August 29, 2018






Applications open for Maddy Legislative Scholar Intern program

Hanford Sentinel

The Maddy Scholar Intern Program’s goal is to prepare the next generation of political, governmental, business, nonprofit leaders for the San Joaquin Valley through internship opportunities in local, state and federal government offices in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and throughout the region.


War Of Words: Nunes Feud With Fresno Bee Gains National Attention

Valley Public Radio

Attacks on news coverage are becoming more common at the local level. One of the highest profile examples is right here in Central California, specifically the on-going feud between Tulare Representative Devin Nunes and the Fresno Bee.

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      Devin Nunes Went to London to Get Dirt on Christopher Steele. Britain’s Spies Wouldn’t Meet With Him SLATE


Trump Administration, California Headed For Showdown Over Valley Water

Valley Public Radio

Fresno-based agribusiness analyst Roland Fumasi of Rabobank joined us on Valley Edition to talk about what he's seeing happen with land values and crop planting activity in the San Joaquin Valley. He says the longer uncertainty over water policy continues, he expects to see a slowdown in the future.


Tulare County judge opens courtroom, but won't give back property, yet

Visalia Times-Delta

A Tulare County Superior Court Judge won't release property back to the former Tulare hospital administrators just yet. But, he's not ruling it out.


Clovis Unified is already buying guns. Here’s where the money comes from

Fresno Bee

Clovis (CA) Unified pays for the salaries and supplies of its police department, including firearms and ammunition, with money earmarked for the needs of low-income, foster youth and English Learner students.


Amazon plans 2 million-square-foot fulfillment center next to Meadows Field

Bakersfield Californian

Kern's profile as an emerging distribution hub soared with word Monday that e-commerce giant Amazon expects to build a nearly 2.5 million-square-foot distribution center employing up to 2,000 people near Meadows Field airport.

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      In Amazon, Oildale has something new to brag about | Robert Price  Bakersfield Californian




Political ad attacks Gavin Newsom as a 'child of privilege'

Los Angeles Times

An independent political committee backing Republican John Cox for California governor released a new campaign ad bashing Democratic candidate Gavin Newsom as a “child of privilege” with a far-left political agenda.


California gov candidate backs universal healthcare for undocumented immigrants

The Hill

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who is running for governor, said in an interview released Tuesday that he would like to see the state pay for universal healthcare for all illegal immigrants.


California lawmakers shelve controversial bill that would have raised campaign contribution limits

The Los Angeles Times

The measure by Assemblyman Kevin Mullin (D-South San Francisco) would have allowed Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate and Assembly to form caucus committees to accept campaign contributions of up to $36,000 from individual sources for state races.


Fires, net neutrality and more still TBD


With the clock winding down on the legislative session, major proposals still remain on the agenda.


California Voters and Party Profiles


Californians who are likely to vote tend to be older, relatively well-educated and affluent, and US born. They are also disproportionately white. Likely voters lean Democratic, but they are ideologically mixed.


If Trump hatred hands a GOP seat to Dems, it will be this California district

McClatchy DC Bureau

All across the midterm election map this year, voters will be torn between a visceral disgust of Trump’s perceived racism and misogyny and a deep-seated concern that Democrats will over-tax and over-regulate the country. And nowhere is that tension more evident than in California’s 45th District.




Trump claims Google 'rigged' searches against him but company denies it


President Donald Trump attacked Google in Tuesday morning tweets that accused the company of prioritizing "fake news" in its search results.

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Trump Claims Without Evidence That China Hacked Clinton Email Server


President Trump tweeted early Wednesday that China was behind a hack of Hillary Clinton's emails, in an apparent reference to an article published by the conservative Daily Caller website.


Trump talks about McCain after ignoring questions all day, returns flag to half-staff


The White House flag is no longer at half-staff in honor of Sen. John McCain, who died Saturday.

