November 12, 2016


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California and Trump are on a collision course over immigrants here illegally — California is quickly becoming a battleground for immigration policy as a cross-section of leaders across the state vowed to fight any plans by President-elect Donald Trump to deport thousands of people in the U.S. illegally. LA Times article

President-elect Donald Trump adds Congressman Devin Nunes to transition team — President-elect Donald Trump has added Rep. Devin Nunes, the Republican from Tulare, to the executive committee of his transition team, a news release reported Friday. Nunes joins several Republican politicians on the team, which will “help prepare a transformative government ready to lead from Day One.” Fresno Bee articleSacramento Bee articleVisalia Times-Delta article
Valley politics

San Joaquin County voter turnout was high — San Joaquin County’s voter turnout on Tuesday was one of the largest in nearly a decade, and Registrar of Voters Austin Erdman said he’s very pleased with the results. Stockton Record article

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Statewide politics/Ballot Measures

California Politics Podcast: The Electoral Resistance – Election 2016 is over, with a presidential shocker that puts California in the national spotlight as the home of Democratic political resistance. We also discuss ballot propositions, the U.S. Senate and congressional races, and the Democratic dominance of the Legislature after election day. With John Myers of the Los Angeles Times and Marisa Lagos of KQED News. California Politics Podcast

California vote-counting to-do list: 4.3 million ballots — Roughly 4.3 million late-arriving mail and provisional ballots from Tuesday’s election remain to be counted in California, according to the most recent estimates. Sacramento Bee article

Prop 64: Pot tax to pay for scientific research of marijuana use – The passage of Proposition 64 not only legalized the use of recreational marijuana, it also sets aside much needed money for research into the drug’s effects. KPCC report

Death penalty battles likely to continue after election — The fight over the death penalty never seems to die. Even though it’s not yet certain if opponents lost both capital punishment ballot measures, they pre-emptively asked the state Supreme Court to block Proposition 66 that would speed up executions. AP article 

What President Trump will mean to California’s beleaguered GOP — For much of this year’s race, Trump campaigned as if he were on a mission to blow a hole in what’s left of the California GOP — not to mention sink the party from coast to coast. His crass talk about Mexican “rapists,” job-stealing immigrants and Chinese currency manipulators won him a mere one-third of the vote in California – the worst showing of any Republican since the Great Depression. If Trump keeps sounding those notes as president, Republicans could become even harder to find in California. But party stalwarts are holding out hope that the GOP’s new grip on Washington will boost their ranks here, despite years of decline. East Bay Times article

Jim Brutle: California GOP urges unity – The chairman of the California Republican Party writes, “Republicans and Democrats should remember that our shared purpose is to lift people up and create a brighter future for all Californians. We need to see ourselves as part of a community. Republicans are prepared to lead California toward a stronger future but can’t do it alone. If we can do this together, our brightest days are ahead.” Brutle op-ed in Sacramento Bee


Yes, Trump can boost deportations and gut the Dreamer program for young immigrants –  As president, Donald Trump can move swiftly to gut President Obama’s signature immigration policies by ramping up deportations and ending a program that has given temporary work permits to immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. LA Times article

Bay Area immigrants fear deportation after Trump victory — While Trump’s supporters across the nation celebrated his victory in this historic election, many undocumented residents are worried about the possibility of being forced to leave the only country many have known since childhood. Like Soto, they say they fear for their futures like never before. San Jose Mercury News article

Fleeing gangs, Central American families surge toward U.S. — Violence has conspired with economic desperation to drive an unrelenting exodus of migrants to seek safety in a refugee crisis that President-elect Donald J. Trump will have to address. New York Times article

 Other areas

Foon Rhee: One ranking where Sacramento has bragging rights – Of recent mayoral elections in America’s 30 biggest cities, half drew less than 20 percent of registered voters, according to the researchers at Portland State University. If Sacramento had been part of the study, its 50 percent turnout in June would rank second best. Rhee column in Sacramento Bee

