July 16, 2018






Gavin Newsom campaign stop in Fresno July 17

Fresno Bee

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the frontrunner for California governor in November, will appear in Fresno on Tuesday. Details including time, location and purpose have not yet been released to the public, but spokesman Nathan Click confirmed that Newsom will be in town.

Gustine teen running for mayor


A North Valley teen wants to see a change in Gustine, so he's decided to run for Mayor. At 19, Zachery Ramos’ young age and mature decision surprised the community.


Former Tulare police chief files lawsuit seeking to get job back

Visalia Times-Delta

Former Tulare Police Chief Wes Hensley has filed a lawsuit to get his job back. In the lawsuit, Hensley is also seeking civil penalties and the cost of the suit and attorneys' fees.

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     Attorneys respond to former Tulare police chief's lawsuit Visalia Times-Delta


EDITORIAL: Fox News apologizes for fake news targeting Cal Poly SLO

Fresno Bee

We have a message for “Fox & Friends First”: Sorry don’t cut it.




Midterm primary turnout in California highest since 1998

The Hill

Voter turnout in California's midterm primary elections was reportedly the highest its been since 1998, according to new numbers. The Associated Press reported Friday that more than 37 percent of registered voters cast a ballot during the state's June primary.


California Democrats endorse de León for US Senate race, snubbing Feinstein

Sacramento Bee

The California Democratic Party on Saturday endorsed U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s challenger, highlighting the moderate lawmaker’s political disconnect with liberal activists in her home state.

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California needs more transparency about its lawmakers who sexually harass or discriminate

Los Angeles Times

The public has a right to know if the people they elect — hire, really — to represent their interests in Sacramento have groped staffers. And they deserve to know whether those who misbehave are being overpunished or underpunished.

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     California Enacts a Privileged Communication Law Regarding Sexual Harassment Claims Littler


Donations from candidate's father fueled high-spending race for California's No. 2 position

Los Angeles Times

It's a job that can be a stepping stone to one of the most powerful jobs in America, or nothing more than a political footnote. The race to become California's next lieutenant governor for the first time has two Democrats battling this November.


Suspected DUI driver plows into vehicle carrying State Controller Betty Yee

San Francisco Chronicle

California State Controller Betty Yee and her husband were recovering at home on Saturday after a driver suspected of being under the influence of marijuana plowed into their car a day earlier in the Posey Tube between Oakland and Alameda, officials said.


Walters: California vs. Trump over 2020 census


The 2020 federal census will provide the official population count, but there are rising fears among California’s political leaders, Democrats, and myriad civil rights groups that the census will severely undercount Californians for political reasons.

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      Opinion: Don't let children be undercounted in 2020 census Mercury News


Gov. Jerry Brown, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom lose 10% of followers after Twitter purge

Los Angeles Times

Two of California’s most prominent politicians lost a noticeable slice of Twitter followers this week, as the social media platform began a crackdown on accounts it deemed to be suspicious.

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     Filling the gaps in US data privacy laws Brookings

Lawmakers should not stifle innovation

Capitol Weekly

There is no doubt that California is the world’s leading edge of innovation, product safety and modernization. It’s curious then that a strongly anti-innovation bill is making its way through the Legislature.


A Fight for Men’s Rights, in California Courts

New York Times

Rich Allison, 47, is in a movement of men’s rights activists challenging female-focused businesses, marketing strategies, educational programs and civic projects that have surged since the election of President Trump in November 2016 and the #MeToo movement.




Mitch McConnell: Far-left scare tactics won't stop Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation

Visalia Times-Delta

President Donald Trump has chosen a superb nominee to serve on the Supreme Court. Through the most transparent and democratic process in recent memory, he has selected a brilliant judge with an outstanding reputation.

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Russian bots, trolls test waters ahead of US midterms

Sacramento Bee

Russian bots and trolls are deploying increasingly sophisticated, targeted tools. And a new indictment suggests the Kremlin itself was behind previous hacking efforts in support of Donald Trump.

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      GOP senators downplaying Russian interference shows how Trump has co-opted the party Washington Post


Trump resists Mueller interview, leaving difficult decision on subpoena before fall elections

Los Angeles Times

After months of negotiations failed to secure an interview with President Trump, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III warned the president’s lawyers during a contentious meeting this spring that he could use a grand jury subpoena if necessary to compel his testimony.


Trump hides losses at golf courses in Scotland from voters

McClatchy Washington Bureau

President Donald Trump’s pair of golf resorts in Scotland have steadily lost money, with losses calculated at $23 million the last year his company reported figures to United Kingdom officials.

Never Trumpers Will Want to Read This History Lesson
In the 1850s, disaffected Democrats made the wrenching choice to leave their party to save American democracy. Here’s what happened.

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Can truth survive this president? An honest investigation.

