November 5, 2018






APPLY TODAY!  Maddy Institute Legislative Intern Scholar Program Valley/Washington D.C./Sacramento

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The Maddy Institute

The Maddy Scholar Intern Program’s goal is to prepare the next generation of political, governmental, business, non-profit leaders for the San Joaquin Valley through internship opportunities in local, state and federal government offices in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and throughout the region.


Early Voting

California Secretary of State

Any registered voter can go to a county elections office in person to request and receive a vote-by-mail ballot. Vote-by-mail ballots will be available through Election Day.

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Know your voter rights before Election Day


California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla held a joint press conference to remind voters of their rights.

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      Our right to vote Brookings


Early returns offer glimpse into Nunes, Costa, Valadao election results

Fresno Bee

More than 100,000 absentee ballots have been cast in the central San Joaquin Valley’s three congressional districts as of Friday, giving an early glimpse into what’s expected to be the most competitive batch of races the area has seen in years.


Cake delivers positive dose of hostility at packed Janz concert

Fresno Bee

Rock band Cake played a benefit concert for Democrat Andrew Janz at Crest Theater in Fresno, CA, Friday night, and encouraged the audience to embrace its political frustrations by voting out Devin Nunes.


In joint rally in Modesto, Cox and Denham decry opponents’ “Bay Area values”

Modesto Bee

Republican candidate for California governor John Cox rolled his tour bus into Modesto for a campaign stop Sunday. He was met there by U.S. Rep Jeff Denham, R-Turlock, who’s defending his 10th Congressional District seat.

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Senior home owner calls out Valadao for attacking her business, but did he lie?

Fresno Bee

The majority owner of a Fresno senior living facility specializing in Alzheimer’s care has released a video statement challenging Rep. David Valadao’s characterization of her business in advertisements and public statements targeting her business partner and Valadao challenger TJ Cox.


More than one-third of Fresno County’s voters are under 35. But are they voting?

Fresno Bee

Fresno County has one of the highest rates of registration for voters under 25 in California: 14.1 percent of all registered voters are under 25, putting the county above the statewide average of 12 percent and sixth among all 58 counties in California.

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Did top Fresno city staffer use city email to help political campaigns?

Fresno Bee

Tim Orman, the chief of staff for Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, sent at least one campaign-related email from his city account, raising questions whether he abused public resources. One political science professor said the email is definitely a problem.


Fresno church removed as polling place after complaints about Black Lives Matter banners

Fresno Bee

Because of Black Lives Matter banners, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno, California, will not be a polling place on Election Day on November 6. Reverend says he was told decision was based on the “threat of escalation.”

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A small Jewish congregation in Central Valley comes to grips with mass shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

Los Angeles Times

With only 65 members, Congregation B’Nai David is so small that it doesn’t have a full-time rabbi.

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With only 2 days until the election, these 7 stories will help you sort through last-minute campaigning

Hanford Sentinel

These seven stories make sense of what's happening in national politics today, and provide the background you need to make an informed choice.

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     What you need to know: A procrastinators guide to voting in Stanislaus County Modesto Bee

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Livengood aims to unify polarized constituency

Stockton Record

Marla Livengood is confident she will win election to the United States’ 9th Congressional District seat next week, and when she does, she wants to unify both sides of the political spectrum.


Will Latinos in racially polarized Kern County finally get the representation they deserve?

Los Angeles Times

Vallejo is running against incumbent Supervisor David Couch, a financial advisor, whose previous district would probably have led him to a comfortable reelection. Instead, because of the new map, 68% of the citizen-voting-age population of this new district, the 4th, has Latino surnames.


Kings County Superior Court swears in new judge

Fresno Bee

Randy L. Edwards, 65, of Hanford, was sworn in Friday as the newest judge of the Kings County Superior Court, the court staff said Friday.


New city manager is chosen

Madera Tribune

The Madera City Council will consider a contract for Madera’s next city manager at the next council meeting, Wednesday, Nov. 7. He is a Madera native, Arnoldo Rodriguez, who has been Development Services Department director for the City of Yuba City.


