November 29, 2018




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North SJ Valley:


Thousands of classes canceled as MJC, Columbia instructors walk off the job

Modesto Bee

Professors refused to teach classes Tuesday at Modesto Junior College and Columbia College, launching a two-day strike to protest what they called unfair labor practices by their employer.

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     Therapy dogs help Sacramento State students cope as finals cap a stressful semester Sacramento Bee


Central SJ Valley:


Judge denies Democrats’ attempt to get voter information in Valadao/Cox race

Fresno Bee

A Fresno County judge ruled against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Wednesday in its attempt to get the names and addresses of provisional voters who had their ballots rejected in California’s 21st Congressional District.

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     Judge denies suit against Fresno Co. clerk which would have forced release of rejected ballot names abc30


Local courts welcome four Latino judges

Vida en el Valle

Profiles of the new judges.


Washington Post reporter in Fresno: ‘Epic fight’ in 2020, and media crucial to democracy

Fresno Bee

The future of President Donald Trump’s White House, Congress, Republican and Democratic parties, and the media was discussed Tuesday night at Fresno State.

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       Political polarization increases after local newspapers close  Journalist Resource


South SJ Valley:


Cox declares victory after adding to lead over Valadao in last contested Congressional race

Fresno Bee

Fresno Democrat TJ Cox increased his lead Wednesday over incumbent David Valadao in their race for California’s 21st Congressional District seat, and while the lead is a slim one at 529 votes it suggests Cox will win the contest when all votes are counted.

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     TJ Cox widens lead over Rep. David Valadao in Dist. 21 race abc30

     Cox now leads Valadao in race for Congress Hanford Sentinel

     TJ Cox declares victory over Valadao Bakersfield Californian

     Democrat Cox Claims Victory Over California GOP Rep. Valadao Capital Public Radio

     TJ Cox beats Republican Rep. David Valadao to give Democrats gain of 40 House seats, seven in California Los Angeles Times

     Why AP had to retract its projection that GOP Rep. David Valadao had beaten Democrat TJ Cox Los Angeles Times

     Dem rout of CA GOP nearly complete: T.J. Cox claims victory over Valadao San Francisco Chronicle

     The Daily 202: Late gains in California vindicate DCCC’s intervention in House primaries Washington Post

     Judge denies Democrats’ attempt to get voter information in Valadao/Cox race  Fresno Bee


Hurtado's victory tells a broader story

Bakersfield Californian

Hurtado didn't just squeeze out some narrow victory. She defeated Vidak by almost 11 percentage points, 55.4 percent to 44.6 percent, doubling her lead, in terms of percentage, in the two weeks since Election Day.


As California Republicans confront a congressional wipeout, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy faces a reckoning

Los Angeles Times

When the House voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Kevin McCarthy trooped with other Republican lawmakers to a splashy Rose Garden celebration, smiling alongside President Trump as they celebrated the moment.


Tulare council approve legal actions against former city attorney

Visalia Times-Delta

Tulare officials are looking to pick a legal fight with the city's former city attorney.  Tulare City Council approved hiring a Visalia-based law firm to go after a former city attorney for failing to collect roughly $300,000 in taxes from the previous owners of a hotel.




Get ready, California: Gavin Newsom is not Jerry Brown, from governing styles to Trump taunts to hairdos

Mercury News

When Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom takes over from Gov. Jerry Brown, he’ll bring a new set of priorities to California’s top job — as well as a very different personality and leadership style.

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     My turn: What Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom can be  CALmatters

     Newsom, California lawmakers head to Mexico to forge ties with new president  Politico


Skelton: Democrats won big in California. Now they've got no excuse to blow it

Los Angeles Times

Even in this bluest of states, the one-party control of California just won by Democrats is phenomenal. The 2018 elections fulfilled a best-scenario dream for the party and became a worst nightmare for Republicans.


Whiter, poorer, Trumpier: the new Republican California


After the shellacking that California Republicans took in this year’s midterm elections, many figures within the more pragmatic wing of the party establishment had hoped that the party would turn away from the divisive politics of President Donald Trump and seek to become a more diverse coalition.

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     Why bother? Many Republicans skipped voting when their option was Dem or Dem CALmatters


California is still counting ballots weeks after Election Day. Here's why.