Washington Post

The disregard for honesty in the Trump era, with its ever-changing menu of “alternative facts,” is eliciting new research and polemics from philosophers, literary critics, political analysts and social scientists.

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     When it comes to lying, Trump is nonstop Washington Post


Study Looks at Role of Racial Resentment, Cultural Anxiety With Trump Supporters


Studies since the election have concluded that white Trump supporters are less motivated by economic pressures than by racial resentment and cultural anxiety brought about by social and demographic changes.


Regulatory lobbying has increased under the Trump administration, but the groups doing the lobbying may surprise you


While talk of whether Trump is or is not “draining the swamp” of lobbyists continues in Washington (and on Twitter), one form of lobbying—lobbying the White House about regulations—has quietly flown under the radar.

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       Big Banks Reshape Lobbying Game Wall Street Journal


VP Pence family's failed gas stations cost taxpayers $20M+

AP News

The collapse of Kiel Bros. Oil Co. in 2004 was widely publicized. Less known is that the state of Indiana — and, to a smaller extent, Kentucky and Illinois — are still on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up more than 85 contaminated sites across the three states.

John Kerry rebuts Trump, says NATO spending was up, not down


Former Secretary of State John Kerry took exception to President Donald Trump’s criticism of the NATO allies at the recent meeting in Brussels.




First Amendment widely supported, although most don’t know what’s in it

Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust

An annual survey of attitudes about the First Amendment found that a vast majority of Americans support the amendment and the freedoms it guarantees.


How closures of local newspaper increase local government borrowing costs


Local newspaper closures increase local government borrowing costs, according to a paper to be presented at the 2018 Municipal Finance Conference at Brookings.


When Spies Hack Journalism

New York Times

For decades, leakers of confidential information to the press were a genus that included many species: the government worker infuriated by wrongdoing, the ideologue pushing a particular line, the politico out to savage an opponent.


Skelton: Larry Thomas was a political practitioner who knew how to work in the heat and keep cool

Los Angeles Times

Politics today is uncivil. But it’s too simple to say it used to be less vicious, rosy nostalgia aside. It has always been bloody. Think back to 1994.


The trouble with polling
As political pundits and the general public prepare for the 2018 midterm elections this fall, it’s a safe bet that pollsters will undergo fresh scrutiny. Questions are still being raised about their performance in the 2016 presidential election.


EDITORIAL: Encourage more robo-calls? No, no, no!

San Diego Union-Tribune

There are few annoyances as constant in modern life as robo-calls. Despite a 1991 federal law meant to limit them, robo-calls to Americans set a new record last month with 4.1 billion, according to the company behind the YouMail call-blocking application.


In about 20 years, half the population will live in eight states

Washington Post

In 2040, eight states will have just under half of the total population of the country, 49.5 percent, according to the Weldon Cooper Center’s estimate.


EDITORIAL: Papa John’s apology half-baked

Stockton Record

What you do in the dark is revealed when it is brought into the light. And then the consequences follow. John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s Pizza, resigned as chairman of the company last week after Forbes magazine reported he used the N-word during a conference call in May.





Sunday, July 29, at 10 a.m. on ABC 30 – Maddy Report“The Federal Reserve Does Community Development: Who Knew?” – Guest: Leilani Barnett, Regional Manager for Community Development of the Federal Bank of San Francisco . Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.


Sunday, July 29, at 10 a.m. on Newstalk 580AM/105.9FM (KMJ) – Maddy Report​​ ​​ - Valley Views Edition“Community Development in the Valley: A Federal Response” – Guests: Mike Dozier, Former Executive Director of the Office of Economic and Community Development at Fresno State; Ben Duran, President and CEO of the Great Valley Center; Fresno EDC Director of Business Expansion & Retention, Victor Bribiesca; and Prof. Antonio Alavos, Chair of the Economics Dept. at Cal State Fresno. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.


Sunday, July 29, at 7:30 a.m. on UniMas 61 (KTTF) – El Informe Maddy: “State Auditor's Report on Medication of Foster Kids”  Guest: Mony Flores-Bauer, League of Women Voters in California. Host: Ana Melendes.


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Increased Chinese Tariffs Could put California Producers in a Tight Spot

California Ag Today

The ongoing threat of Chinese tariffs on American agriculture has recently been the topic of conversation for agriculturalists. With China posing a possible 25 percent tariff on U.S. soybeans back in April, it seems this conversation is here to stay.


Time for California Table Grapes

California Ag Today

You might want to take a second look when reaching for fresh grapes in your local grocery store, said Kathleen Nave, president of the Fresno-based California Table Grape Commission.  She urged buyers to choose California table grapes when grocery shopping.