Councils to meet Tuesday

Hanford Sentinel

As some Council members anxiously await the results of the midterm election Tuesday evening, they must first complete their elected duties on the dais.




California voter registration hits all-time high ahead of midterm elections


The number of California registered voters is the highest it's been with more than 19 million people. Fresno County is home to roughly 456,000 of them.

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      As of this past weekend, more than 3.6 million Golden State voters had turned in their absentee ballots John Myers

      Early Voting Tallies Continue to Break Records The Wall Street Journal


The California Dream Takes Center Stage In Governor’s Race


Behind the pledges from Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican businessman John Cox to restore the California Dream, is an acknowledgement that the state’s long-treasured promise of homeownership and economic mobility is in danger. 

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California has 11 ballot measures to consider. These short videos will help you decide

Fresno Bee

Voting has started for the Nov. 6 election, and Californians face a long list of candidates for state and local offices — and 11 ballot measures on issues ranging from rent control to farm animals to daylight saving time.

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     Schools, cities and counties will ask California voters to OK taxes and borrowing totaling $20 billion Los Angeles Times

     California Voters May Force Meat And Egg Producers Across The Country To Go Cage-Free NPR


Conservatives and counter-protesters keep it mostly peaceful at Capitol rally

Sacramento Bee

While the location of the event recalled the violent neo-Nazi demonstration that occurred in front of the Capitol in 2016, the rally remained largely peaceful.

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These 5 California House races could determine the future of Congress

Modesto Bee

Many of the Republicans are embracing Trump. Democrats, meanwhile, are largely campaigning against Trump. These are five congressional races to watch.

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Where Sen. Dianne Feinstein and state Sen. Kevin de Leon stand on the issues

Los Angeles Times

Early voting begins this week, and Californians will again choose between two Democrats to represent them in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is seeking a fifth full term in the Senate. State Sen. Kevin de León is challenging her from the left.

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Single Race May Tip Power Balance In California Legislature

Capital Public Radio

Whether Democrats win a veto-proof supermajority in both chambers of the California Legislature will likely come down to a sprawling state Senate district west of Fresno that looks on paper like it should be a lock for the party.


How will this year's election play out? Here's what insiders say


It’s going to be robust night for Democrats, with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom winning the governor’s race by 11 percent or more.

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To measure the real base of California's Republican support, look no further than Trump's approval numbers

Los Angeles Times

John Myers

From all corners of the California political world — Democrats and Republicans, campaign consultants and researchers — a hearty thanks may be in order to President Trump. Just a day away from a decisive election, the polarizing chief executive has provided a simple shorthand for measuring GOP relevance in the Golden State.

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The polls tell us something but not everything

Washington Post

We don't know it all.

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Walters: State-county conflict could flare up again soon


When California became the 31st state in 1850, the Legislature quickly created 27 counties to provide basic local services, such as roads, sheriffs and courts, to a sparse, mostly rural population.


In a tumultuous election year, California sees a flood of complaints about alleged campaign law violations

Los Angeles Times

The state Fair Political Practices Commission reported 2,252 cases of alleged campaign law and ethics violations in 2018, including complaints from the public, referrals from other agencies and investigations by its staff.


EDITORIAL: The Bee recommends a mix of incumbents, newcomers

Modesto Bee

Newspapers have been endorsing candidates for office since their inception in colonial America when they were the only form of mass media. Times have changed, but newspapers continue to make endorsements in an effort to to help readers put candidate positions and ballot proposals into perspective – not to “tell” people how to vote.

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EDITORIAL: Gavin Newsom has the right vision for California. The Bee recommends him for governor

Fresno Bee

Gavin Newsom has the experience and substance to be California’s next governor. The Fresno Bee recommends him to voters.

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      Gavin Newsom pushes big-budget early childhood education agenda in closing days of campaign Los Angeles Times

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EDITORIAL: Our recommendations for the California Supreme Court and Second District Court of Appeal elections: Just say 'yes'

Los Angeles Times

As the nation grapples with the drama surrounding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, California is preparing to quietly​​ confirm not one but two state Supreme Court justices and dozens of justices of the Court of Appeal.