Phil Fullerton: Work together: Today’s vocal minority may well be tomorrow’s majority – The retired Fresno lawyer writes, “For this hope for future success, we must applaud the founders of our nation, who mandated the lawfulness of free speech, a free press and peaceful protest. These liberties have served our nation and our Valley well. And warn us to listen carefully to today’s vocal minority. Hark! They could be tomorrow’s majority.” Fullerton op-ed in Fresno Bee

Presidential Politics

Trump and advisers hedge on major pledges, including Obamacare and the wall – President-elect Donald Trump and key advisers in recent days have backed away from some of the most sweeping pledges that the Republican candidate made on the campaign trail, suggesting that his administration may not deliver on promises that were important to his most fervent supporters. Washington Post article 

Leading California Democrat says the state needs a ‘legal wall’ against a Trump administration – Eric Bauman, chairman of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, called on Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders to lead an effort on statutes and constitutional amendments to “safeguard” the state from any effort by Trump to roll back existing federal policies on healthcare, immigration and climate change. LA Times article

For the fourth time in American history, the president-elect lost the electoral vote. Credit the electoral college – For only the fourth time in U.S. history, the presidential campaign has ended with an electoral college winner who won fewer votes than his opponent. Under the system established in the Constitution, in 1787, the winner is the candidate who wins the majority of electoral votes based on the state-by-state tallies, and that candidate is Donald Trump. LA Times article

Anti-Trump protestors take to the streets in many cities for a third night – Hundreds of people protesting the election of Donald Trump took to the streets in cities across the country for a third straight night on Friday, as police bolstered their forces in the wake of rioting in Portland and Los Angeles. Washington Post articleLA Times article

Dan Morain: A roadmap Hillary Clinton did not follow to the White House — Too many voters believed Trump, not Clinton, would better defend their interests. Hindsight always is clear. But perhaps the election would have turned out differently, if only Clinton had followed the memo attached to the email sent the night before Thanksgiving 2014. If only. Morain in Sacramento Bee 

What it’s like to defend Trump – For Jennett Harlow and her son Ryan Sidebottom, supporting President-elect Donald Trump has already become a problem.  They are among Trump backers who say they are on the defensive, feeling intimidated and isolated, after a 2016 election that was one of the most divisive in memory. Threats and harassment have been reported by opponents and supporters of Trump, some of the them recorded on cellphones and posted to Facebook and other social media sites.  LA Times article 

Trump says he may keep parts of Health Care Act – Just days after a national campaign in which he vowed repeatedly to repeal President Obama’s signature health care law, Donald J. Trump is sending signals that his approach to health care is a work in progress. New York Times article

Michael Hiltzik: Trump embraces the cool parts of Obamacare – but not that part that makes it work — When it comes to healthcare, President-elect Donald Trump made it clear Friday that he’s all in favor of dessert but doesn’t want any Brussels sprouts.  Hiltzik column in LA Times

Trump’s climate contrarian: Myron Ebell takes on EPA – In looking for someone to follow through on his campaign vow to dismantle one of the Obama administration’s signature climate changepolicies, President-elect Donald J. Trump probably could not have found a better candidate for the job than Mr. Ebell. New York Times article 

Mindy Romero: By failing to vote, we ended up with Trump – The director of the California Civic Engagement Project at UC Davis writes, “Trump’s victory is the result of disparities in voter turnout. We don’t yet know the official breakdown. But we do know that many groups of people who overwhelmingly favored Clinton, such as Latinos and young people, historically turn out at much lower rates than older white people.” Romero op-ed in Sacramento Bee

Erika D. Smith: Donald Trump gets only one chance to prove he’s not racist – Americans must decide whether we’re willing to follow President Barack Obama’s example and turn the other cheek for the good of the country. But with an unknown agenda from President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters terrorizing minorities in schools and on the streets, it’s going to be tough. Smith column in Sacramento Bee