Meet 'The Melonator,' a harvesting machine developed to counter California minimum wage increase, farmworker shortage

Desert Sun
Growers say innovation is needed as a worker shortage and new state labor regulations drive up costs, making it harder to compete with operations in Mexico.

Podcast: Two Senators on How They Got a Bipartisan Farm Bill

Roll Call

Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas and the Agriculture panel's ranking Democrat, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, explain their bipartisan approach as they prepare for a fight with the House conservatives pushing the food stamp changes.


How Science Ruined Tomatoes (and How It Can Fix Them)


How tomatoes went from a sweet-savory summer treat to something watery and bland presents not just a chemical and genetic mystery, but an economic and cultural one.


Pot equity program hurting those it was meant to help

San Francisco Chronicle

The goal of the pot equity program was to allow people living in parts of the city disproportionately affected by the failed war on drugs to get to the front of the pack of businesses seeking fortune in California’s cannabis gold rush.






Homicide: Gangs aside, many victims knew their killers

Fresno Bee

Last year was a bloody one for homicides in Fresno County, with 85 cases making 2017 the deadliest in more than 20 years.
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     Fresno gang member challenged judge over the law. 13 years later, the gang member won Fresno Bee

     Special Report: Violent Crime In Stockton “Picking Up the Pieces” Stockton Record


EDITORIAL: California doesn't need to roll back its criminal justice reforms to do a better job fighting crime

Los Angeles Times

In the statute books, California has changed sentencing policies to make them more rational and just, and to ensure that costly prison beds are used for only the most serious criminals. On the ground, though, police and prosecutors have been slow to update their practices, and that has gotten in the way of their ability to fight crime.


Public Safety:


Parents talk water safety while visiting Kern River, Hart Park Lake

Bakersfield Californian

There have been two apparent drownings in Kern County bodies of water over the past few weeks, stark reminders of how an afternoon cooling off in a lake or river can quickly turn deadly.


California Assault Weapon Owners Face Legal Jeopardy After State Agency’s Website Crash

Capital Public Radio

Second Amendment groups in California say a state website’s crash could turn thousands of gun owners into felons after they were blocked from registering their firearms ahead of a state imposed deadline.

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      More Research Could Help Prevent Gun Violence in America RAND


Want to Reduce the Number of People in Prison? Stop Sentencing So Many People to Prison.

The Nation

California still spends more than $20 billion a year on incarceration and responding to crime, when you include state and county dollars. These are dollars that could be going to any number of priorities.




Residents fleeing Ferguson Fire hope for best, as fire tops 4,000 acres

Fresno Bee

The fire by Sunday afternoon had burned 4,310 acres, with just 2 percent contained by firefighters, as it forced more than 50 people from their homes near El Portal, according to Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service. In addition, a Cal Fire firefighter was killed Saturday while battling the blaze.

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     Wildfire causes evacuations, road closure just west of Yosemite Fresno Bee

     Ferguson Fire at 4,000 acres, evacuation advisory in effect ABC30

     Yosemite wildfire closes highway, kills firefighter Visalia Times-Delta

     Firefighter killed while battling blaze near Yosemite National Park Los Angeles Times

     Fire near Yosemite explodes as officials mourn firefighter killed on front lines Los Angeles Times

     Deadly Yosemite fire grows to 4,310 acres, evacuations ordered San Francisco Chronicle

     California firefighter dies battling blaze near Yosemite National Park UPI

     Smoke from Ferguson Fire blowing into San Joaquin Valley, prompting air quality caution Bakersfield Californian

     Watch: Governor candidates on how they would tackle California wildfires CALmatters

     Deadly fire shuts down key route to Yosemite National Park AP News


'Controlled Burns' Can Help Solve California's Fire Problem -- So Why Aren't There More of Them?


With climate change, wildfires threaten disaster and chaos in more California communities, more often. Experts say it’s possible to avoid catastrophic harm to human and forest health by setting planned burns before human error, lightning or arson choose when fires start.

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     Fighting Fire with Fire: Rethinking Forest Management The Maddy Report


Firefighters face possible OT cuts as negotiations for new union contract begin

Bakersfield Californian

Nobody doubts that Kern County firefighters work hard to keep area communities safe. But as negotiations for a new union contract ramp up, the county hopes to get some of those firefighters to work less.






What city is hit hardest by extreme poverty in your state? In Calif. It’s Visalia-Porterville

USA Today

The Department of Health and Human Services sets the poverty threshold at $25,100 for a family of four in the contiguous United States. The share of Americans living in poverty climbed from 13.8 percent to 15.1 percent between 2010 and 2016.


California Must Be Doing Something Right in Trump’s America


Just about every policy Donald Trump imposes to make his America great is opposed by the world's fifth-largest economy. That would be California, which is growing faster and outperforming the U.S. in job growth, manufacturing, and personal income.