With Democrats well-positioned to take the House, Republicans scurry to save the Senate

Los Angeles Times

The most optimistic GOP scenarios have the party hanging on to its House majority by a whisper-thin margin. But in the battle for the Senate, it's Democrats who are on the defensive.

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Democrats Say Republicans Are Stealing the Midterms. Are They Right?


The midterms will help determine whether Republicans pay any price for pushing these envelopes, which will help determine whether the envelope-pushing continues.

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A Test of Trump: Midterms Could Result in a Mixed Verdict

The Wall Street Journal

Tuesday’s midterm elections, widely viewed as a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency, have party strategists preparing for a split decision, with polls indicating Democrats on track to gain a House majority while Republicans keep control of the Senate.

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President Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days

Washington Post

If President Trump’s torrent of words has seemed overwhelming of late, there’s a good reason for that.

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‘Fired Up’ Voters in 22 States Are Outpacing 2014 Early Ballot Counts

The New York Times

In 22 states and Washington, D.C., early voting has gone beyond levels of the last midterms and in some cases is nearing the total turnout seen four years ago.

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Not voting has consequences. Queer and transgender people in Trump’s America know this all too well

Sacramento Bee

For months, the Trump administration has been rolling back hard-fought civil rights protections granted under the Obama administration, from trying to stop transgender people, in particular, from serving in the military to ending policies that recognize gender identity in health care, schools, prisons and homeless shelters.


Renters Could Be an Emerging Swing Vote This Election

The Wall Street Journal

“Analysis shows that renters do have significant potential to swing elections and have a distinct set of needs,” said Christopher Salviati, housing economist at Apartment List. “Thinking about them as a distinct voting coalition is increasing.”

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      In a highly partisan era, those who dislike both sides could have the deciding votes Los Angeles Times


VIDEO:  How ballot initiatives will impact voter turnout in the 2018 midterms


Whether it’s a constitutional amendment on gay marriage or a measure to legalize marijuana, ballot initiatives can be a powerful tool for getting voters to the polls. John Hudak explains how both parties are using this tactic and others to expand—and restrict—voter turnout.


A voter’s guide to election security

Stockton Record

Voters have a critical role in the fight to keep elections safe and accessible. Here’s what you need to know.

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      What You Need to Know Before Tuesday The New York Times

      U.S. Girds for Possible Russian Meddling on Election Day The Wall Street Journal


EDITORIAL: Midterms offer chance to defend democracy

San Francisco Chronicle

As misleading as all Trump’s maneuvers have been, they accurately depict the government that Americans can effectively ratify or reject on Tuesday. Give Trump credit for letting the voters know what they’re about to vote for or against: deception, division and disdain for the rule of law.


OPINION: We have no excuses now. Our eyes are wide open.

The Washington Post

Now, all Americans have seen the results with their own eyes: Trump defended neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville. He oversaw a policy separating young children from their parents and warehoused the kids at the border, including some who have yet to be reunited.

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      The 2016 election showed that a candidate could win by stoking racism. Will Republicans who use that strategy find victory in 2018? The Washington Post




Supreme Court refuses to delay case alleging an improper political motive in decision to add citizenship question to census

The Washington Post

The Supreme Court refused Friday to delay an upcoming trial in which a number of states and civil rights organizations allege there was an improper political motive in Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

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      Supreme Court allows census trial to go forward Sacramento Bee


What campaign finance filings can tell us about the coming election


On October 15, House and Senate candidates filed their final reports on fundraising. Michael Malbin explains what they reveal—and don’t—about the potentially historic nature of this election. 

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      Political Reality: Buy Ads on Facebook or Risk Losing the Election The Wall Street Journal


Goodbye, iconic 1707 Eye, hello new chapter in local journalism

Bakersfield Californian

The Bakersfield Californian is about to complete its long-discussed move from 1707 Eye St., 93301, about 200 yards from the Padre Hotel bar, to 3700 Pegasus Drive, 93308, about 400 yards from the tip of the westernmost runway of the Meadows Field airport.


