California 2025: Planning for a Better Future


What will CA be like in 2025 — and how to we begin now to plan for a better future? What kind of population growth will CA experience — who will they be? And where will they live? What about CA’s long term economic prospects? What are the opportunities? What are the threats to our economic prosperity? What are CA’s growing water management challenges — and how can they be solved?

CA is facing these and other challenges. What are the future consequences of policy choice made today?

Mark Baldassare, President and CEO of the Public Policy Institute of CA, an organization that conducts a well-respected statewide survey and who recently released a report on the state’s most pressing long term policy choice, comments on this episode of the Maddy Report.

Commentary provided by Juan Arambula, formerly on the Fresno School Board, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, and a Member of the State Assembly; Justin Stoner, who has been active in local and state politics as a Republican, including stints as the District Director for Republican Minority Leader Assemblymember Connie Conway and, prior to that as District Director for Republican Congressman Devin Nunes; and John Arthur, VP and Executive Editor of the Bakersfield Californian.