The Next Gov. Should Set Goals to Break California’s Dickensian Economy

Fox & Hounds

Our next Governor will face the daunting challenge of an economy. Sadly, this Dickensian economy, though affording great bounty to those at the top, is failing to help those who work the hardest, middle- and lower-income earners.

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     EDITORIAL: California’s Mortgage Fraud Wall Street Journal


Supporting Working Mothers in California

California Budget & Policy Center

The share of women balancing work and family life has risen dramatically over the past half century, and now more than ever women’s paid work is critical to the financial well-being of their families.


Glaring Problem: Trump tariff trade war with China, Canada, EU, Mexico has no goal, end

Business Insider

In just over four months, President Donald Trump has managed to assault the international trading order, kick off trade battles with key allies, and push the US into a full-blown trade war with China. But amid the flurry and sudden rush of trade protectionism, Trump's goal in the end remains a mystery.

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     Foreign Relations Panel Shows Bipartisan Scorn for Administration Trade Agenda Washington Post

     Evidence That New Tariffs, Not Immigrants, Are Costing Jobs Forbes

     It’s time for Republicans to end Trump’s trade war AEI

     U.S. Stocks Resilient in Trade Spat, Sparking Complacency Fears Wall Street Journal

     Trump's trade offensive is producing brutal local headlines Washington Post


Is the US economy stronger than we think? Probably


The US economy keeps generating gobs of jobs, but we’re still waiting for a pickup in economic growth. Real GDP growth was up just 2.3 percent last year and 2 percent in the first three months of this year.

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     America's Top States for Business 2018 CNBC

     Survey of economists: US sales and employment likely to grow AP News

     Trump Inflates GDP Growth Fact Check

     Foreign investment in the United States plunged 32% in 2017 CNN




Valley Ventures helps entrepreneurs earn millions of dollars

Fresno State

In its first year, the Valley Ventures Accelerator has helped 25 companies attract $10 million in sales and $9 million in investment capital.


New deputy director appointed to Small Business Administration in Fresno

Business Journal

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has appointed George Flores the new Deputy Director for its Fresno District.


Workers claim injuries all over their bodies for big payouts — but continue their active lives

Los Angeles Times

Claims involving at least five injured body parts have become by far the most common in California, according to a Times data analysis of millions of workers’ compensation cases spanning nearly three decades.


Worker wages drop while companies spend billions to boost stocks

CBS News

Six months after the Tax Cut and Jobs Act became law, there's still little evidence that the average job holder is feeling the benefit.

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     Wages aren’t rising. These theories could explain why. Washington Post


To Restore U.S. Competitiveness, Pass the JOBS Act 3.0

Wall Street Journal

Excessive regulation has stalled startups and IPOs. The Senate should now act to get out of the way.





Special ed students twice as likely to be suspended at FUSD

Fresno Bee

An audit of Fresno Unified’s special education services found that the district struggles to include students with disabilities in traditional classrooms, and suspends students with individualized education plans at more than double the rate of their general education peers.

First 5 invests $250,000-plus in programming for children

Madera Tribune

In a time of declining tobacco revenues, First 5 Madera County continues to make the needs of young children a priority in Madera County. During a Commission meeting on June 6, more than $250,000 of funding was approved to reach children and parents throughout Madera County this year.


Districts use incentives, non-credentialed teachers to address shortage

Bakersfield Californian

Teacher shortages continues to be an issue across the state and beyond, but that may not be visibly apparent on school campuses across Kern County. That’s because many districts have taken significant steps to meet their staffing needs.


Walters: California’s school war will have new political players


Over the last half-decade, California has spent many billions of dollars to close the “achievement gap” that separates poor and “English learner” K-12 students from their more privileged classmates.


Educators to Trump school safety commission: Don’t repeal Obama discipline guidelines


As the federal commission on school safety ramps up its schedule of public forums, an unusually broad array of individuals and organizations has sent a letter imploring DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to retain federal guidelines issued by the Obama administration to combat racial disparities in school discipline.


Billionaires fuel powerful state charter groups

AP News

Dollar for dollar, the beleaguered movement to bring charter schools to Washington state has had no bigger champion than billionaire Bill Gates.


A Nationwide Look at Teacher Perceptions of Feedback and Evaluation Systems: Findings from the American Teacher Panel


In recent years, state and local education leaders across the United States have revised their teacher evaluation policies and practices in an effort to enhance the quality of evaluation measures and improve instructional practices.


Straight up conversation: Nat Malkus on what’s next for teachers’ unions after Janus


My friend and colleague Nat Malkus has been tracking the implications of the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision for quite a while. Given that, I was curious to hear his take on the case, what’s gotten missed amid the frenzied aftermath, and what comes next.