Where is Bill Clinton's #MeToo reckoning?
Los Angeles Times

The eminence grise in question is, of course, former President Bill Clinton. And you might say he is on a roll, except for one nagging concern: He faces several credible allegations of sexual assault.





'Red ink' year for citrus farmers who could be shut out from sending fruit to China

Visalia Times-Delta

Small-size fruit, retaliatory tariffs from China and more foreign competition add up to a squeeze play on Tulare County citrus growers this season. And, orange picking is just getting underway.


Southern California investment group sets sights on Kern County with Measure K

Bakersfield Californian

The efforts to pass the marijuana ballot initiative, Measure K, have largely stemmed from a single Southern California company, Industrial Partners Group.


Reinventing food retail

Bakersfield Californian

Americans have fallen hard for fancy food halls in recent years. The modern-day food hall, while quite unique, is a convergence of these two classics: a food court and old public market.


Veterans Who Want To Be Farmers In Northern California Get Support From VA

Capital Public Radio

Veterans who want to work in agriculture need training and experience. A recent step by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs could make it easier for vets to take part in a farmer apprenticeship program based in Winters.


Farmers are losing money thanks to Trump — but they still support him


There’s a disconnect between the negative effect of Trump’s policies on his voters in farm country and their unwavering support for him. That could limit the size of the Democratic majority widely expected to take control of the House next year and give Trump cover to prolong his aggressive moves against U.S. trading partners.


Agribusiness Management Conference

Fresno State Campus News

Agricultural Council of California president Emily Rooney is among eight expert presenters who will speak at the 37th annual Agribusiness Management Conference from 8 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 8, at the DoubleTree Hotel and Conference Center in Fresno (2233 Ventura St.).


Company claims marijuana dispensary too close to a school


A company claims one of the pot dispensaries picked to open in Merced is too close to a school. The site in question is part of the Merced County Office of Education. This means it could be a very long time until Merced sees a fourth dispensary.






Local bail bondsman and independent newsman fights back against DA's gag order

Bakersfield Californian

Local bail bondsman and online news producer TJ Esposito is fighting back against what he sees are the unfair constraints of a gag order issued by a Kern County judge at the request of the Kern County District Attorney.


Public Safety:


Book of Dreams: 10 tries to escape abusive relationship. One Modesto agency’s help

Modesto Bee

The Modesto Bee and the Stanislaus Community Foundation are partnering in this year’s A Book of Dreams, a fundraising effort to help raise money for organizations that help the needy and homeless in the northern San Joaquin Valley.


Recent conviction of stoned driver shows potentially deadly consequences of driving after smoking marijuana

Bakersfield Californian

While alcohol-related DUIs remain far more common, this past week a case involving a motorist prosecutors say was solely under the influence of marijuana provided a stark example of the danger of driving while stoned.


Democrats make an aggressive gun-control play in final Election Day push

Sacramento Bee

In this final stretch to Election Day, something odd is happening: Democrats are aggressively arguing for stronger gun controls, even in battleground districts.




Wildfire Risk A Key Issue In California Insurance Commissioner Race

Capital Public Radio

Voters have the opportunity to elect a new insurance commissioner in the upcoming election. The position has broad implications because of the amplified risk of wildfires from warming temperatures.






California Trade Report for September 2018

California Center for Jobs & The Economy

Total US goods trade (exports and imports) through California ports edged down to 18.18% (12 month moving average; down from 18.22% in Aug 2018 and 18.53% in Sep 2017).


California Investors Fear Return to Deficits as Governor Jerry Brown Departs


The fiscal contrast between California Governor Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom, the frontrunner to replace him, may best be shown through a decades-old program to fight blight.


Too few enjoy the fruits of California's economic boom


In California, we like to think big and then act. As the fifth-largest economy in the world, we act like a country more than a state.


Opinion: Looming Labor Shortage Could Slow California’s Booming Economy

Times Of San Diego

The state’s unemployment rate, which topped 12 percent during the Great Recession a decade ago, declined to a record low 4.1 percent in September as employment rolls continued to expand, up 339,600 workers over the previous year.


