May 2, 2018




Blue State/Red District: Trump May Blow Reelection Headwind at David Valadao

Capital and Main

The district is represented in Congress by Republican David Valadao, a dairy farmer, small-business owner and son of Portuguese immigrants. His vigorous support of agribusiness interests makes him a good fit for any politically conservative farming district, but CA-21 does not really tilt conservative.

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“Safe” Space? Nunes, Trump Bring New Attention To 22nd Congressional District Race

Valley Public Radio

California’s June Primary is around a month away, and some local races are starting to heat up. One of them is in a congressional district that hasn’t seen a close race in years, and now the 22nd Congressional District is drawing renewed national and local attention.

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Kevin McCarthy on Political Anger and Political Risk

Fox and Hound

If the harsh division in congress reflects attitudes across the country, as House majority leader and California congressman Kevin McCarthy asserted at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills yesterday, there is a belief among many political observers that the midterm elections will mirror a political environment not friendly to McCarthy’s team.

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Visalia Times-Delta

Congressional candidates believe the November election could be the most important in recent history. On Monday, Tulare County League of Women Voters and Visalia Times-Delta hosted a candidate forum.


Sen. Fuller pushes bill that tries to keep pot away from kids

Foothills Sun Gazette

On April 17, Sen. Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield), who represents Senate District 16 encompassing Exeter and Visalia, introduced legislation to impose stricter penalties on marijuana retailers who sell to minors. Fuller said the legislation was in response to spikes in marijuana use and edible cannabis consumption in the State of Colorado, especially among the state’s youth.


Senators misleading public on Prop. 57: Letters

OC Register

We welcome Sens. Patricia Bates and Janet Nguyen’s recent interest in improving California’s criminal justice system, but scaring and misleading the public about Proposition 57 won’t make our communities safer.


Morning Newsletter: Merced candidate was booted from the ballot. Opponent says she should be allowed back

The Modesto Bee

A candidate for a top educational job in Merced County said he supports putting one of his opponents back on the ballot after she was removed last week by the county Election’s Office.


Believe it or not, Merced County’s population is fastest growing in the state

Merced Sun-Star

Merced County’s population rose in the past year by 1.8 percent outpacing every other county in the state, according to the California Department of Finance.


How much longer will the ‘other California’ have to wait its turn?

Sacramento Bee

Waiting, being patient, accepting delays. We in the valley have often heard these excuses as the larger cities and coastal regions of the state were often higher priority for public funds, foundation support and educational initiatives. Too often the valley has been sent to the back of the line, or labeled “the other California.”


Despite Tight Restrictions, Open Ag Burning Increases In The Valley

Valley Public Radio

Valley Public Radio’s Kerry Klein reports on why farmers are doing significantly more open field ag burning today than in recent years, and what it means for efforts to clean up the air.



News Network: Secret Questionnaires Shape Gubernatorial Race

CALmatters politics reporter Laurel Rosenhall explored how the endorsement questionnaire process shapes an elected official’s policy commitments before ballots are cast. In her reporting, none of the six major candidates — Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa, Delaine Eastin and John Chiang on the Democratic side of the race; Travis Allen and John Cox on the Republican side — were willing to disclose how they had answered their endorsement questionnaires.

California Gubernatorial Debate Candidates Announced

NBC 7 San Diego

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation and NBC Bay Area will host “Decision 2018: The Race for Governor,” a debate among candidates running for California governor, on May 8. The debate will be moderated by Chuck Todd, NBC News’ Political Director and Moderator of “Meet the Press.”

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Feinstein drops opposition to legal pot, giving legal marijuana a new ally

Sacramento Bee

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a longtime opponent of legalizing recreational marijuana, now says the federal government should not interfere in California’s legal marijuana market.

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CA State Senator Kevin de León talks diversity and immigration, climate change

Stanford Daily

De León argued that California’s leadership role within both national and global politics should stem from its rejection of President Trump’s policies. He commended the fact that over half of Californians voted against Trump in the 2016 presidential election.


She has her eye on 2020 and Trump. But first this California senator is lending a hand in 2018.

Sacramento Bee

Through the first quarter of 2018, which ended March 31, Harris has helped raise campaign cash for all 26 of the Senate Democrats up for reelection in November. She’s also raised money for two Democrats gunning to unseat Republican senators in Arizona and Nevada.