Higher Ed:



New CSUB president believes Roadrunner athletics is on right track

Bakersfield Californian

Lynnette Zelezny’s first day as president of Cal State Bakersfield came on July 2 as she became the fifth president in school history and first woman in the role.


Four new members appointed to Fresno State University Advisory Board

Fresno State

President Joseph I. Castro announced four appointments to the University Advisory Board, a 25-member panel of community members that provides strategic input on development of the University. Members generally serve three-year terms.


Bakersfield College Parking Lots Use Measure J Funds

Bakersfield Californian

Heavy equipment operator Mario Ornelas prepares the circle drive in front of the Bakersfield College administration building for paving. Roads and parking lots on the Bakersfield College campus are being prepared for paving using some of the $502 million Measure J funds.


Agriculture Grads in High Demand

California Ag Today

There is a big demand for college graduates with agricultural degrees, especially in plant and crop sciences. California Ag Today spoke with Shannon Douglass, first vice president of the California Farm Bureau Federation, about the need for agriculture grads.


Building a force for change

Stockton Record

This summer, seven fellows — six from various UC campuses and the seventh a University of the Pacific graduate —  have paid summer positions thanks to the brand-new Stockton Urban Revitalization Fellowship, or SURF.


To Recruit Students, Colleges Turn to Corporate-Marketing Playbook

Wall Street Journal

Schools are borrowing retailers’ approach in analyzing consumer databases and triggering online ads.


Why Do Women Shun STEM? It’s Complicated
Wall Street Journal

University of Washington lecturer Stuart Reges—in a provocative essay, “Why Women Don’t Code”—suggests that women’s verbal and analytical skills lead to career choices outside STEM.


EDITORIAL: UC readies for a surge of transfer students

San Francisco Chronicle

The University of California is launching one of its biggest changes ever, and it’s about time. Under political duress and upon reflection, the top ranked system is opening the door in a major way for transfer students.






Need to File an Air Quality Complaint? Here’s How

Valley Air

Complaints should be reported as quickly as possible after you detect an offensive odor, observe smoke, fallout, dust or any other air pollution problem.


It’s mid-July, and the heat isn’t going anywhere soon

Modesto Bee

The Weather Service repeated its summer advice: Stay hydrated. Dress for the heat. Limit your time outside. Check on people and pets who might be at risk.

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       Climate change is behind the global heat wave. Why won't the media say it? Los Angeles Times

       California Is Preparing for Extreme Weather. It’s Time to Plant Some Trees  New York Times


New EPA Head Andrew Wheeler Vows to Be ‘Stabilizing Force’ After Pruitt Turmoil
Wall Street Journal

Energy companies and trade groups harbor one big hope for the new leader of the Environmental Protection Agency: a steady hand. Lobbyists say longtime Washington insider Andrew Wheeler will likely better marshal bureaucracy to realize Trump agenda.



Power savings to pay for new streetlights in six years

Bakersfield Californian

It was a big project. And it was done (almost) on time. The cooperative effort between the City of Bakersfield and PG&E to replace 12,865 old “cobra head” street light fixtures with more efficient LED lights was scheduled to be completed by June 30.


California slashes emissions, hits major greenhouse gas goal years early
San Francisco Chronicle

In a major win for California’s fight against global warming, the state appears to have hit its first target for cutting greenhouse gases — and it reached the goal early.

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     California’s Progress on Greenhouse Gas Reductions: A Review of the Numbers California Center for Jobs & the Economy

     U.S. CO2 Levels Drop Again — So Why Aren't Green Groups Rejoicing? Investor’s Business Daily

     Trump Says Environmental Regulations Tank The Economy. California Is Proving Him Wrong. BuzzFeed

     EDITORIAL: Surprise! California cracked down on carbon and its economy is still booming Los Angeles Times


Power play: How California lawmakers are trying to navigate a changing energy landscape


State lawmakers, faced with a transformed energy landscape and a glut of renewable power as California charges into a greener future, are considering a handful of measures to meet the state’s energy challenges.






FDA recalls heart med Valsartan citing cancer concerns

Fresno Bee

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a voluntary recall of several medications that contain the active ingredient valsartan, which is used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure.


Reedley hospital board members endorse Adventist as TRMC administrator

Visalia Times-Delta

Kathy Omachi says she walks the hallways of what's now called Adventist Health Reedley, touching the walls to ensure the facility is really there. Affirmation is needed to ensure what once seemed lost and gone is still standing. If Reedley's story sounds familiar, that's because it is.


Kern Public Health’s lab gets high-tech upgrade

Bakersfield Californian

There’s a new room in the Kern County Public Health building known as the “Ebola Room.” The health department has recently constructed a new addition to its lab, with the ostensible goal of testing for the Ebola virus should an outbreak ever occur in the region.