Deep in the weeds: A tale of two poverty measures


When measured correctly, it becomes clear the US is faring better in the War on Poverty than many people think.


Factory-Sector Growth Retreated in October. Tariffs Could Be to Blame.

The Wall Street Journal

The ISM’s manufacturing index fell to 57.7 from 59.8 in the previous month.


Worker-Productivity Gains Coming Up Short in Stronger Economy

The Wall Street Journal

Output per hour for workers in nonfarm businesses rose 1.3% in the third quarter from a year earlier, marking the 32nd straight quarter of yearly growth below 2%


Predicting the Next Bear Market in Six Charts

The Wall Street Journal

While there is no single indicator that can predict market turns on its own, here are six things analysts and investors are watching to see if the next bear market, typically defined as a 20% decline from a recent peak, is around the corner.


From Farms to Pharma, What the Midterms Mean for Business

The Wall Street Journal

The Republican-held Congress has been largely supportive of the Trump administration’s policies, helping the president secure a big corporate tax cut and pursue deregulation. But Democratic control of one or both chambers could blunt the White House’s agenda.


President Trump boasts he's turned around American industry. With the election at hand, here are the facts
Los Angeles Times

President Trump prefers sweeping superlatives when he talks about his record on the economy. The Republican tax law has “the biggest tax cuts and reform in American history” (they’re not).




County employees, claiming high turnover, are set to strike next week

Modesto Bee

Hundreds of social services employees who work for Stanislaus County are set to strike Monday, their union said.


One Million Workers: Looking into the future of California’s skilled workforce

California Economic Summit

The California Economic Summit’s challenge to train one million more skilled workers is a reflection that the Golden State’s workforce needs to be better prepared for the jobs in our fast changing 21st-century economy.


Governor Brown signs AB 1654 Exempting Union Contractors from PAGA

Effective January 1, 2019, construction workers covered by certain collective bargaining​​ 
agreements (“CBA”) will be exempt from the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004, commonly referred to as PAGA.


Just How Good Is the October Job Market? Here’s How It Compares

The Wall Street Journal

Wage growth climbed 3.1% from a year ago, topping 3% for the first time since the recession.

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      Low-Income Workers See Long-Awaited Wage Gains The Wall Street Journal

      Wages Rise at Fastest Rate in Nearly a Decade as Hiring Jumps The Wall Street Journal






An exercise in humiliation — or discipline? New facts emerge in child’s forced pushups case

Fresno Bee

A Fresno teacher accused of humiliating a fourth-grade student testified this week in a civil trial that she didn’t know a colleague was making students do pushups and other calisthenics in his classroom as a form of punishment.


The Year of the School: A Madera Tribune editorial project

Madera Tribune

How is Madera Unified going to continue to house its ever-growing student population? Where will the children go when their numbers outstrip the district’s ability to house them? To ask these questions is to lift the veil on MUSD’s most pressing problem — What is Madera Unified doing to meet its imminent classroom crisis?


KCSOS working to help prospective teachers get their credentials

Bakersfield Californian

Kern County residents interested in becoming teachers will be able to get some advice on how to do just that on Wednesday.


Data Exclusive: With California School Bonds, The Rich Get Richer And The Poor, Not So Much

Capital Public Radio

Schools in California’s wealthier communities have been reaping far more local bond money than poorer districts over the past two decades, a CALmatters analysis has found.


Higher Ed:


WHCL paramedic program awarded accreditation

Hanford Sentinel

The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) has awarded initial accreditation to the West Hills College Lemoore Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic Program.


Bakersfield College may temporarily close southwest center in 2020

Bakersfield Californian

Bakersfield College's southwest center could be forced to temporarily close in January 2020, leaving several thousand students shut out of classes, if immediate action isn't taken to approve a new location, college officials said


California’s next governor will have a historic opportunity to address the massive educational


California’s next governor will have a historic opportunity to address the massive educational equity gap threatening the state’s future prosperity. What’s needed to unlock the full potential of all our children is a new, broadly supported “Master Plan” for investing the riches of the world’s fifth largest economy at every level of public education.