California hasn’t always been so blue in presidential races — From 1952 through 1988, the Republican presidential nominee carried the state in every election except 1964, when Democrat Lyndon Johnson won a landslide over Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater. Sacramento Bee article

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‘Men cannot grab you’: Encouraging signs pop up on Fresno State campus after election – Encouraging signs addressing the groups of people who may have felt targeted during President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign are popping up on Fresno State’s campus. Fresno Bee article

Where are all those plastic bags? California voters decided to get rid of them – After a referendum upholding the ban on single-use plastic carryout bags passed with 52% of the vote Tuesday, millions of California shoppers like Hodge no longer have the option of getting single-use plastic bags at most grocery, convenience and liquor stores, as well as large pharmacies. Customers will either have to bring their own bags or buy a recycled paper bag or sturdier reusable plastic bag at the store for at least 10 cents. LA Times article

Jobs and the Economy

Former soldiers say California National Guard never paid bonuses it promised to interpreters in war zones – Many of the interpreters who went to war were only partially paid their bonuses because the California Guard later decided they were unfit for the military service that they already had given. Some say they are now unemployed, suffering from post-traumatic stress and combat injuries sustained. Many are embittered at the California Guard, which they say broke its commitments. LA Times article

Report on LA city homelessness plan gives a sobering picture of the struggle ahead — Nine months after the Los Angeles City Council unanimously adopted a comprehensive plan to end homelessness, the first progress report on the plan, released this week, offered a sobering picture of the long and difficult path ahead. LA Times article

The ban on plastic bags: An inconvenience for customers that can help littering, local store owners say – The owner of Save More Market on G Street in Merced, Roma Kahlon, said the passing of the legislation will be an inconvenience for his customers, but he is in favor of helping to protect the environment. Merced Sun-Star article

The price of doing away with plastic – Retailers in Tulare County began phasing out single-use plastic bags the day after Proposition 67 was approved by 52 percent of California voters. Locally, nearly two-thirds of voters were against the ban. But, that doesn’t mean Tulare County shoppers get much of a choice. Visalia Times-Delta article

Hanford shoppers adjust to bag ban – For husband and wife and Lemoore residents Shandra Stevens and Thomas Price, the single-use plastic bag ban California voters made law this week at the ballot box caused a minor spousal disagreement. She was for it. He was against it. Hanford Sentinel article

A click and a beep … and your groceries arrive – Ordering groceries online for pickup at the store isn’t brand-new. Raley’s in northeast Modesto offered the service nine years ago, which I well remember because I was pregnant and on bed rest at the time and it sure came in handy. However, the service has been expanding and is really gaining steam in recent years. Most recently, the Walmart Supercenter in Patterson started offering the service. Since starting about five weeks ago, it’s steadily grown in popularity. Modesto Bee article

With Sacramento room rates rising, why are builders skittish to build more hotels? – After several lean years during the recession, the Sacramento region’s hotel industry is seeing tremendous growth in room prices and occupancy rates, spurred by business travelers and tourists. But developers’ reluctance to add new rooms may cost the region some economy-boosting events, including perhaps the NBA All-Star game, analysts say. Sacramento Bee article

Three cheers for craft beer, bacon — For its third year, the Bacon and Craft Beer Festival decided it needed room to groove. So Saturday’s event of local food vendors and craft breweries from all over California heads to the Park at River Walk.  Although the new venue has a larger capacity, the festival will remain around 2,000, organizer Austin Powell said. Bakersfield Californian article

Rubber recycling plant coming to Stockton — A national producer of crumb rubber made from recycled tires and used for rubberized asphalt and sports fields is in the process of converting its Stockton warehouse into a full-fledged manufacturing facility that eventually could employ 20 workers or more. Stockton Record article


Kim Delfino: How California’s water storage project rules are falling short – The Defenders of Wildlife California’s program director writes, “In a state that is leading the way in the fight against climate change, we can and must do better on assessing climate change impacts to our water supply, to water storage and to the environment. The water commission must make bold changes to its proposed rules to ensure California continues to be an environmental pioneer.” Delfino op-ed in Sacramento Bee