The slow counting process has been underscored by a series of House races in California carrying on for days past November 6. Now, the only remaining uncalled US House race is in California's 21st Congressional District.


California Democratic leader seeks alcohol treatment amid sexual misconduct investigation

Fresno Bee

California Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman announced on Nov. 28, 2018, that he would seek treatment for health problems and alcohol abuse. He is under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct.

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     Top California Democrat Says He'll Seek Alcohol Treatment Capital Public Radio

     California Democratic chairman accused of sexual comments and unwanted touching Los Angeles Times


Eight More Notable Californians Selected For State's Hall Of Fame

Capital Public Radio

Gov. Jerry Brown and First Lady Anne Gust Brown have chosen eight Californians to induct into the California Hall of Fame, including actor Robert Redford and musician Joan Baez.


2020 Census: Counting the Sacramento Area


PPIC’s interactive census maps are an important tool for Californians working to ensure an accurate census count. Using estimates from the Census Bureau and the Federal Communications Commission, they highlight hard-to-count communities across the state and pinpoint reasons why certain areas may be hard to reach.


Walters: Legislators spared from living in their districts


Equity and logic would seem to dictate that state legislators should live in the districts they represent and thereby share their constituents’ daily experiences.




California’s new House members choose sides in Pelosi test

Fresno Bee

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi faces her first test in a bid to return as Speaker of the House, and most of California’s new Democratic House members are backing her.

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     Pelosi wins nomination for House speaker in closed-door caucus meeting abc30

     Pelosi’s path back to speaker’s gavel is firmly in sight Sacramento Bee

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     Nancy Pelosi clears first hurdle to regaining House speakership Los Angeles Times

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     Five People to Watch in the Democrats’ New Majority The Wall Street Journal

     The Daily 202 Live with House Speaker Paul Ryan Washington Post

     Pelosi Turns to Arm Twisting After Resounding Vote Leaves Her Just Short of Speakership New York Times

     Problem Solvers to Back Pelosi for Speaker After Reaching Agreement on Rules Changes Roll Call


Trump’s Census Citizenship Question Was Put On Trial And Now It Looks Even Shadier

Huffington Post

Even if the question ultimately winds up on the census, a federal lawsuit showed just how determined the administration was to get it on the survey.


Fact-checking President Trump’s interview with The Washington Post

Washington Post

Here's a guide to nine false or misleading statements made by the president in his interview with The Washington Post.

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       Trump slams Fed chair, questions climate change and threatens to cancel Putin meeting in wide-ranging interview with The Post  Washington Post

       President Trump’s full Washington Post interview transcript, annotated  Washington Post.


New Trump administration guidelines would undermine central rules of Affordable Care Act, allow states to redefine use of subsidies

Wasthington Post

According to new advice issued by Trump administration health officials, states would be free to redefine the use of ACA subsidies, which have provided the first help the government has ever offered consumers to afford monthly insurance premiums.


Trump Ridicules Republicans

Wall Street Journal

The president could pay a price for kicking the defeated members of his own party.


House Democrats Release 2019 Legislative Schedule

Roll Call

The schedule includes 130 days in session over 33 weeks and was tailored to accommodate the influx of young families joining the House next year.

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       Opinion: Stopping the Socialist Resurgence Wall Street Journal


Inside the 2020 presidential race: What to expect from Trump and the Democrats

Modesto Bee

No one in their right — or left — mind would try to predict the 2020 presidential election 101 weeks out.

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     52% of Americans would feel "very comfortable" with a female president AXIOS




Be It Disparaging or Offensive, Speech is Speech and It’s Protected

Public CEO

A recent decision from the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals offers a key reminder for public agencies: Even within a nonpublic forum, an individual’s and/or community’s Constitutionally protected freedom of speech cannot be infringed solely based upon the disparaging or offensive nature of the speech.





Lettuce rejoice romaine is available once again, just pay attention to where it was grown

Fresno Bee

A week ago after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned consumers to stay away from romaine lettuce after an outbreak of E. coli, the leafy vegetable is on its way back to grocery stories.