Air district calls first no-burn day on Saturday

Bakersfield Californian

The mandatory curtailment prohibits burning at any time of the day and prohibits the use of unregistered wood-burning devices because of poor air quality.

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      First fireplace prohibition of the season for Tulare & Kern Counties San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District


Supreme Court refuses to block young people’s climate lawsuit against U.S. government

The Washington Post

The Supreme Court on Friday night refused to halt a novel lawsuit filed by young Americans that attempts to force the federal government to take action on climate change, turning down a request from the Trump administration to stop it before trial.


On climate change, Trump disavows his own scientists, government


When “Axios on HBO” interviewed President Trump last week, one goal was to get him to reckon with his own government’s scientific findings, which unequivocally state that global warming is nearly entirely caused by humans. We thought it might be harder to dismiss the science if we showed him his own administration's most comprehensive report.


My turn: How to meet the new climate change challenge


Transportation is responsible for 50 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and 80 percent of smog-forming pollutants. To tackle this challenge, we must rapidly accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.




California Continues Its Fall From The Top Ranks Of Oil-producing States, New Data Shows

The Daily Caller

California’s once high rank among oil-producing states continues to slip as Colorado’s output surges past the Golden State, according to the latest Energy Department data.


'Colossal collapse' in gas prices expected heading into midterm elections

USA Today

Gas prices are expected to plunge sharply in the final days leading up to the midterm elections, potentially nearing $2 a gallon at some stations in low-tax states.






Still too many babies born too soon for Fresno County to celebrate this report card

Fresno Bee

The March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card states the Fresno County preterm birth rate has decreased from 10.1 percent in 2017 to 9.2 percent in 2018, placing it second, behind Kern County, in California.


Bleak lot bursting with promise

Stockton Record

A bleak and long-vacant lot in southeast Stockton was buzzing with activity Saturday during STAND Affordable Housing’s first Health and Harvest Festival.


My turn: Why we must require the HPV cancer vaccine


California’s completed HPV cancer vaccination level has remained stagnant, changing from 46 percent to only 53 percent in the past five years. Too many Californians are left unprotected from HPV-related cancers. To achieve the same success as Virginia, D.C., and Rhode Island, California should require that the HPV vaccination become a school entry requirement, and it has the power to do so.


Human Services:


Another conflict brewing over work disability costs


A 2012 “reform” overseen by Gov. Jerry Brown reduced employers’ costs of compensating workers for job-related disabilities, However, those costs are still very high relative to those in other states, and another round in the perpetual political war over the system will face Brown’s successor, almost certainly Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.


Republicans Say They Will Protect Pre-existing Conditions. Their Records Say Something Else.

The New York Times

This is particularly true of the President.

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Migrant caravan sets sight on getting to Mexico City

Sacramento Bee

Thousands of bone-tired Central Americans set their sights on Mexico City on Sunday after making a grueling journey through a part of Mexico that has been particularly treacherous for migrants seeking to get to the United States.

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Some veterans say Trump is politicizing the military by sending troops to the border days before midterm election

Los Angeles Times

“The idea that a group of poor people from Central America, most of whom are women and children, pose some kind of threat to the national security of the United States is ridiculous,” Lapan said in an interview. “It’s a misuse of active duty forces.”

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Latinos are poised to play a pivotal role in key midterm races – whether they vote or not
Los Angeles Times

Latinos who want to strike a political blow against Republicans have plenty of incentive. The president has put Latinos in a harsh spotlight, from stoking fears about a migrant caravan traveling from Central America to tweeting about crimes committed by immigrants in the country illegally.


Cop Killer In Trump Video Returned To U.S. During The Bush Administration

Yahoo News

The new video blames Democrats for letting Bracamontes into the U.S. and allowing the undocumented immigrant to stay in the country. But Bracamontes was first deported during the Clinton administration and later slipped back into the U.S. during the George W. Bush administration,


Fact-checking immigration claim in California Insurance Commissioner race

PolitiFact California

Democratic State Sen. Ricardo Lara, who is running for California Insurance Commissioner, showcased his opponent’s past stance on immigration in recent full-page newspaper ads in Sacramento and the Central Valley.