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EDITORIAL: Chronicle recommends Poizner for Insurance Commissioner

San Francisco Chronicle

In electing Poizner, Californians would not only get an insurance commissioner who shows he can navigate this critical position, they would be sending a message to Republicans and Democrats alike that this does not need to be a one-party state.


Pelosi Misrepresents Childhood ‘Hunger’ Data

Fact Check

In talking about the importance of the 2018 midterm congressional elections, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi misrepresented government data to claim that “1 in 5 children in America goes to sleep hungry at night.”


Walters: Voters face anti-tax measures as cycle continues


Initiatives to raise taxes, or make them easier to raise, will appear in one election cycle, but just two years later, voters may be asked to cut taxes, or at least make increases more difficult.


Teachers bearing arms a nonstarter for California voters, poll says

Sacramento Bee

UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies found wide support for tougher firearms restrictions among voters in a state with some of the toughest gun laws in the country. The poll surveyed the opinions of 4,038 Golden State voters in the aftermath of a Florida high school shooting that left 17 students dead and returned the issue of gun control to the national spotlight.


Buying a handgun in California not as easy as you think

Modesto Bee

Purchasing a handgun in California, simple? No.


California’s GOP has ‘hit the iceberg.’ Can it be saved?


With the June primary approaching, there is a fight underway for the identity of the California Republican Party.




Trump’s seriously unpopular in California, even in competitive GOP districts

San Francisco Chronicle

It’s not a shock to learn that voters in dark-blue California are deeply unhappy with President Trump, but a new poll suggests the growing antipathy could be terrible news for a number of the state’s GOP congressional incumbents.

Poll: 60 percent of Americans say Trump is usually dishonest


A majority of Americans think that President Trump either rarely or never tells the truth, according to an NBC News/SurveyMoney poll released Wednesday. Overall, 61 percent of respondents to the online poll believe that Trump tells the truth either some of the time or never.

Budget blunders


The budget math is inescapable. It will not be possible to keep the federal government solvent in the future without either serious entitlement reform that lowers long-term spending commitments or a tax increase of a scale that would be unprecedented in the nation’s history.


Crimes are no longer a disqualification for Republican candidates

Washington Post

“Here’s a general rule of thumb: Lawmakers should not be lawbreakers,” said Susan Del Percio, a New York GOP consultant who advised Grimm in 2010 but opposes his candidacy. “I guess it’s a different political norm we are facing today.”




Few Americans see nation’s political debate as ‘respectful’

Pew Research Center

Just 25% say the following statement – “The tone of debate among political leaders is respectful” – describes the country very (6%) or somewhat well (19%). Of the 16 aspects of the political system and democracy asked about in the survey, this rating is among the lowest.


Zuckerberg pledges to ‘keep building’ in no-apology address

The Bakersfield Californian

With a smile that suggested the hard part of an “intense year” may be behind him, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed developers Tuesday and pledged the company will build its way out of its worst-ever privacy debacle.


No Guns Allowed During NRA Convention Speech By Trump, Pence


Victims of the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting and their parents are criticizing the National Rifle Association after it announced that gun advocates won’t be allowed to bring weapons to watch Vice President Pence deliver the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action’s leadership forum keynote address in Dallas on Friday. The NRA says the ban was ordered by the U.S. Secret Service.


We Need a National Injunction-Review Law

National Review

The issuance by a federal district-court judge in the District of Columbia of an injunction against the Trump administration’s attempt to end the DACA program (for foreign nationals who entered the United States as minors) brings to at least 23 the number of nationwide injunctions issued against the administration.



Sunday, May 6, at 10 a.m. on ABC 30 – Maddy Report: “Candidate for Governor: Amanda Renteria”  Guest: Amanda Renteria. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.

Sunday, May 6, at 10 a.m. on Newstalk 580AM/105.9FM (KMJ) – Maddy Report  – Valley Views EditionOne California: Immigration and Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Renteria” – Guest: Amanda Renteria. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.


Sunday, May 6, at 7:30 a.m. on UniMas 61 (KTTF) – El Informe Maddy: “2018 Race for Governor: Amanda Renteria”  Guest: Amanda Renteria. Host: Maddy Institute Program Coordinator, Maria Jeans.

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California Department of Food and Agriculture Selected as USDA Supports Specialty Crop Industry with Multi-State Initiatives

Sierra Sun Times

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Monday announced the funding of $7 million to support 11 projects in six states to develop solutions to challenges affecting the specialty crop industries that cross state boundaries.


