Vote yes

Los Angeles Times

Developers argue, persuasively, that without such subsidies, it’s just not economic to build housing units that lower-income Californians can afford.


Turlock considers another labor deal that adds stress to beleaguered city budget

Merced Sun-Star

The Turlock City Council on Tuesday will consider approving a deal with its management employees that calls for them to receive a 4 percent raise and other benefits that will cost the city nearly $258,000 in its current budget year.

Unclaimed Property Search

Office of the California State Controller

There's more than $9 billion in unclaimed property just sitting in a fund run by California. The state requires that banks, insurers, and other companies turn over customers’ property — such as stock dividends, tax refunds, and wages — after three years of account inactivity. To find out if you’re owed money, it’s as easy as a Google search.​​ 

IRS Internal Watchdog Faults Vigilance on Nonprofits' Political Activities

The Wall Street Journal

The report included no allegations of political bias inside the Internal Revenue Service, but the inspector general found IRS officials aren't sending enough allegations of impermissible political activity—such as involvement in a partisan campaign—to the​​ Political Activities Referral Committee​​ of managers responsible for deciding whether to pursue enforcement.


"Ballot correction" campaign mailer spurs debate between Proposition 6 opponents​​ 


Election Day is in less than one month and one proposition campaign recently sparked backlash from its opposed after sending out 2 million mailers to provide the "correct title" of Proposition 6.

Denham and top D.C. official talk roads and bridges

Modesto Bee

Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock, brought U.S. Transportation Under Secretary Derek Kan to town Tuesday to talk with local leaders in a hastily called meeting and to tour several project sites on a bus provided by Stanislaus County.

RTD adds new option for Tracy, Mountain House residents

Stockton Record

Residents of Tracy and Mountain House will soon have another transporation option. The San Joaquin Regional Transit District announced Monday the launch of Hopper Route 99, which will provide bus service for San Joaquin County’s far west communities, starting Oct. 29.

Tax Break for Electric Vehicles in the Crosshairs

Roll Call

The chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee unveiled legislation Tuesday to end the $7,500 tax incentive for electric vehicles.


Dear Felicia: Your plan will hurt mountain counties, too

Modesto Bee

We all recognize the water board is faced with tough and complex decisions. However, the imposition of minimum in-stream flows done in the name of protecting fish should not be done at the expense of people’s right to reliable water supplies.​​ 

Fresno State Symposium To Address Concerning Arsenic Levels in Groundwater


Water leaders from across the state will be gathering at Fresno State​​ for a symposium to discuss the problem of arsenic in groundwater and workshop solutions to it​​ on Thursday, October 11.

New Laws on Drought, Forests, and Safe Drinking Water


The governor also signed more than a dozen other bills related to water, in areas such as sewer system consolidation, on-site treatment regulations and rules for the reuse of non-potable water, and the establishment of an office within the State Water Board to help address water-rights matters.


From sushi to souvenirs, here are the 3 freshest new businesses to open in Fresno


Looking to check out the newest restaurant and retail additions to Fresno? From a Japanese spot to a Mexican bakery, read on for a rundown of the newest businesses to open near you.​​ 

Iconic train to soon have new Valley home


Although this is the end of the Wawona Express, the train will soon be pulling into another station at Storyland & Playland.

Italian art museums unveil new exhibits

Bakersfield Californian

"Pollock and the school of NY" in Rome's Vittoriano museum opens to the public on Wednesday runs through Feb. 24, 2019

Central Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum

Lyles Center for innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Forum will take place on Thursday November 1st, 2018, at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District. Join us to see leading innovators, investment-ready entrepreneurs, or a technology in need of a problem to solve at the second annual Forum.​​ 

Sheriff’s Pink Patch Project for cancer awareness

Hanford Sentinel

The Kings County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post is selling pink Kings County Sheriff's Office shoulder patches during the month of October for its cancer awareness campaign.

Dracula will swoop down for Halloween appearance in Modesto, for two nights only

Modesto Bee

Central West Ballet will sink its fangs into this year’s Halloween-themed presentation. “Dracula,” a new production created by artistic director Rene Daveluy, premieres Oct. 19 and 20 at the Gallo Center for the Arts.