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     With John McCain’s death, end-of-life decisions are now out in the open Modesto Bee

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Trump warns of 'left-wing violence' if Democrats win mid-term elections

BBC News

"It's not a question of like or dislike, it's a question that they will overturn everything that we've done and they will do it quickly and violently. And violently. There is violence. When you look at Antifa - these are violent people," he said.


Trump falsely claims he got rid of law banning churches from endorsing candidates


President Trump on Monday falsely told evangelical leaders that he got "rid of" the Johnson Amendment, a law that prohibits churches from endorsing political candidates, according to NBC News. But the law actually remains in place after an attempt to kill it last year was unsuccessful.


AP FACT CHECK: Trump overstates his job performance ratings

AP News

 President Donald Trump is exaggerating the numbers when citing his overall job approval ratings. In a tweet Sunday, Trump boasted of poll numbers that showed 52 percent of all Americans approved of his performance in office, in spite of the “fake news media.” No known poll exists showing such high ratings.


Trump-O-Meter: Tracking Trump's Campaign Promises


Tracking President Donald Trump's campaign promises.


Brett Kavanaugh & Supreme Court: Religious Freedom Supporter

National Review

With Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings set to begin next week, I am reminded of a pro bono matter that Brett Kavanaugh and I worked on years ago that exemplifies his commitment to protecting Americans’ freedom of religion — no matter their faith.


Trump Administration Launches Effort to Help Employers Comply With Labor Laws

The Wall Street Journal

The U.S. Labor Department said Tuesday that it is creating an office to better help companies comply with regulations before finding they have run afoul of labor laws, which policy watchers called a change in tone from an Obama-era emphasis on enforcement.


The ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ and the 2018 midterms: Examining the potential electoral impact


Voters are also highly unlikely to respond to any small increases they see in their take-home pay. If the TCJA has a stimulative effect on the economy as a whole, it will be small and the electoral benefit will be negligible in the midterm election.


4 Takeaways From the Florida and Arizona Primaries

Roll Call

Progressives have a mixed night, while the DCCC has a good one.




What will it take to rebuild trust between media outlets and disaffected news consumers?

Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust

When you ask news consumers specific questions about what they see as unfair or biased reporting, their responses often revolve around political coverage, and their criticism generally comes from their partisan take on the coverage.


Dozens at Facebook Unite to Challenge Its ‘Intolerant’ Liberal Culture

The New York Times

The activity is a rare sign of organized dissent within Facebook over the company’s largely liberal workplace culture. The dispute over employees’ political ideology arose a week before Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, is scheduled to testify at a Senate hearing about social media manipulation in elections.


Yahoo, Bucking Industry, Scans Emails for Data to Sell Advertisers


Web giant analyzes more than 200 million inboxes for clues about what products people might buy—a practice much of Silicon Valley has declared off-limits.




What’s it take to shut down a Fresno County restaurant? The reasons may turn your stomach

Fresno Bee

Health inspections in Fresno County, California, restaurants found violations like rodent and roach infestation, water problems, and bacteria that makes you sick. About 80 of 11,300 inspections led to a shutdown.


USDA to buy $1.2B in goods from farmers hurt by trade war


The federal government will spend up to $1.2 billion to buy products from farmers hurt by the retaliatory tariffs from China and other countries, and will provide almost $5 billion in payments to farmers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Monday.


E. Coli beef recall impacts California Safeway stores


Safeway is urging California customers to check their freezers and refrigerators for ground beef products tied to a massive E. coli recall.


Latina tapped to replace retiring UFW president

Bakersfield Californian

United Farm Workers Secretary-Treasurer Teresa Romero has been selected to replace union President Arturo S. Rodriguez upon his retirement Dec. 20, making her the first Latina to head a national union in the United States.

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     The longtime head of the UFW is stepping down. His replacement will be the first woman to lead the union Los Angeles Times


Toxic pesticides found at most illegal California pot farms

AP News

Nine of every 10 illegal marijuana farms raided in California this year contained traces of powerful and potentially lethal pesticides that are poisoning wildlife and could endanger water supplies, researchers and federal authorities said Tuesday.






