Nicolas Munoz


Nicolas served as a Maddy Legislative Intern with former Assemblymember Linda Halderman during the Summer of 2011 in Sacramento.

Nicolas graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and following that volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate(C.A.S.A.) and worked as a law clerk in an immigration law firm.

The Kenneth L. Maddy Institute of Public Affairs provided me with an invaluable opportunity to participate in the political process. Specifically, I was afforded a hands-on experience that allowed me to work alongside policy makers as laws passed through the legislative process. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the Maddy Institute and all its supporters for making my experience possible. I am humbled by the magnitude of students who are afforded such an incredible political experience every year.

Nicolas entered USC Gould school of Law in 2015, and is scheduled to graduate in 2018.