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     CDC advises consumers to check harvesting labels on romaine lettuce Fresno Bee

     Romaine lettuce production continues, but local growers still frustrated at CDC advisory's damage to business abc30

     Some Romaine Is OK To Eat, But Beware California, CDC Says VPR


USDA threatens action on Cargill slaughter operation

The Business Journal

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling for criminal charges to be filed against the operators and some employees of a Fresno beef slaughterhouse for inhumane treatment of livestock.


Congress Close to Overcoming Split on Farm Bill

The Wall Street Journal

House and Senate reach tentative compromise on measure that could cost nearly $900 billion






Bakersfield homicides at 28 so far this year, tracking below last year's high

Bakersfield Californian

In a category where less is better, it does not appear Bakersfield will top last year's 42 homicides, which marked the highest number of killings in the city in recent history.


A Facebook Messenger wiretap? Feds tried to force it in Fresno MS-13 investigation, ACLU says

Modesto Bee

The ACLU wants to know how the Justice Department reportedly tried and failed to force Facebook to wiretap MS-13 suspects messenger voice calls by rewiring its encryption before federal courts blocked it, then sealed the case.


EDITORIAL: Don’t let police arrest people for exercising their right to free speech

Los Angeles Times

The Supreme Court this week wrestled with a legal brain teaser that has real-world implications: If the police arrest a citizen as an act of retaliation because he exercised his right to free speech, can he sue them even if the arrest was justified on other grounds?


Public Safety:


Safe to travel to Mexico? Valley residents looking for answers that are hard to provide

Fresno Bee

Threats by President Donald Trump to close the border have sparked concerns among central San joaquin Valley families about traveling to Mexico for the holidays as they fear they could end up stranded on their way back, local community leaders say.


Fresno sheriff volunteers’ equipment stolen on way to Camp Fire. You can help replace

Fresno Bee

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office volunteers were on their way to Paradise when equipment was stolen that they planned to use to find remains of people killed in the Camp Fire.


New California tax on semi-automatic guns proposed by lawmaker

Fresno Bee

A California lawmaker is calling for a tax on semi-automatic firearm sales as a means of reducing gun violence and financially supporting community violence prevention programs.

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     CA lawmaker calls for tax on gun sales to curb violence  Sacramento Bee

     Trauma Surgeon Joseph Sakran Talks About Gun Violence : Shots  NPR


Bitwise teams up with Fresno Police to host first Cybersecurity Summit


It's a digital threat that is all too real in the modern world and here in the Central Valley. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says cyber crimes are prevalent in Fresno. Each month the Departments Financial Crimes Unit gets more than 300 cases involving cybersecurity.




No new dead found in Camp Fire; Paradise residents may be allowed to return in coming days

Sacramento Bee

For the third day in a row, Butte County searchers reported Wednesday they found no new human remains in areas burned by the Camp Fire, prompting the county’s sheriff to say he is hoping the death toll has reached its peak.

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     Some residents can likely return to fire-ravaged Paradise next week Los Angeles Times


FEMA trailers have a bad name. But the Camp Fire could bring 2,000 to Paradise

Sacramento Bee

FEMA trailers got such a bad name after Hurricane Katrina that a top federal official swore the agency would never use them again to house disaster survivors. But the humble trailers never completely disappeared — and could play a meaningful role in Paradise’s long and painful recovery from the devastation of the Camp Fire.


PG&E: Weather Didn't Warrant Power Shut Off As Camp Fire Raged

Capital Public Radio

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said in a new filing with the state that it determined weather conditions were no longer dangerous enough to warrant a massive power shut off on Nov. 8 — a decision that came as the Camp Fire tore through Butte County.

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     Rooftop solar must be part of California’s wildfire mitigation plans San Francisco Chronicle


Some Californians are hiring private fire crews to save their homes. Regular firefighters aren't happy about it

Los Angeles Times

More than 30 homes in the gated Ventura County community were lost, but Hsieh’s survived. Bell Canyon was protected by both county firefighters and a private crew covered by her homeowner’s insurance policy.






It may be time to put an end to Black Friday

Madera Tribune

The website “Business Insurance Quotes” offered a column in its Monday newsletter entitled “10 Reasons Black Friday is awful and needs to go away.” Here are six of the the reasons why Business Insurance believes there should be a Black Friday blackout.