Not Just An Apple A Day: California Doctors Start Prescribing Medically Tailored Meals


In California, doctors are prescribing food as medicine to treat low-income patients with congestive heart failure. The program delivers medically tailored meals to 1,000 patients in eight counties across the state


More California kids are having pot-related health scares, poison control officials warn
Los Angeles Times
State and local officials say they are alarmed by a spike in calls they have received to report children and teenagers ingesting marijuana products since California legalized cannabis for recreational use by adults in 2016.


Webcast: U.S. Senator Susan Collins on Addressing Rising Drug Prices

Pew Charitable Trusts

Addressing skyrocketing drug prices is a priority for Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), who has earned a national reputation for working across party lines to advance evidence-based solutions to pressing policy issues during 20 years in office.


Human Services:


Program fighting mosquitoes with mosquitoes expands


This summer Debug Fresno vans have been making daily rounds in three neighborhoods. They're releasing male mosquitoes infected with a bacteria called Wolbachia. Don't worry, male mosquitoes don't bite people and can't spread the bacteria to humans or other insects.


Visalia nursing home hit with hefty fine after patient death
Visalia Times-Delta

A Visalia healthcare center will pay a hefty fine to the state’s department of public health after a family of a patient said staff caused the death of their loved one.

See also:

     Most nursing homes are not adequately staffed, new federal data says PBS NewsHour


Senate Finance Subcommittee Considers Paid Family Leave Proposal


A Senate Finance subcommittee examined the issue of paid family leave that allows workers time off for maternity or paternity leave, or to care for a sick family member.


Are adult foster homes a good long-term care option?

PBS NewsHour

These small-setting, family-like environments blend neatly into local communities, and are a viable housing option for older adults who may need help with daily living basics, but not the clinical care or amenities of traditional assisted living facilities and nursing homes.


Trump Administration Denies Threatening Ecuador Over A Breastfeeding Resolution


U.S. officials made threats to Ecuador in an attempt to water down a resolution in support of breastfeeding, according to a report in The New York Times.


Once Militantly Anti-Abortion, Evangelical Minister Now Lives 'With Regret'


After more than 20 years in the movement, Evangelical minister Rob Schenck experienced a change of heart. Though firm in his evangelicalism, he has disavowed his militant anti-abortion stance.




New U.S. asylum rules bring confusion, fear and few options for immigrants

Fresno Bee

Thousands of immigrants, many from Central America, are asking for asylum in the U.S. based on rampant gang violence or domestic abuse in their countries of origin. But two new actions by the Trump administration in recent weeks mean few of them are likely to win their arguments.

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     Even with a green card, an immigrant can be deported under new guidelines Sacramento Bee

     Green card won’t save documented immigrants from deportation Fresno Bee

     Jeff Sessions' false claim that 80 percent of asylum applications are without merit PolitiFact


Legal residents first. Don’t separate families. California leaders advise DC on immigration
Modesto Bee

Although some of the Influencers suggested state level policy measures such as workplace protections and access to health care, most recognized that the most pressing changes to immigration policy must be accomplished by federal rather than state government.

US judge criticizes plan to reunify families split at border

Sacramento Bee

A federal judge, responding to a plan to reunify children separated at the border, said he was having second thoughts about his belief that the Trump administration was acting in good faith to comply with his orders.

See also:

     Trump closed a little-known door for family reunification, leaving refugees stranded Los Angeles Times

     Did the Obama Administration Separate Families? Fact Check


Poll: Where You Watch TV News Predicts Your Feelings On Immigration


When it comes to immigration policy, American opinions often break down along party lines, with most Republicans supporting President Trump, and Democrats vigorously opposed.


Republicans Put Immigration Divisions on Hold for ICE Messaging Votes

Roll Call

Lacking a unified strategy on most immigration policy, Republicans are looking to temporarily set aside their differences and highlight an issue that has divided Democrats.

See also:

      Opinion: Push to Abolish ICE Is the New ‘Repeal and Replace’ Roll Call


The DACA Population Numbers


President Donald Trump said he has “heard” varying numbers on the DACA population — from 650,000 to 3 million. In fact, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said there were 689,800 active DACA recipients as of Sept. 4, 2017.


Stepping Up to Help ‘Vulnerable’ L.G.B.T. Migrants

New York Times

Violence in Central America has brought thousands of L.G.B.T. migrants to the United States border to seek asylum in recent years, hoping to find protection from persecution over their gender identity and sexuality.




Land Use:


New Visalia development has residents buzzing

Visalia Times-Delta

new development on the corner of Mooney Boulevard and Walnut Avenue has Visalia residents buzzing. The nearly-completed building has room for three tenants, one of which has a drive-thru window facing Mooney. Rumor has it Dunkin' Donuts will soon be filling the space.