How will no cash bail work in California? Here are answers to common questions

Fresno Bee

California has dramatically overturned its bail system that required people under arrest to post cash bail to be released. Instead, the state will turn to a “risk-based system” when determined who gets out of jail pending trial.

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Correctional officers have healthy California political fund as president looks to depart

Sacramento Bee

The president of one of California’s largest public employee unions will have a lot of ammunition as he prepares for his last California election season.


TCSO use technology to catch man suspected of stealing from Visalia area farmers


A recent rash of battery thefts north of Visalia had Tulare County agricultural crimes detectives and district attorney investigators eager to find a suspect. They placed SmartWater, the invisible, odorless, and traceable liquid on some Ag equipment in the area.


California lawmakers want the state to collect data on drivers under the influence of pot

Los Angeles Times

After she was injured in a car accident allegedly caused by a driver impaired by pot, state Controller Betty Yee is backing a bill approved Monday by the Legislature that aims to begin addressing the problem of drugged driving on California roads.


Bill to tally untested rape kits on way to Gov. Brown

San Francisco Chronicle

California would require law enforcement agencies to disclose their number of untested rape kits under a bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday.


Trump has reshaped the judiciary but not as much as you might think


In a little over 18 months, President Trump has outpaced his predecessors on appeals court confirmations—an accomplishment lauded by his supporters. Russell Wheeler outlines a few countervailing factors that limit the impact of those appointments.


Public Safety:


Company selling 3D-printed gun blueprints despite court injunction


The founder of a company that had planned to distribute blueprints for producing plastic firearms using 3D printers says he started selling the plans today despite an injunction blocking it because of concerns about public safety.


Calling 911 in rural California? Danger might be close, but the law can be hours away

Modesto Bee

In these parts of California, law enforcement is scarce.


California lawmakers approve gun-seizure bill in response to Parkland shooting

Los Angeles Times

In response to a mass shooting six months ago at a Florida high school, California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would allow teachers, employers and co-workers to ask judges to remove guns from people they see as a danger to the public.

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     California legislators OK bill to expand gun-confiscation law San Francisco Chronicle


Duckworth's background check claim checks out


Duckworth said former firearms dealers can transfer guns from their inventory into their personal collections, and then sell those guns without background checks.Duckworth’s statement is accurate and there’s nothing significant missing. That’s our definition for a statement that’s True


In some countries, the odds of getting shot are 1 in a million. In the U.S., it's 100 times higher

Los Angeles Times

There are roughly 1 billion guns in the world, and new research finds that in 2016, they ended the lives of about 251,000 people in 195 countries and territories that kept reasonably detailed death records. Those deaths included homicides, suicides and accidents.

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Two fires burning in eastern Madera County; pre-evacuation order lifted

Fresno Bee

A pair of fires just east of North Fork (CA) have grown to over 170 combined acres, fire officials said Tuesday morning.

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     Wildfire breaks out near Redinger Lake in Madera County ABC30


California lawmakers finalize details of a $1-billion wildfire prevention plan, but tough votes lie ahead

Los Angeles Times

A bipartisan group of California lawmakers proposed on Tuesday to spend $1 billion to clear fire-prone trees and brush from across the state over the next five years while providing new relief for utility companies that have said wildfire costs could lead them to bankruptcy.


PG&E could get bankruptcy ‘stress test’ in wildfire legislation

San Francisco Chronicle

Facing wildfire lawsuits that could cost it $17 billion, PG&E may soon be given a bankruptcy stress test by California regulators to determine just how big a financial blow the utility can survive.


Climate change report: California to see more fires

San Francisco Chronicle

The number of large fires across the state will likely increase by 50 percent by the end of the century while the amount of land that burns annually will rise 77 percent, according to a new report.