Dow jumps 617 points: Stocks surge on hopes the Fed will slow its interest rate hikes

Los Angeles Times

U.S. stocks rocketed to their biggest gain in eight months Wednesday after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell hinted that the Fed might not raise interest rates much further. The Dow Jones industrial average surged 617 points.

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     Stock market soars on speech by Fed chief, who says no 'preset policy path' for future rate hikes Los Angeles Times

     Trump administration to announce final bump stock ban CNNPolitics

     Dow surges 600 points, erasing November losses and returning to positive territory for 2018 Washington Post


Big businesses are adding women to their boards at a good pace; start-ups, not so much

Los Angeles Times

Here’s a surprising counterfactual to the oft-voiced concerns that American corporate boards are too heavily stocked with males: In recent years, major companies have actually been recruiting many more women than men as directors.


Fed Minutes to Reveal How Officials View Economy and Potential Risks

Wall Street Journal
Here’s what to watch when minutes from the Fed’s Nov. 7-8 meeting are revealed

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       EDITORIAL: The Fed’s Welcome Rethink Wall Street Journal


In Nafta Rewrite, Canada Took Cue From Mexico: Make a Big Concession

Wall Street Journal
As Trump’s deadline for the negotiation neared, Canadian negotiators struggled to make the U.S. give ground


California Could Be Left Behind

Little Hoover Commission

Today, the Little Hoover Commission issued Artificial Intelligence: A Roadmap for California. A competitive race is underway to develop and use AI technologies, which could increase the global economy by $13 trillion dollars.


Restoring middle-class incomes: redistribution won’t do


It is hardly a secret that income inequality has risen in recent decades. But by how much? Who is most affected? Does it matter?




Not just jobs riding on fate of GM plant after Trump promise

Bakersfield Californian

General Motors is moving to shut down as many as five North American factories in a major restructuring, but there are more than jobs riding on the fate of at least one of them: Ohio's Lordstown assembly plant.

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     Why Trump's threat to pull GM subsidies is empty fumes abc30


Marijuana delivery draws gig workers with steady pay, more zen customers

San Francisco Chronicle

The gig economy, hailed for freeing workers to set their own hours but assailed for stripping them of benefits and legal protections, doesn’t play much of a role in the state’s burgeoning cannabis sector.


Paid Family Leave Will Support Working Families

National Review

The common refrain since the midterms has been that a divided Congress won’t or can’t get anything done. I disagree. The election results provide a unique opportunity to put the focus squarely on working families, and one policy with a real chance is paid family leave.


When the next recession hits, will unemployment benefits be generous enough?


Many U.S. states made major cuts to unemployment insurance benefits during the Great Recession, which have yet to be reversed. Gary Burtless explains why this is a potentially disastrous mistake for a system that was already one of the least generous in the advanced world.





Final tally flips MUSD race win

Madera Tribune

One race switched winners while others widened leads according to a final official count of Madera County’s midterm votes. Lucy Salazar will be the Madera Unified School District trustee for Area 5, with 945 of 1,820 votes (51.92 percent). Preliminary results had rival Steve T. Duncan ahead by 14 votes.


Newsom likely to concentrate on education

Madera Tribune

Looking for a big difference between incoming California Gov. Gavin Newsom and current incumbent Jerry Brown, who will be termed out with the advent of the New Year after 24 years in statewide offices? Look no farther than preschool.


Plans come into focus for California schools ravaged by wildfires


With less than a week to go before their target date to resume classes, officials in the fire-ravaged Paradise Unified School District announced Tuesday they’ve secured three​​ elementary schools that will house K-5 students through the end of the school year, while middle and high school students will be taught via a distance learning program until they return to school after the holiday break.

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       Paradise kids will head back to school, though attendance expected to drop drastically  Sacramento Bee

     Sacramento Region Schools Offer Help To Butte County Students And Teachers Impacted By Camp Fire Capital Public Radio


School violence inspires Centennial High students' idea for virtual business

Bakersfield Californian

A company that a group of Centennial High students have formed allows students and others to purchase bulletproof backpacks, pepper spray, stun guns and other items to protect themselves in case of a shooting or similar incident on campus. There’s just one catch: The company isn’t real.