Despite Tight Restrictions, Open Ag Burning Increases In The Valley

Valley Public Radio

Valley Public Radio’s Kerry Klein reports on why farmers are doing significantly more open field ag burning today than in recent years, and what it means for efforts to clean up the air.

Why Millions Of Californians Eligible For Food Stamps Don’t Get Them


Millions of low-income Californians eligible for food stamps are not receiving the benefit, earning the state one of the lowest rankings in the nation for its participation in the program.

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Marijuana delivery to all of California? Measure would expand access

Sacramento Bee

A 2016 voter-approved measure to legalize marijuana in the state gave cities and counties the authority to pass regulations outlining the types of weed businesses that can operate within their borders. With limited time to craft rules before the law took effect at the start of the year, many towns approved outright bans of all marijuana businesses. In theory, marijuana delivery companies willing to trek to outlying areas might help fill that gap.

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Weed sales OK’d at California’s first big marijuana festival at Sacramento concert

Sacramento Bee

Despite the objections of the City Council member whose district represents the Cal Expo fairgrounds, the council approved a one-time license for marijuana consumption at the facility at this weekend’s Cannabis Cup festival.




Homicides drop by half in Fresno as cops crack down on gangs

Fresno Bee

Homicides in Fresno have dropped by half compared to a year ago due to a crackdown on gangs, Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer said Tuesday. There have been 12 homicides this year in Fresno compared to 24 last year to date, Dyer said.

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·       Fresno Area Gangs Targeted By Multi-Agency Operation KMJ


Most California governor candidates oppose the death penalty — but may have to preside over executions

The Mercury News

California’s next governor could be forced to make a life-or-death decision that the state’s top executive hasn’t faced in over a decade: whether to spare an inmate facing execution.


Reporters And Residents Probe Tulare County History Of Accused Golden State Killer

Valley Public Radio

The news that “Golden State Killer” Joseph James DeAngelo may also be linked to a series of robberies and a murder in Visalia in the 1970’s stunned Tulare County last week. We spoke with Exeter Sun-Gazette reporter Paul Meyers about the years DeAngelo spent as a member of the Exeter Police Department, and what we know about his time in Tulare County.

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Public Safety:


New approach to combat recidivism in county jails: Hard data

Daily Press

Officials are also using new figures as a catalyst to improve programs for the mentally ill, who spend more than twice as much time in jail for the same offenses as the non-mentally ill.




It’s time for California’s wine country to prepare for the next wildfire

Sacramento Bee

The reality is, we’re facing a changing landscape here in the Napa Valley. Wildfire is nothing new in California; in this region, the climate and topography make it a virtual guarantee.





California Economic Activity Showing Minimal Growth in Latest Report


Comerica Bank Chief Economist Robert Dye said economic activity across the Golden State increased point-one-percent in February from the previous month. Non-farm payroll employment, house prices and unemployment insurance claims among other areas all posted positive gains, which helped drive the state’s economy.


Trump’s trade team to China: Root for Lighthizer and Navarro


As is often the case with the Trump administration, there is confusion regarding the agenda and goals for the upcoming trip. Whatever their faults, both Lighthizer and Navarro know the elements of China’s state capitalism and its mercantilist protectionism — and their impact on the US and the world trading system.




Uber, Lyft and other gig jobs may face a shakeup under new California work rules

Los Angeles Times

Now, following a state Supreme Court ruling Monday, businesses across California could be forced to reclassify swaths of their workforces as employees, with profound effects on workers and companies.


Airline pilots may be next in the U.S. corporate war on unions

Los Angeles Times

Commercial pilots are one of the few remaining strongholds of America’s diminished labor movement, but Flexjet LLC is trying to upend that relationship. In a battle between the Teamsters and the jet-leasing company, some 550 pilots will start voting Wednesday on whether to embrace the company’s entreaties to dump the Teamsters, which arrived at Flexjet just a few years ago


Bay Area tech company ordered to pay H-1B employees for wage violations

San Francisco Chronicle

Federal officials said a Newark company violated the H-1B program by paying several of its employees far below the federally required salaries and had to pay 12 of its workers $173,044 following an investigation by the Department of Labor.

Private sector, not government, is key to job creation


Through programs such as the earned income tax credit, public policy should support low-wage workers, helping ensure that no one who works full time and heads a household lives in poverty.





