Cal Dooley Leadership Fund

The Cal Dooley Leadership Fund was created to honor the service of Congressman Cal Dooley who served as a Member of Congress, representing the 20th District of California from 1990-2004.

Dooley is a fourth-generation San Joaquin Valley farmer and partner in Dooley Farms of the Hanford-Visalia area. He served on the House of Representatives’ Committees on Agriculture and Resources, and served as ranking minority member on the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight, Nutrition and Forestry.

In addition to his committee assignments, Dooley was a co-founder and Executive Council Board Member of the New Democrat Coalition–a group of centrist, pro-growth members of the U.S. House of Representatives who are working to find mainstream, bipartisan solutions to our nation’s problems.

In 2004, Congressman Dooley was the recipient of the Rose Ann Vuich Ethical Leadership Award for “…his integrity, strength of character, exemplary ethical behavior, ability to build consensus, service for the public interest and his vision for enhancing the community.”

When he retired, The Fresno Bee noted that “Cal Dooley’s 14 years in Congress were successful because he was willing to work across party lines for the good of the San Joaquin Valley. That bipartisan approach is crucial for a region whose political clout is limited because of its lack of population….His brand of politics will be missed by his Valley constituents.” “Honoring Dooley,” Fresno Bee (November 26, 2004).

The Cal Dooley Leadership Fund was established to develop programs to support, encourage and train elected officials to serve the public in the bipartisan, ethical, problem-solving and respectful style of Cal Dooley and Ken Maddy.

Cal Dooley is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Chemistry Council, America’s oldest trade association of its kind, representing more than 170 companies engaged in the business of chemistry.