California’s Agricultural Value Train: Cultivating (Economic) Growth?


Agriculture is an essential part of California’s economy. Each year, billions of dollars in products are created in California and the San Joaquin Valley in the undisputed food capital of the California. While farm employment continues to decline due to innovation and mechanization, developing an “Ag Value Chain” — which includes the support, production, processing, packaging, and distribution of food — could have a significant impact on the region’s future economic vitality.

Projections are that, with the right strategies and actions, California’s Ag Value Chain could create 182,000 jobs in the next five years. What government and industry actions will be needed to create these jobs? We’ll ask: Karen Ross, Secretary of the CA Dept. of Food and agriculture, USDA Rural Development State Director Dr. Glenda Humiston, and Paul Wenger, President of the CA Farm Bureau Federation.