Finalist picked in search for new SUSD superintendent

Stockton Record

A finalist has been chosen by Stockton Unified School District Board of Trustees to become its next leader. Over the weekend, trustees held interviews with an undetermined number of candidates who were interested in taking the job of superintendent.


California Today: Los Angeles’s New Superintendent on the Challenges Faced by Schools

New York Times

Austin Beutner has been an investment banker, a Los Angeles deputy mayor, a candidate for mayor (briefly) and publisher of The Los Angeles Times (also briefly). On Tuesday, Mr. Beutner, 58, was named superintendent of the Los Angeles school district.

Higher Ed:


Fresno State protected its professor who ranted about Barbara Bush. Other schools should stand by free speech, too.

Washington Post

Although it took some doing, Fresno State was ultimately prevailed upon to respect Jarrar’s right to free expression. The same isn’t true for other college students and faculty members, who face official punishment from universities that have promised to protect freedom of expression. No fewer than three other events in the last two weeks alone have shown how colleges’ supposed principles are crumbling in the face of outrage

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·       EDITORIAL: Collateral damage: Innocent students bear brunt of adult revenge Fresno Bee


Fresno State Professors Examine Efforts To Whitewash Slavery’s Brutal History With New Book

Valley Public Radio

With the fight over Confederate Civil War monuments in the news, a new book by two Fresno State history professors sheds new light on the issue. We talk about their book and the way the war has been interpreted and romanticized in the south over the past century and a half.


The University of California Stands Out Among Top Schools When It Comes to Serving Poor Students

The Atlantic

Schools in the University of California system are doing significantly better than other four-year colleges and universities in the country when it comes to enrolling low-income students and seeing them across the finish line.

Auditor: University of California late on budget fixes

Sacramento Bee

A year after a scathing review of its budget practices, the University of California president’s office hasn’t fully implemented some of the report’s recommendations, according to the state auditor’s office.

Why top US universities have law schools but not police schools

San Francisco Chronicle

While some evidence suggests that college-educated officers are less likely to use force, it also shows they are less satisfied with their jobs than peers with less education.


Community colleges offer excellent path to college for refugees, immigrants and citizens

Modesto Bee

Anyone who lacks a high school diploma can enroll in a community college transfer curriculum, complete 60 units and be eligible for both systems. Chances for admission to the campus of choice are enhanced by completing the lower division prerequisites to the desired major with the required GPA.

California community colleges look to expand opportunities for formerly incarcerated students

Education Dive

The Obama administration made an earnest effort in 2016 to expand educational opportunities for incarcerated students, focusing on extending Pell Grant assistance for learners who demonstrated a commitment to educational discipline and were on the verge of release within five years.

Eligible for Aid, but Not Getting It

Inside Higher Ed

Low-income students in California are missing out on millions of dollars of federal aid they’re eligible to receive, according to a new research brief. The state’s community college students missed out on nearly $130 million in federal Pell Grant funds in a single semester.

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·       It’s Time to Put Work Requirements on College Financial Aid  National Review




Fresno City College establishes Pathways to Apprenticeship Initiative

The Business Journal

A ten-year agreement will provide the needed levels of trained individuals for the local workforce and will support FCC students that were not accepted into a Union Apprenticeship program.






Despite Tight Restrictions, Open Ag Burning Increases In The Valley

Valley Public Radio

Valley Public Radio’s Kerry Klein reports on why farmers are doing significantly more open field ag burning today than in recent years, and what it means for efforts to clean up the air.


California sues over plan to scrap car emission standards

Fresno Bee

California and 16 other states sued the Trump administration Tuesday over its plan to scrap Obama-era auto-emissions standards that would require vehicles to get significantly higher gas mileage by 2025.

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Most Polluted US Cities Are In California, Indiana, Kentucky: WHO Report

International Business Times

Despite the fact that WHO collected data for the survey from different sources, which makes it impossible to rank the cities according to the rate of pollution, it was seen that Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, Mira Loma, Calexico and Napa, in California; Indianapolis, the Elkhart-Goshen area and Gary in Indiana; Louisville in Kentucky; and St. Louis in Missouri are on the more polluted side.


Pressure Mounts to Solve California’s Toxic Farmland Drainage Problem

News Deeply

Three decades ago, selenium-tainted farm runoff in the San Joaquin Valley deformed wildlife in horrific ways. Amid political maneuvering in Congress to find a solution, the toxin is still showing up in bird eggs.