Fact Check: Trump says illegal immigration costs $113 billion a year


In his speech in Arizona, Donald Trump outlined all the ways he plans to address illegal immigration if elected to the White House. The United States has to act, he said Aug. 31, because illegal immigration comes at a steep cost.


EDITORIAL: President Trump is wrong: Immigration makes us a greater nation
Los Angeles Times

As election day nears, the noise out of the White House on immigration has been deafening, a torrent of lies and assertions designed to reinforce the misperception that immigrants —​​ including, but not only, those who come to the country illegally — are a danger, an invading force that must be stopped.

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Land Use:


Tulare County bucks national home-buying trends: Schools remain most important

Visalia Times Delta

Super-low inventory and rising prices framed this year's housing market. But a closer look at the buyers and sellers reveals other trends.


Central Valley towns not millennial friendly, study says

The Business Journal

Along with getting married, having children and owning a home, Fresno is joining the list of things supposedly not popular with millennials.


Sears closing at Valley Plaza has collateral damage

Bakersfield Californian

Is it the beginning of the end for Valley Plaza mall? Last month Sears filed for bankruptcy and announced it would be shuttering yet more stores nationwide in its latest round of closings. Among them is Sears at Valley Plaza, leaving a huge two-story void at the aging shopping center.




Tiny houses are a big attraction for the "Fresno Home Show" this weekend


A new trend is sweeping the nation when it comes to housing, tiny houses are a new option for people looking to downsize. "What that means living small, living simple and living more affordable," said Nick Mosley, co-owner of California Tiny House.


Kings/Tulare Homeless Alliance launches fund aimed at reducing homelessness

Hanford Sentinel

The Kings/Tulare Homeless Alliance, with the support of community partners, has put together a fund for landlords in Kings and Tulare counties who rent homes or apartments to people experiencing homelessness.


Who’s buying homes in a tough housing market?

Visalia Times-Delta

Super-low inventory and quickly rising prices largely framed this year’s housing market. But a closer look at 2018’s buyers and sellers reveals other intriguing real estate trends, captured by a new report from the National Association of Realtors.


Why Is California’s Rent Control Initiative Tanking So Badly?

Capital Public Radio

Proposition 10, a California initiative to allow more rent control, appears to be failing overwhelmingly, and its sponsors are already talking about trying again in 2020.

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Why housing costs so much in California and why it may only get worse

Biz Journal

California leads the nation in many categories from population to venture capital funding. Add lack of housing supply to the list.

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Gov. Jerry Brown bashes gas tax repeal in rare campaign stop

Fresno Bee

California Gov. Jerry Brown made a rare appearance on the 2018 campaign trail Friday, joining a final push against an effort to roll back a gas tax hike he championed to pay for highway repairs, an important component of his legacy as he prepares to leave office.


Stockton City Council to weigh pay raises for members at Tuesday’s meeting

Stockton Record

The Stockton City Council will revisit a proposal to give each member a more than $10,000 pay raise Tuesday. If approved, all six members of the council — excluding Mayor Michael Tubbs — will see their annual salaries increase from $16,529 to $26,694 with no benefits.


More than 100 local governments seek tax hikes to meet rising pension bills


Nine months after a League of California Cities report warned that pension costs were increasingly unsustainable, more than 100 local governments in the Golden State are asking voters for tax hikes on Nov. 6 – which Bond Buyer says is nearly double the record of 56 set in November 2016.


State-run retirement savings plan ready to launch


It’s been a while since the state rolled out a new mult-billion program that could touch the lives of 7.5 million Californians, not to mention one intended to be self-supporting with no money from taxpayers.

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How this electric vehicle ride-share program is helping people in one small town

Fresno Bee

Reyes Barboza Jr., director of operations for Green Raiteros, talks about the electric vehicle ride-share program in the Fresno County city of Huron, which has two electric vehicles that it uses to give people rides to and from other Valley cities.

