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  • When was the Maddy Institute established?
  • What does the Maddy Institute do?
  • How does the Maddy Institute operate?
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When was the Maddy Institute established?

The Maddy Institute was established in September 1999 by a unanimous vote of the California Legislature in honor of Senator Kenneth L. Maddy, whose legislative career exemplified the successful application of integrity, bipartisanship and effectiveness in the political process.

It began operations in the Spring of 2000.

For more information see: Carrying on Maddy’s Work; Fresno State Institute is Dedicated to Improving Public Policy,” Fresno Bee (October 6, 1999)

What does the Maddy Institute do?

The Maddy Institute was established to engage, prepare and inspire the next generation of government leaders and civil servants.

Our activities primarily focus on:

  • Citizen Participation: To engage citizens of all ages to become active citizens, the Maddy Institute encourages citizen participation through informed political dialogue.
  • Policy Analysis: The Maddy Institute, though its public affairs programming and seminars, strives to present thoughtful, non-partisan, discussions that rely on a fact-based, objective analysis of the important public policy issues facing the San Joaquin Valley, California and the Nation. 
  • Government Leadership:  We strive to both improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government, as well as preparing the next generation of public, private and community leaders.  Senator Maddy was particularly passionate about the role of the political process in a democratic society—and the importance of having university students learn, first hand, about how the legislative process works:

“One of the things we want to do is influence young people to get involved in politics. The Institute should teach students about the complexity of a democracy at work and the passionate issues that motivate constituents and their elected representatives.”  

Senator Kenneth L. Maddy

To that end, the Maddy Institute offers an extensive government intern program, offering university students the opportunity to work in federal and state legislative offices in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento, as well as local government offices throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Our programs include:

How Does The Maddy Institute Operate?

The Maddy Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported by an initial endowment from the State of California, as well as on-going support from public and private foundation grants, partnerships with related organizations and from the generous support of its home campus, California State University, Fresno.

The Maddy Institute policy is set by its Board of Directors, comprised of political, governmental, educational, civic and business leaders from throughout California.  The day-to-day operations are administered by the Institute’s Executive Director, Program Coordinator and staff.  

On-going Institute projects include the Maddy Legislative Intern Scholar Program, our weekly TV (The Maddy Report and El Informe Maddy), radio and podcast (The Maddy Report – Valley Views Edition) public affairs programming, and the Maddy Associates Lecture Series.  The Editor of the Maddy Daily is responsible for the publication of our news aggregator in an accurate and timely manner.

For more information see: “Maddy Institute Promotes Public Policy,” Visalia Times Delta (April 21, 2012)