California struggles to determine who will pay for fires


Now the state of California is trying to figure out who's going to pay for them. Power lines are often the cause of wildfires, and state lawmakers are trying to figure out how much utility shareholders and ratepayers should be on the hook






Trump has threatened to cut Canada out of the new NAFTA deal. That's basically impossible

Los Angeles Times

As Canada returned to the bargaining table Tuesday to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, hanging over the talks was President Trump’s ominous vow: If Ottawa doesn’t bend to U.S. demands, he’ll lock up a pact with Mexico alone.

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Stocks end with small gains after a day of wavering

Los Angeles Times

Major U.S. stock indexes wobbled and finished mostly higher Tuesday, led by technology companies and a handful of retailers. The gains were enough to mark more record highs for several of the indexes, though not the Dow Jones industrial average.


Internal probe finds 'no evidence of impropriety' by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai toward Sinclair Broadcast Group

Los Angeles Times

An internal investigation has found "no evidence" that Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, acted inappropriately to assist Sinclair Broadcast Group as the company sought the agency's approval for a $3.9-billion merger with Tribune Media over the last year.




Amazon plans 2 million-square-foot fulfillment center next to Meadows Field

Bakersfield Californian

Kern's profile as an emerging distribution hub soared with word Monday that e-commerce giant Amazon expects to build a nearly 2.5 million-square-foot distribution center employing up to 2,000 people near Meadows Field airport.

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      In Amazon, Oildale has something new to brag about | Robert Price  Bakersfield Californian


Panda Express holds job fest to fill more than 20 positions

Bakersfield Californian

With Panda Express continuing to expand in Bakersfield and beyond, the company held a job fest on Tuesday to help fill more than 20 positions.






Clovis Unified is already buying guns. Here’s where the money comes from

Fresno Bee

Clovis (CA) Unified pays for the salaries and supplies of its police department, including firearms and ammunition, with money earmarked for the needs of low-income, foster youth and English Learner students.


New law requires seat belts on all school buses by 2035

The Sacramento Bee

The NHTSA changed its stance in 2015, however, after investigating crashes in which children were critically injured or killed. They concluded that while buses were safer than cars in frontal crashes, students would benefit from being secured during cases of side-impact crashes or rollovers.


Higher Ed:


BPD stepping up enforcement around Bakersfield College

Bakersfield Californian

Despite steps taken by Bakersfield College to ease the parking situation around campus, students continue to park in residential areas that require permits.


CSUB debuts new Chevron STEM Zone to teach kids science through sports

Bakersfield Californian

Athletic events at Cal State Bakersfield just got a lot more educational. The college has partnered with Chevron to bring an interactive science exhibit to the courts and fields of the campus.


Year-Round Support for Low-Income Students


A need-based award to low-income, first-time undergraduates, the federal Pell Grant promotes access to postsecondary education. A summer component means that eligible students can use their Pell Grants year-round and receive up to one and a half awards in one academic year.


Nothing Says ‘Welcome to College’ Like Exorbitant Textbook Prices

The Nation

Books, which are required by university faculty, are draining financial-aid dollars away from basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.






Enforcement efforts targeting illegal marijuana grow leads to discovery of toxic pesticide


In areas scorched by wildfire, some people have come across a pink material they thought was fire retardant but was actually a toxic pesticide called carbofuran.

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     Toxic Pesticides Found At Most Illegal California Pot Farms Capital Public Radio


An ‘unofficial county dump’. Piles of garbage growing in Modesto park

Modesto Bee

Parts of Legion Park, which itself is part of Tuolumne River Regional Park, are becoming “an unofficial county dump,” said a Modesto Fire Department battalion chief who also leads a volunteer group dedicated to protecting local recreational trails and waterways.


Is Stockton too cash-strapped for free trees?

Stockton Record

The state of California is offering hundreds of free trees to the city of Stockton, where the urban forest is dying from a decade of neglect. The city won’t take them.