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New set of Highway 269 bridges will protect town of Huron from flooding


CalTrans had a groundbreaking ceremony for a set of new bridges on Highway 269. The $30 million project will elevate the highway 15 feet higher from its current position to prevent flooding.


New airline offers flights in and around California


Mineta San Jose International Airport has been expanding this year and this week, it welcomes a brand new airline. It's specializing in flights in and around California.


How horses and e-bikes help William Shatner stay fit and creative at 87

Los Angeles Times

Five years ago, backed by a full band, William Shatner enthralled a standing-room-only crowd at the Coach House nightclub in San Juan Capistrano with his unique “spoken word” stylings — dramatic readings of everything from “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” to the Book of Genesis — that he’s been doing since the 1960s.


EDITORIAL: No-confidence vote for DMV

San Francisco Chronicle

California’s recent history of easing democratic participation could be a rebuke to politically motivated voter suppression in other states. Unfortunately, a key initiative to expand voter registration has been carried out so carelessly as to discredit such efforts and embolden those who would restrict participation.




Time’s up. We’ll see if Water Board passes the test on our rivers

Modesto Bee

It appears entirely likely the five-member water board will vote on Phase 1 of the Delta water quality plan – the part that doubles flows from the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers.

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Survey finds voters support water bond proposition

Fresno State News

According to a new survey of the San Joaquin Valley conducted by the Institute for Leadership and Public Policy at Fresno State, in cooperation with the California Water Institute at Fresno State and the Friant Water Authority, 64 percent of likely voters would vote yes on Proposition 3, the Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018, a statewide measure that would fund a number of water resources management projects throughout the state.


San Francisco leaders hate Trump enough they voted to limit the city’s water rather than do this

Sacramento Bee

For months, San Francisco, a hotbed of anti-Donald Trump sentiment, has found itself in the awkward position of being aligned with his administration over California water policy.




It was a great day for running at the Two Cities Marathon and Half

Fresno Bee

The weather was perfect for the annual Two Cities Marathon and Half bringing in runners from all over to cross routes through either Fresno or Clovis and back to Woodward Park on Sunday.


Fresno State climbs national rankings after big win. Here’s where they’re ranked

Fresno Bee

A day after blowing away UNLV, the Fresno State Bulldogs moved up as high as No. 16 in the national rankings. The Bulldogs (8-1 overall, 5-0 Mountain West), climbed four spots to No. 16 in the AP poll and moved six spots to No. 17 in the Coaches poll.

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New bakery packs a punch into small downtown Fresno space

Fresno Bee

Cookies N Things bakery is located in a small space between La Maison Kabob and Chelita’s Taqueria on Fulton Street in downtown Fresno, CA. Its menu will feature baked goods as well as vegan items.


"The Poetry of Jazz" wins No. 3 Jazz Album of the Year in readers' poll

Fresno State Campus News

What started as a jazz project between two Fresno State colleagues has earned the respect of Downbeat Magazine readers who rank “The Poetry of Jazz” the No. 3 Jazz Album of the Year in the 2018 Readers Poll. The poll results appeared in the December 2018 issue and praised the performance of Pulitzer-winning poet laureate and former Fresno State professor Philip Levine and Fresno State professor of music Dr. Benjamin Boone.


Honoring Madera County’s 125th birthday

Madera Tribune

Although the celebration of Madera County’s 125th birthday wound up in a cemetery Tuesday, it was anything but dead. Hosted by the Madera Cemetery District, the Board of Supervisors, a talented assembly of students and teachers from Madera South High School gathered in Arbor Vitae Cemetery to pay tribute to the county’s Quasquicentennial and the man who was the prime mover in creating it, Henry Clay Daulton.


Food truck fanatics should rejoice, dedicated court coming to downtown Modesto

Modesto Bee

The food truck craze shows no signs of slowing down, in fact in Modesto it is about to rev up even more — and become more concentrated.


Enjoying the many good eats downtown

Bakersfield Californian

While the proximity to Cope’s Knotty Pine and its hearty country breakfasts and killer pastrami sandwiches will be a slight comfort, it’s a hard sell to leave what is really the nexus of Bakersfield dining.