How “Weather Whiplash” Could Change California

Public Policy Institute of California

Climate change is pushing California’s volatile weather to new extremes. Climate scientist Daniel Swain explains what to expect.


The world is failing to hit its climate targets


A reminder of how hard it will be to steeply cut global greenhouse gas emissions in the years ahead arrived this morning via a report this morning from several international agencies along with with other new analyses.




Oil prices could keep rising. Here’s why

CNN Money

Bass thinks that investors are overestimating the impact that electric cars will have on demand for gas. “There’s a view around the world that electric cars are going to really affect hydrocarbon demand in the near term,” Bass said. But he thinks that electric cars won’t “even dent” demand for traditional fuel until about 2030.





‘Sad day for Coalinga’: Town’s hospital to close, 200 employees to lose their jobs

Fresno Bee

Coalinga Regional Medical Center will close in June, the second district hospital in the central San Joaquin Valley to close in the past six months. Tulare Regional Medical Center, a 112-bed hospital in Tulare, closed six months ago.

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Under HCCA, Tulare District silenced, shut out of hospital

The Business Journal

After the keys to Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC) were returned to the Tulare Local Healthcare District in November, the occasion was marked with a “victory lap” by the Board of Directors and members of the Tulare community, in which those present were able to walk through the halls of the hospital for the first time since it closed.


California reports 100 ill in outbreak traced to raw oysters

Food Safety News

A norovirus outbreak traced to raw oysters from British Columbia has crossed the Canadian border, and U.S. officials say an unusual strain of the virus is involved. About 100 people in California have reported becoming sick with symptoms of norovirus after eating raw oysters from British Columbia, according to the California Department of Public Health. The ill people said the oysters were sold by restaurants and retail stores.


Federal Government Sends Warning To Vaping Companies


The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday sent warning letters to 13 manufacturers, distributors and retailers of e-cigarette liquids. In a phone briefing for reporters, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the companies are endangering kids by marketing the products to resemble juice boxes, cookies or candy.

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California’s Legislation To Control Health Care Costs Is Mis-Guided

American Council on Science and Health

Now two large purchasers of commercial healthcare insurance in California, the State’s employees, and labor unions have introduced a bill (AB 3087) to cap costs and control further increases. It will be neither a panacea in managing their costs nor will it be the “end of times” pictured by the targets of this bill – hospitals, physicians and commercial, private insurers.


Human Services:


VA Health System Generally Delivers Higher-Quality Care Than Other Health Providers


Examining a wide array of commonly used measures of health care quality, researchers found that VA hospitals generally provided better quality care than non-VA hospitals and the VA’s outpatient services were better quality when compared to commercial HMOs, Medicaid HMOs and Medicare HMOs. The findings are published online by the Journal of General Internal Medicine




California GOP Rep. Jeff Denham says he has the votes to force party leaders to consider bills to protect ‘Dreamers’

Los Angeles Times

The Turlock congressman is hoping that a show of support from at least 50 Republicans and most Democrats (totaling more than the 218 votes he’d need for a majority in the House) will prompt House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) to voluntarily bring the bills up for a vote, rather than risk the embarrassment of being forced to do so by a member of his own conference.


Sanctuary state fight at local level may be more orchestrated than organic

Los Angeles Times

With California and the Trump administration locked in a legal battle over immigration policies, a state Republican leader and an illegal immigration critic are quietly offering to help communities fight the state’s new “sanctuary” law.


CA Ins. Comm’r Candidate: “Illegal Immigrants Should Serve on CA Boards”

IVN News

California Insurance Commissioner candidate Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, is pushing his new bill, SB 174, to amend existing state law that would allow the appointment of any resident over the age of 18 to a civil office regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

See also:

Are people who walk up to U.S. border, say a few words just let in?


First, those who make a “credible fear” claim are not simply brought into the United States. Rather, there is an extensive review process and, in some cases, asylum cases can take years. Second, statistics show that many have their cases rejected and are sent back — including nearly 90% of those from Mexico.




Land Use:

Clerical error could cost Fresno County taxpayers over $500,000 in bad land deal

Fresno Bee

A clerical mistake could end up costing Fresno County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the sale of a disputed piece of property contaminated with hazardous materials.


Downtown Fresno developers try to crack revitalization code

The Business Journal

As total investment in downtown reaches into the hundreds of millions of dollars, issues of rehabilitating old buildings, keeping rents affordable and updating old infrastructure leaves many passing the buck.