How Air in the Pacific Northwest Became Dirtier Than Beijing


Spokane schools move practice inside, Seattle delays flights, and hospitals see more patients as wildfires burn in states miles away

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     New study says air pollution may be affecting your intellect ABC30


Can climate science shift climate politics?


New science indicates that the world’s rich countries are far more exposed to climate change-related health risks than anyone realized, a development that David Victor argues could help major emitters like the United States build the political support needed for an effective climate policy.




Plan to power California with all renewable energy clears major hurdle

Fresno Bee

The California Assembly approved Senate Bill 100, which would require the state to generate 100 percent of its retail electricity from renewable energy sources by 2045 on Aug. 28, 2018.

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Pro-Con: A regional electricity grid


Legislation backed by Gov. Jerry Brown would authorize California to collaborate with other Western states to create a regional grid to deliver electricity.






Governor signs bills focused on valley fever

Bakersfield Californian

Two new laws have been passed that will help the state collect more accurate data about valley fever: Assembly Bill 1787 and Assembly Bill 1788.

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      Valley fever | dust-borne fungus | funding for more research The Fresno Bee


Spray repellent, wear long sleeves because virus-carrying mosquitoes are in Tulare Co.

Fresno Bee

Tulare County has confirmed the first case of West Nile virus in 2018 in an individual in Porterville. Fresno County has had three cases of West Nile so far this year, according to the California Department of Public Health.


‘Everyone needs it ... No one can afford it.’ Is there middle ground on California health care?

Fresno Bee

Gavin Newsom, the Democrat candidate for CA governor, wants a government run universal health care system; Republican opponent John Cox wants a private sector approach. California Influencers suggest a balance.


New study says air pollution may be affecting your intellect


A study in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says breathing polluted air results in a "steep reduction in verbal and math test scores."


She paid $3.47 for a prescription drug. The retail price was 10,000% higher

Los Angeles Times

Clearly, if the retail price of a drug is about 10,000% higher than the patient’s out-of-pocket cost, something is deeply screwy. The drug industry can rationalize all it wants. This is a system based first and foremost on deception.


Bill to allow safe injection sites heads to Gov. Brown’s desk

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco would be authorized to open safe injection facilities for illicit drug users to shoot up and ride out their high under clinical supervision, under a bill state lawmakers approved Monday.


Why Veterans Face Heightened Suicide Risk In Amador County And Other Rural Areas

Capital Public Radio

About 12 percent of Amador County residents are veterans, compared to 6 percent nationally. Post-traumatic-stress disorder, substance use, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury and experience with firearms make veterans about 22 percent more likely to die by suicide than the rest of the population, according to research from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Human Services:


Mental health diversion gets fine-tuned


An earlier justice bill hailed by some as a reform had to be sent back for repairs Tuesday. Rushed through this summer, the measure, as written, could have let people accused of violent crimes get diverted into mental health care treatment and ultimately have their records expunged.




Judge condemns ICE arrest inside courtroom, says judges should control courtroom, ‘not ICE’

Fresno Bee

Last week’s arrest was considered to be the first in California to take place inside an actual courtroom. ICE in mid-July began to make arrests at the Fresno County Superior Court, but those arrests were made in the hallways.

See also:

      ICE arrests in courtrooms escalate feud between California and Trump administration over immigration policy Los Angeles Times


ICE: Visalia, Tulare residents sold fake green cards, visas

Visalia Times-Delta

Four Tulare County residents are facing serious prison time and hefty fines after they were busted selling fake identification documents, said U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott.


On route from Seattle to San Diego, cyclists stop in Bakersfield to advocate for citizenship for all

Bakersfield Californian

A group of about 11 cyclists biked into Bakersfield Tuesday afternoon.


Inside Stephen Miller’s hostile takeover of immigration policy


Miller’s hard-charging approach to the discussion offers a glimpse into just one of the many tactics — psychological and otherwise — he has used to secure an iron grip on Trump’s immigration policies, surviving blowups such as the initial blowback over the president’s travel ban and the more recent fracas over the migrant family separation policy.