This Fresno family wants to give away 1 million books. Where should they send them?

Fresno Bee

Bushel & Peck Books, a family-owned business that’s believed to be the first children’s book publisher in Fresno, CA, wants to give away 1 million books in the next 10 years. The plan is modeled after TOMS.


Youngest Children In A Class Are Most Likely To Get ADHD Diagnosis

Capital Public Radio

Harvard University researchers probed the way ADHD is assessed by taking advantage of a quirk found in many U.S. school systems that means some kids are a year younger their classmates.


California school districts to get ‘wake-up call’ with new absenteeism measures


At least 40 percent of California school districts and charter schools have rates of chronic absence in grades K-8 that are high or very high based on new performance measures that will be unveiled next month as part of the state’s updated school accountability system, known as the California School Dashboard.


Higher Ed:


Thousands of classes canceled as MJC, Columbia instructors walk off the job

Modesto Bee

Professors refused to teach classes Tuesday at Modesto Junior College and Columbia College, launching a two-day strike to protest what they called unfair labor practices by their employer.

See also:

     Therapy dogs help Sacramento State students cope as finals cap a stressful semester Sacramento Bee


Spring 2019 registration at Bakersfield College begins

Bakersfield Californian

The registration period for the Spring 2019 semester at Bakersfield College has now begun.


An untapped opportunity to draw young people of color into teaching


Black and Hispanic Americans have better prospects of advancing into leadership roles in education, such as principals or assistant principals, than they do in other industries. Michael Hansen and Diana Quintero highlight this as an opportunity to recruit more young people of color to the field of teaching.


Opinion: The dangerous silence in higher education


It’s well known that the question of who can speak and on what topics has become a flashpoint for controversy on our nation’s college and university campuses.




Testimony: Career Education Is Key to Meeting California’s Workforce Needs


Sarah Bohn, research director and senior fellow at PPIC, testified today, November 27, 2018, before the Assembly Select Committee on Career Technical Education and Building a 21st Century Workforce. Here are her prepared remarks.






As Trump dismisses climate change report, California plans to use it against him

Fresno Bee

The climate change report the Trump administration released on Thanksgiving weekend could provide legal ammunition for states such as California, which are suing and threatening suits over regulatory rollbacks that could increase greenhouse gas emissions.

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     Fact Check: Trump's Claims About 'Record Clean' U.S. Air Capital Public Radio

     Trump on climate change: ‘People like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence but we’re not necessarily such believers.’ Washington Post

     California’s attorney general clashes with Trump’s acting EPA chief over climate change Los Angeles Times

     California talks a good game on land-use and climate change, but it's still a land of SUVs and sprawl  Los Angeles Times

     Climate Change Is Affordable Wall Street Journal


Central Valley Salmon Population Remains Strong After Record Numbers Last Year

Capital Public Radio

Last year almost 20,000 salmon made it upriver to the Mokelumne River Fish Hatchery, the highest recorded since 1940. More than 14,000 have already been counted this year.


Oil and Water: Finding New Uses for Fracking Waste Water


Even in dry states, it’s unclear whether the reused water would be safe.




Crude Oil Recovers After Dipping Below $50

Wall Street Journal

Price fall follows data that showed U.S. crude-oil inventories rose for a 10th straight week






Diabetes Risk: New Research on Obesity


Obesity and diabetes can sometimes go hand and hand. The higher amount of fat a person has, the higher the chance they can develop diabetes. But new research shows the measurement that doctors are using to calculate their risk may not be so accurate.


California Court Tosses Lawsuit Challenging Assisted Suicide

Capital Public Radio

A California appeals court has overturned a lower court ruling that found the state's assisted suicide law was unconstitutional.


E-Cigarette Health Risks: What We Know, What We Don't


Along with proposing a ban on menthol in cigarettes and flavors in cigars, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb today called for tightening rules governing the sale of most flavored versions of electronic cigarettes.


Human Services:


Turlock Gospel Mission opens doors wider as city clears park of homeless belongings

Modesto Bee

The Turlock Gospel Mission in Turlock, CA, is taking in more homeless people temporarily following enforcement of rules on keeping personal belonging in city parks, starting Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018.