Downtown Hanford fills up

Hanford Sentinel

After years of seeing empty buildings and storefronts, downtown Hanford seems to be going through a transformation. “We’ve kind of had a surge of  businesses interested in opening in downtown Hanford,” Michelle Brown, executive director of Main Street Hanford, said.




California’s largest energy-saving home development being built in Clovis

Fresno Bee

De Young Properties is building a 36-single-family energy efficient development at Shaw and Highland avenues in southeast Clovis. It is the largest development of its kind in the state and could serve as a model for meeting the looming energy saving mandate.


Developer says improvements are almost ready for downtown

Madera Tribune

A consultant Wednesday evening told a meeting of the Madera Housing Authority about how he sees chances for improving downtown Madera by building low-cost housing where now are empty parking lots and unused buildings.


State Democratic Leaders Endorse Proposition to Repeal Rent Control Law


California Democratic leaders have endorsed Proposition 10, which would allow California cities to increase the use of rent control. Board members overwhelmingly voted on Sunday to endorse the proposition for the November elections.

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Homeless in California—what the data reveals


California is struggling to confront its homelessness crisis: After big-city mayors up and down the state lobbied hard for more funding, state leaders agreed to spend an additional $600 million this month to help fight the problem.


One legacy of the housing crisis: risky rent-to-own deals


Many rent-to-own and other "seller-financed" housing schemes target low-income people of color, who can't access traditional credit, attorney Sarah Mancini said. “It's partly based on the history of racial, residential segregation across the country,” she said.


Under US housing policies, homeowners mostly win, while renters mostly lose


The public sector plays a relatively small role in U.S. housing markets, compared to many other developed countries. Because housing is essential for families’ well-being, however, policymakers take keen interest in the availability, quality, cost, and location of housing.




Council to discuss sales tax measure

Hanford Sentinel

The Lemoore City Council is holding a public hearing Tuesday to discuss a 1 percent sales tax increase in the city. Currently, the sales tax in Lemoore is 7.25 percent. The increase would bring it to 8.25 percent.


Modesto starts investigation after audit says it misspent as much as $1.94 million

Modesto Bee

Modesto is launching a personnel investigation after an audit faulted the city for how it spent federal housing money and recommended it repay the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as much as $1.94 million.


Why California business leaders are fighting to save the gas tax increase

Sacramento Bee

It’s not often the California Chamber of Commerce endorses a tax increase. You are more likely to see such legislative proposals – on high-income earners, on services, on corporations — make the “job killers” list that the state’s largest business advocacy organization puts out each year to beat back bills it doesn’t like.

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     Contractors, labor pour millions into campaign to save California gas tax hike for road repairs Los Angeles Times


Opportunity zones provide chance to increase private investment in our community

Bakersfield Californian

A large portion of Bakersfield has received a special designation by the federal government allowing private investors to take advantage of reductions in capital gains taxes. We should seize this opportunity.


If state Supreme Court rules against San Diego on pensions, it could could cost city millions

San Diego Union-Tribune

The state Supreme Court strongly indicated in May that it will rule San Diego’s six-year-old pension cutbacks are illegal, but crucial questions remain about how the court might order the problem fixed and how much it could cost the city’s taxpayers.


California voters almost always say yes to bonds, but don't always understand the trade-offs

Los Angeles Times

Perhaps more than any state, Californians govern themselves through the ballot. Most of the attention goes to the laws they write, but voters also spend taxpayer money — a lot of it.


At state level, GOP renews push to require ‘supermajorities’ for tax hikes, imperiling progressive agenda

Washington Post

For Republicans, the effort aims to ensure conservative policies govern the state even if they are voted out of office — a very real possibility ahead of midterms featuring tough polling and an unpopular president.


2018-19 State Budget Invests in Reserves and an Array of Vital Services, Sets Course for Future Advances

California Budget & Policy Center

Earlier today, Governor Jerry Brown signed more than 20 bills in the 2018-19 state budget package, his final budget as Governor. The new budget package forecasts revenues that are $8.0 billion higher than projected in January, due to strong economic growth.


Why delaying Social Security reform now could cause our children's wealth to shrink further


In early June 2018, the Social Security Trustees board reported that the Social Security Trust Funds — a main source of funding for Social Security benefits aggregated from Social Security taxes — would be depleted by 2034.

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Help FAX improve transit! Attend a Fixed-Route Public Involvement Workshop in November 2017

Fresno Area Express

The City of Fresno is making a significant investment to improve Fresno Area Express (FAX) services.  We need your help envisioning a FAX transit system that reflects your and the community’s needs to improve your experience on FAX. 


Struggling airport, growing city: What's up with that?

Bakersfield Californian

One measure of a city's economic prowess, and thus its place in the American landscape, is its access by air to and from the world beyond its borders. By that measure, Bakersfield is to say, just a few notches above irrelevance.