Fact Check: Does illegal immigration cost the United States more than $100 billion a year?


Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar said the cost of illegal immigration is over $100 billion a year. How accurate is that number? Carly Henry and William Flannigan, Arizona Republic




Land Use:


Fancher Creek retail development closer to fruition

The Business Journal

But today, infrastructure work is being completed and initial construction for the shopping center is expected to commence in mid 2019. The developers at Lance-Kashian & Co. didn’t just want to quickly prop up a shopping center and call it done, but rather, create a town center that will integrate well with the surrounding neighborhoods and infrastructure.




County invites those who don’t like homeless shelter site to find another one — quickly

Modesto Bee

First, a new shelter for the homeless at the former county hospital on Scenic Drive was panned at a neighborhood meeting two weeks ago. Tuesday, it became apparent the proposed Modesto shelter does not have full support from members of the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

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     Is homelessness a crisis? Declaring it one could bring money to Stanislaus County Modesto Bee


First impressions are everything when selling your home


Whether it is a first date or a job interview, first impressions matter. The same is true when selling a house.


New housing developments are spurring new chapter in Madera County's growth


The Rio Mesa Area Plan, which includes new housing developments and commercial businesses along the 41 from Avenue 9 and north to Avenue 15, are expected provide a big population boost to Madera County.


Targeting The Turning Point Of Eviction

Capital Public Radio

For the more than one-third of Californians living under or near the federal poverty level, eviction may be the first step toward homelessness.




CalPERS President Priya Mathur challenged by Corona cop

Sacramento Bee

Longtime CalPERS Board of Administration member Priya Mathur has a challenger in her bid for reelection this fall, and it could be a close race.


Why some state workers are balking at consecutive 5 percent raises

Sacramento Bee

There’s a chance that the union representing California state scientists will turn down a contract proposal that would net its members 5 percent annual wage increases for a fourth and fifth consecutive year.


New Deal Economics


Taxpayers get dunned to pay off farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs.




Area near Chuckchansi Park reopens after water main break forces road closure


The pipe has been fixed. The road has been patched up and Tuesday's Grizzlies game will go on as scheduled.


Wanted; Wakanda’s High-Speed Rail


The debate about high-speed rail is too focused on cost. As a result, the high-speed rail authority has spent a lot of time trying to make the project cheaper, not better. That’s not working—the costs will always seem like a lot.


Baby Steps Toward Autonomous Flying

New York Times

A radar sensor, for instance, provides a detailed view of the aircraft’s surroundings even in bad weather, not unlike the laser sensors used by the autonomous cars that are now being tested in places like Arizona and Texas.


EDITORIAL: No on Prop 6 — cynical political ploy would destroy California’s roads

San Francisco Chronicle

It’s critical for voters to understand how destructive Proposition 6, a November ballot initiative to repeal last year’s gas tax increase, could be for each and every motorist.




Stratford water back online

Hanford Sentinel

There’s some good news for the residents of Stratford, who now have running, drinkable water once again.




Volunteer group helping shelter dogs ease stress through walks


Every morning Team Boss gets up early and meets at the Animal Compassion Team headquarters in Fresno to walk shelter dogs. But they are getting more than just exercise, they're also being socialized and learning manners.


New studio in Modesto’s Village One lets you get creative with power tools and wine

Modesto Bee

Board & Brush opens this week in Modesto’s Village One Plaza. The do-it-yourself studio guides customers in creating custom wood signs, and offers them beer and wine while doing it.


New amenities installed at Kaiser Permanente Sports Village in time for Labor Day

Bakersfield Californian

Right on time for Labor Day, Bakersfield’s Recreation and Parks Department has installed picnic tables and barbecue stands at Kaiser Permanente Sports Village.


Mexican Independence Day celebration planned in Hanford

Hanford Sentinel

Two local organizations are inviting the community to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with an evening of food, dance and comedy.