Fresno needs 41,000 affordable rental homes to meet demand

The Fresno Bee

Fresno County needs more than 41,000 affordable rental homes to meet demand and reduce the burden on low-income families, according to a new housing emergency report released Monday.


A major California housing bill failed after opposition from the low-income residents it aimed to help. Here’s how it went wrong

Los Angeles Times

Activists for low-income residents and communities of color said that they were blindsided by state Sen. Scott Wiener’s proposal and that subsequent efforts by the senator to protect against potential displacement and gentrification were inadequate. Wiener (D-San Francisco) and his allies have acknowledged they need to build better relationships with advocates for poor Californians and vowed to introduce a new bill in 2019.


California’s population grows to 39.8 million — and housing stock increases too


In the midst of a housing crisis, California lost 13,200 homes last year — many destroyed in wildfires — but came out ahead with the net addition of 85,000 housing units, according to a demographics report released by the state Tuesday.


Southern California house prices see 6 to 9 percent gains in March, CoreLogic reports.


Los Angeles County and Inland Empire home prices grew at the fastest pace in 3 ½ years in March, yet another sign that the local housing market is maintaining its punch for a seventh consecutive year, real estate data firm CoreLogic reported Tuesday.


San Diego shrinks ‘granny flat’ fees to spur construction amid housing crisis

San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego is sharply shrinking fees to build “granny flats,” which can rival construction costs. The goal is helping to alleviate a severe local shortage of affordable housing.



Clerical error could cost Fresno County taxpayers over $500,000 in bad land deal

Fresno Bee

A clerical mistake could end up costing Fresno County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the sale of a disputed piece of property contaminated with hazardous materials.



Effort to repeal gas tax comes to Fresno


Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox brought his statewide push to repeal the gas tax to Fresno on Tuesday. Cox came to Fresno to deliver two boxes full of signatures to repeal California’s gas tax.

Also See:


California distributes $2.6 billion for rail, transit work

Progressive Railroading

The California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) late last week awarded more than $2.6 billion in grants for rail and transit projects throughout the state. In Southern California, grants were awarded to projects that are critical to preparations for the 2028 Olympic Games, which will be held in Los Angeles.


California High-Speed Rail May 2018 Construction Update

California High-Speed Rail

Progress on the high-speed rail project is easy to see from North Madera to South Fresno. In this month’s construction update we feature the Fresno Trench and State Route 180 Passageway where crews continue their excavation work under the highway.



Modesto residents paying millions for water plant. But why isn’t there more water?

Modesto Bee

Modesto doubled the size of its water treatment plant because it expected to double in population. That did not happen, but its residents are stuck paying for project.

EDITORIAL: Don’t reverse course on Delta twin-tunnels project   

Mercury News

The fate of the environmentally fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and the future cost of water in Silicon Valley once again rests with the Santa Clara Valley Water District board.


Central Valley Congressman Jim Costa Says Water Allocation For Farmers Should Not Take This Long

Sierra Sun Times

Congressman Costa has spent over 30 years working to secure safe and reliable water sources for the San Joaquin Valley, both in the California state legislature and in the U.S. Congress.



Elegant Auction raises $40,000 for community park

Sierra Star

The 33rd Annual Elegant Auction benefiting the Oakhurst Community Park raised $40,000 Saturday night. Held at the Golden Chain Theatre, Oakhurst Community Park Committee Chairman Andrew Pence called the night a ‘roaring’ success.


Modesto’s Dragonfly Tea Room opens just in time to help with your Mother’s Day plans

Modesto Bee

The true test of any tearoom is whether you’d take your mom there. And, trust me, if you don’t take your mom to the Dragonfly Tea Room she just might ask you to.


Record year for Give Big Kern

Bakersfield Californian

Give Big Kern had blown past the $150,000 raised during last year’s event, racking up an impressive $162,202.37 for 114 nonprofits in Kern County.

Support SPCA at annual Unleash Your Love event

The Bakersfield Californian

Looking a midweek pick-me-up? Then help some dogs and cats in need at the Bakersfield SPCA’s Unleash Your Love event!


Why Do Tumbleweeds Tumble?


Tumbleweeds might be the iconic props of classic Westerns. But in real life, they’re not only a noxious weed, but one that moves around. As they roll and bounce, pushed by gusts of wind, they can overwhelm entire neighborhoods, as happened recently in Victorville, California, or become a threat for drivers and an expensive nuisance for farmers.

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