Davis, California, is Still One of the Safest Cities to Bike

Next City

Davis, California tops the list of safest cities for cyclists (no surprise there, considering Davis is essentially built around a massive employment center, UC Davis, that’s closed to cars).


EDITORIAL: DMV, investigate thyself

San Francisco Chronicle

The miseries of the California Department of Motor Vehicles have graduated from cliche to commodity. The DMV should be investigating how its dysfunction got severe enough to become a profit center.




The Valley floor is sinking, and it’s crippling California’s ability to deliver water

Fresno Bee
The Friant-Kern has been crippled by a phenomenon known as subsidence. The canal is​​ 
sinking as the Valley floor beneath it slowly caves in, brought down by years of groundwater extraction by the region’s farmers.

Who is using our rivers, draining our aquifers? It’s you

Modesto Bee

Since 1975, farmers here have doubled crop production from every “unit” of water. But this technology does nothing to replenish underlying aquifers, meaning those dependent on groundwater – including city dwellers – have less to drink.


Grinding of water regulation is about to arrive from Manteca to Merced

Modesto Bee

The State Water Resources Control Board is back with a final draft order that would dramatically reduce water that can be used for cities and farms to grow and thrive.


If state is serious about our water, we won’t suffer

Modesto Bee

If state water regulators are sincere about improving the plight of salmon on our rivers, Assemblyman Adam Gray has a suggestion for them. First acknowledge the people living here “can’t be net losers,” then ask for the water.

New Groundwater Laws May Be Coming To California’s Premier Wine-Growing Region

Pacific Standard

California's premier wine-growing region has been identified for more regulation under the state's new groundwater law, likely resulting in new fees and limits on water extraction for the industry.


California Is Preparing for Extreme Weather. It’s Time to Plant Some Trees.
New York Times

The state expects drier dry years and wetter wet ones in the decades ahead. That means projects to restore river habitats now serve another purpose: battling the coming floods.




CMAC helps community share its important stories

Fresno Bee

The Community Media Access Collaborative Fresno/Clovis (CMAC) concept is simple: programming created by members of the community to air on television. After taking several classes, I was allowed to create my own content.


Yosemite rangers, paramedic receive Department of Interior Valor Awards

Sierra Star

Two Yosemite National Park rangers and a park paramedic were honored on the Fourth of July at the 73rd Honor Award Convocation Ceremony in Washington, D.C.


Exhibit Captures The Valley's Rural African-American Communities In The 1960's With Rare Photos

Valley Public Radio

A new exhibit at the Fresno Art Museum opening Friday July 13th, sheds new light on the history of rural African-American communities in the San Joaquin Valley. It features the work of photographer and journalist Ernest Lowe.


Highway 1 reopens Friday, ending 18 months of epic U-turns along California’s coastal journey

San Jose Mercury News

Finally, the iconic Highway 1 — the “longest dead end” in California — will reopen at this scenic outpost south of Big Sur on Friday, relieving 18 months of epic inconvenience along the coastal journey between the Bay Area and LA.


Theatre Arts alumna to compete for Miss California 2018

Fresno State

Kindle Lynn Cowger, an acting student from the Department of Theatre Arts, was crowned Miss Fresno County 2018 in March. Kindle will now compete for Miss California from June 27-30, which has been held in Fresno since 1994 and will take place in Downtown Fresno at the Saroyan Theater.


Valley Cultural Calendar Thursday, July 12, 2018

Valley Cultural Coalition

Great things are happening in the Valley. Here's a list of VCC member offerings to keep you busy and entertained!


Be Public Live Event: The Future Of The Arts In The Valley

Valley Public Radio

As the valley continues to grow and audiences and donors change, what does this mean for local arts organizations? Those issues will be the subject of a Be Public Live forum at Valley Public Radio's Broadcast Center in Clovis at 6:00 PM on Wednesday July 18th.


First look inside Manchester Center's makeover


When Manchester Center's makeover is complete, you won't recognize it. On Friday, Action News got a first look at what's planned for the mall and why the old Gottschalk's building will soon be a gathering spot.


Kuppa Joy brewing up success and celebrating Madera expansion


Kuppa Joy already has a couple drive-thrus and locations in Clovis and Fresno. The newest expansion in Madera will open Friday for coffee lovers to enjoy.


Bako-based Temblor Brewing Co. wins gold at beer championship

Bakersfield Californian

Bakersfield-based Temblor Brewing Co.'s El Cerrito Mexican Style Lager has won a gold medal at the U.S. Open Beer Championship in the American Premium Lager category.


Take me home! Dogs available for adoption

Bakersfield Californian

These three dogs at Kern County Animal Services are looking for their forever homes. Can you help? Also, visit any Wednesday from 5 to 6:30 p.m. for a weekly low-cost vaccination, licensing and microchipping clinic.


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