Criminal Justice/Prisons

Criminal justice reform rolls on in California, much to the chagrin of police leaders — Another defeat at the ballot box this week for California law enforcement leaders. For months, many police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors urged voters to reject Proposition 57, which will give thousands of state prisoners an early opportunity to be released. KPCC report

Groundbreaking set for Kings County jail expansion — The groundbreaking ceremony for the Kings County jail expansion and day reporting center project will be held noon Monday in front of the Kings County Jail in Hanford. The project involves 33,000 square feet of housing, program, vocational and office space, and a separate day reporting center. The addition will include a 24-bed mental health unit, kitchen, vocations warehouse and program space. Fresno Bee article

A passed-out couple was found in a car with ‘several bottles of vodka’ and a baby in the backseat — A Fresno couple was arrested and cited Friday after sheriff’s deputies found them passed out in a car that also contained several bottles of vodka and a baby in the backseat. Fresno Bee article


Some kids scared to leave class are tears, bullying follow Trump’s win — Teachers in schools across the nation have had an unexpected new task this week: assuaging the fear of students from immigrant and minority families who believe their families will be deported or otherwise harmed because Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Sacramento-area teachers report students in tears, afraid to leave their classrooms, and a spike in bullying and hate speech. Sacramento Bee article

Students fast to fill out FAFSA earlier — The enrollment period for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) started Oct. 1, three months earlier than previous years, and schools are urging students to get their applications in. Hanford Sentinel article

Vote on new campus possible — After a lengthy delay, San Joaquin Delta College may be moving closer to approval of a new campus near Galt. At a public meeting on Tuesday, trustees will be updated on environmental studies needed to determine whether the 140-acre Liberty Road property is, indeed, suitable for a new campus. Stockton Record article 

What’s next for British university’s Placer County campus — The British university planning a satellite campus in Placer County has picked a building in downtown Roseville for its graduate school. The University of Warwick wants to buy a 42,000-square-foot city-owned building to house its graduate school. The Roseville City Council will vote Wednesday on whether to allow city officials to enter into negotiations with the university for the property. Sacramento Bee article

Health/Human Services

If Obamacare law is repealed, could California keep it anyway? – “The simple answer is that it would be extremely costly,” said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.  LA Times article

Judge is asked to stop Anthem from ending out-of-network coverage for 500,000 Californians – A consumer group has asked a judge to immediately stop Anthem Blue Cross from switching 500,000 Californians to health plans offering no coverage for out-of-network care.  LA Times article

Dr. Amir Khan: Suspect a stroke? What you do – immediately – may save a life – The director of stroke for Community Regional Medical Centers/UCSF Fresno writes, “Perhaps the single most important thing you should know about stroke is to call 911 as soon as possible if you or someone you love develops stroke symptoms. According to the American Stroke Association, 91 percent of patients who obtain modern stroke treatment within 2 ½ hours have a good outcome. Time is of the essence, and every minute counts. Khan op-ed in Fresno Bee


Fresno traffic safety enforcement gets boost with state funding — A grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to the Fresno Police Department is expected to help reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries in the city, the department said. Fresno Bee article

Other areas

Valley communities honor veterans – Communities throughout the Valley honored our veterans with Veterans Day activities.  Fresno Bee articleBakersfield Californian articleVisalia Times-Delta article; Hanford Sentinel article; Merced Sun-Star articleModesto Bee articleStockton Record article

Valley Editorial Roundup

Merced Sun-Star – The state, counties and cities must get real on weed.

Modesto Bee – The state, counties and cities must get real on weed.

 Sacramento Bee –- If there is one thing in this country that’s too big to fail, it’s California. Trump needs to get that. If we falter, the national economy will go down with us. And all the red state promises in the world won’t put it back together again.