California Retrospective: A Conversation with George Skelton


Political columnist George Skelton has seen a lot since he started covering state politics in 1974. A lot has changed in CA from Ronald Reagan being Governor to the passage of Prop 13 in 1978 that limited property taxes, to Prop 98 in 1988 that continues to mandate a minimum level of school funding, to Prop 184 in 1994 that established CA’s toughest in the nation Three Strikes Law, to the return of Jerry Brown as Governor in 2011 — 36 years after he was first elected Governor in 1975.

In the first of a multi-part retrospective series on CA politics, we’ll look back at state politics and discuss how state government has changed.

The Dean of the Capitol Press Corps, LA Times columnist George Skelotn, comments on this episode of the Maddy Report.

Commentary provided by Jeff Cummins, CSU Fresno political science professor; Don Jackson; and Dean Florez, Ret. State Senator.