Number of uninsured children climbs, reversing more than a decade of progress, report finds

Los Angeles Times

The number of children in the United States without health insurance increased last year for the first time in more than a decade, according to a new report that highlights potentially worrisome backsliding in pediatric care.


U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Further

Wall Street Journal

‘We are losing too many Americans, too early and too often, to conditions that are preventable,’ CDC head says.

See also:

     U.S. life expectancy declines again, a dismal trend not seen since World War I Washington Post


EDITORIAL: California will pay for Congress’ health care failures

San Francisco Chronicle

California has been a big beneficiary of the Affordable Care Act. The state Legislature didn’t hesitate to expand Medi-Cal for low-income Californians, and millions more were able to get coverage through Covered California, our well-run, state-based insurance exchange.




The Number of Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S. Has Dropped, a Study Says. Here Are 5 Takeaways.

New York Times

Shortly after then-candidate Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign, he suggested that the number of undocumented immigrants living in the United States could exceed 30 million. But a new study puts the number far lower and shows a significant decline over more than a decade.


How residents of this US-Mexico border town reacted to US troops, migrants' influx


As a caravan of thousands of migrants arrived near the U.S.-Mexico border, the residents of Brownsville, Texas, have found themselves on the frontlines in the debate over border security.

See also:

     FACT CHECK: What's Happening on the U.S.-Mexico Border? KQED News

     Border Agents Fired Tear Gas Into Mexico. Was It Legal? New York Times

     EDITORIAL: What does it say about us when we slam shut our doors? Modesto Bee


In San Ysidro, Border Patrol provides tour of port of entry at heart of migrant caravan drama

Los Angeles Times

Homeland Security officials doubled down on their use of tear gas on migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border and painted the group as large and violent.


Skipping background checks for the people hired to care for detained migrant kids? What could go wrong?

Los Angeles Times

The federal government owns a detention center for children in Tornillo, Texas, an El Paso-area border village of some 1,600 people. Coincidentally, the Tornillo Influx Care Facilityalso houses about 1,600 minors, though there are plans to increase the capacity to 3,800 beds.




Land Use:


Opinion | There Are Better Ways to Get Around Town

The New York Times

The debate continues over how to make New York City’s streets less crowded, safer and better for people as well as cars. Some, like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, call for congestion pricing in Manhattan, although so far the New York State Legislature has not allowed that. Mayor Bill de Blasio and groups such as Transportation Alternatives promote Vision Zero, aiming for zero traffic deaths in New York City by 2024.




‘You don’t bulldoze people.’ California highway homeless camps grow dangerous

Modesto Bee

In tears, LaTonya West begged to dive into a trash compactor and search for the purse she believed a Caltrans employee had just tossed into the machine.


Turlock Gospel Mission opens doors wider as city clears park of homeless belongings

Modesto Bee

The Turlock Gospel Mission is adding shelter space for at least five days in response to the clearing of homeless people’s belongings.


Rent Control Is Making a Comeback. But Is That a Good Idea?

PEW Trusts

Many states outlawed rent limits decades ago but booming cities want to overturn that.


Homes in black neighborhoods are undervalued by $48,000 on average


In the average U.S. metropolitan area, homes within majority-black neighborhoods are valued at roughly half the price as homes in neighborhoods with no black residents.




Treasury Offers Halfway Solution to Companies Vexed by Foreign Tax Rules

Wall Street Journal

Proposed regulations will help U.S. companies operating in high-tax foreign countries.


Treasury Seeks to Protect Millionaires’ Wealth Transfers

Wall Street Journal

Proposal would smooth path for gifts now even if tax limits tighten as scheduled in 2026.


Charities Brace for Tax-Driven Dip in Year-End Giving

Wall Street Journal

Donations are increasingly concentrated among high-income givers, a new report suggests


Trump Tax Cut to Be Eroded Next Year by Inflation Switch

Wall Street Journal

IRS announces details of change in calculations required by tax law, meaning brackets and deductions now grow more slowly


Tax Cut Working Better Than Advertised

Wall Street Journal

The latest GDP estimate shows higher business investment.


Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

The Nation

2 out of every 3 federal tax dollars collected go to the Pentagon—and its financial records are riddled with so many bookkeeping irregularities and errors that a reliable audit was literally impossible.


EDITORIAL: CalSavers will help keep retirees out of poverty. So why is a taxpayer group fighting it?

Los Angeles Times

By the rest of the world’s standards, Americans aren’t very good at saving money, and especially not at saving for their dotage. This week there were two important developments on that front.




He still believes in what high-speed rail can do for Fresno, but is starting to lose faith

Fresno Bee

November left me both optimistic and pessimistic about the future of high-speed rail in California. Which one? Guess that depends on which day.


Caltrans shuts down portion of Highway 140 due to potential for mudslides


Caltrans shuts down portion of Highway 140 due to potential for mudslides Caltrans is closing several miles of Highway 140 as winter storms bring the potential of mudslides along the Ferguson Fire burn scar.

See also:

     Highway 140 to Yosemite closed as experts predict rainfall to continue to weekend Sierra Star

     Roads closed, boulder falls, flood warning issued as latest storm advances Modesto Bee


Caltrans clears homeless camps every day. Here’s what they look like inside

Fresno Bee

California’s homeless crisis is playing out on the state’s highways, where Caltrans is clearing dozens of camps every day. Here's the scene inside a camp near a Berkeley freeway in November 2018.


Can California Hit Its Emission Reduction Goals? Only If Californians Drive A Lot Less, Study Says.

Capital Public Radio

Californians need to drive a lot less — that's the consensus from a new California Air Resources Board study.


How the Inaccessibility Index Can Improve Transport Planning and Investment

International Transport Forum

The paper provides an overview of the rationale for using the needs-based approach for transportation planning assessment relative to the equity in transport frameworks.


Opinion | There Are Better Ways to Get Around Town

The New York Times

The debate continues over how to make New York City’s streets less crowded, safer and better for people as well as cars. Some, like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, call for congestion pricing in Manhattan, although so far the New York State Legislature has not allowed that. Mayor Bill de Blasio and groups such as Transportation Alternatives promote Vision Zero, aiming for zero traffic deaths in New York City by 2024.




Steady downpour causes hubcap high flooding in parts of Fresno


The steady downpour caused sporadic hubcap high flooding for parts of Fresno while complicating the drive for a number of motorists Wednesday.




New Fresno Baskin-Robbins is the first of its kind in the U.S. Here’s what’s different

Fresno Bee

Baskin-Robbins unveiled Wednesday the first of its new style of store – which happens to be in Fresno – that it plans to roll out nationwide.


Thousands line Visalia's Main Street for 73rd annual Candy Cane Lane Parade


Every year, hundreds of people claim their spot on Visalia's Main Street, hours before the scheduled start time of the longest-running nighttime parade in the Central Valley-Candy Cane Lane.


‘The Lion King’ brings unique experience to Fresno stage

Madera Tribune

After its run in Las Vegas finished this week, the cast and crew of “The Lion King” moved to Fresno to begin a run Wednesday at the Fresno Convention Center’s Saroyan Theater.


Seen “The Nutcracker”? Modesto’s ballet company has a few surprises for you this year

Modesto Bee

Expect something a little different when Mother Ginger makes her traditional appearance during this year’s “Nutcracker” performance.


Local Toys for Tots campaign calls on community for help

Bakersfield Californian

In three years as an unpaid volunteer, Darlene Doughty has never seen the local organization's toy chest look so bare.


Take a seat in CSUB's 'Dining Room'

Bakersfield Californian

Conversations about the dining room table can be awkward in real life but they've got nothing on the kind that take the stage this week at Cal State Bakersfield. Actors will take on many roles as they sit down for meals in the varied scenes of "The Dining Room" at the Dore Theatre starting Thursday.


How A Fresno State Physicist Got More Instagram Followers Than Neil DeGrasse Tyson


When you think of Instagram celebrities, the Kardashians and performers like Beyonce probably come to mind. But with the Instagram handle@PhysicsFun, one of Fresno’s own scientists recently reached a million followers.

Shelter to host shot clinic

Madera Tribune

A recent grant from Pet Smart Charities has made free spay or neutering possible for any pit bull or pit bull mix dog for Madera county or Madera city residents, according to Carrie Tuttle, a long time Friends of Madera Animal Shelter (FMAS) volunteer and board member of the group.