April 27, 2018




Fresno rate of extreme poverty No. 2 in U.S., report says

The Fresno Bee

The research by Wall St. 24/7, published this week in USA Today, used census data to rank 20 cities throughout the U.S. by growth rate of extreme poverty growth from 2010 to 2016.

Clovis planning commissioner in the race for Superior Court judge

Clovis Roundup

The longtime Clovis resident and senior deputy district attorney is in the running against private practice attorney Roger Wilson of Fresno.

At a range rights gathering, the press was in the crosshairs

High Country News

Last Friday, in front of a small crowd of farmers and ranchers gathered in Modesto, California, U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said, “It’s a very dangerous time in our nation’s history … The media is totally corrupt.


Secrets, and seals of approval, in the California governor’s race


What kinds of agreements has the next governor of California made with interest groups that sway decisions in the state Capitol? Voters will never know. The answer lies in a raft of secret questionnaires that candidates complete as they seek endorsements from a range of groups that will lobby them after they’re elected—and remind them of what they committed to before they won.

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California’s rape kit backlog becomes election issue

The Sacramento Bee

The break that authorities said led them to the man accused of being the Golden State Killer came when they linked DNA evidence from the slayings to genetic information contained on a consumer genealogical website, authorities said Thursday.

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      How private is your DNA on ancestry websites? East Area Rapist case raises questions The Sacramento Bee

●     Investigators are digging in accused Golden State Killer’s backyard Los Angeles Times

Republicans moving up in race for California…

The Mercury News

With 40 days to go until the June 5 primary, two Republican candidates for governor are fighting for second place, and a little-known GOP candidate could also make waves in the campaign for U.S. Senate, according to a new poll.

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     Republicans Midterm Elections Strategy — Conservative Populist Plan Needed National Review

Sen. Dianne Feinstein won’t participate in pre-primary debate

Los Angeles Times

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein will not participate in a proposed pre-primary debate because there are too many candidates in the race, her campaign spokesman said

Moment in political spotlight for little-known GOP candidate for Senate

San Francisco Chronicle

A new U.S. Senate poll that shows a Republican hopeful leaping into a near dead heat for second place may say more about the state of the GOP than it does about little-known and under-financed James P. Bradley.

More (predicted) bad news for Republicans in California House races

San Francisco Chronicle

California Republicans might not have to defend just the seven congressional districts Democrat Hillary Clinton won in 2016 — they may have to spend time and cash defending two other seats they thought were “safe,” says national prognosticator Larry Sabato. 

EDITORIAL: Becerra, Jones clearly best candidates for California attorney general

Modesto Bee

Thank Donald Trump for making the job of California attorney general so important. The AG is the state’s top law enforcement official, chief counsel and it’s most serious advocate for consumers. He or she manages a staff of 4,500 lawyers specializing in everything from banking to organized crime to environmental law.

California bill to ban youth tackle football pulled before committee vote

San Diego Union-Tribune

The Save California Football Coalition tweeted Thursday afternoon, “AB2108 has been pulled from committee!! Thank you parents, volunteers and our entire coalition for showing everyone that youth football matters!” The bill was introduced in February, and at the time, Gonzalez Fletcher said, “The science is clear: head injuries sustained at a young age can harm kids for the rest of their lives.”


Video: Preparing California for the 2020 Census

Public Policy Institute of California

Much is at stake for California in the 2020 census—from political power to billions of federal dollars—but getting an accurate count of all Californians poses a major challenge.


Trump pushes to swap Electoral College for popular vote


President Donald Trump on Thursday voiced support for doing away with the Electoral College for presidential elections in favor of a popular vote because the latter would be “much easier to win.”

What Republicans’ Food-Stamp Bill and Democrats’ Job-Guarantee Plan Have in Common

National Review

That proposed “farm bill” would simultaneously (A) strengthen work requirements for able-bodied adults without children under six and (B) provide more funding to the states for job programs. 

Editorial | Trump’s ‘Best People’ Are the Worst

The New York Times

At this point you have to ask: Just what do job postings for the Trump administration look like? Surely they must stipulate that relevant experience isn’t a plus, but that a flexible notion of ethics is.

GOP-Led House Panel Clears Trump, His Aides in Russia Probe

The Wall Street Journal

The committee concluded Russia didn’t aim to boost Mr. Trump in particular as part of its influence campaign. It concludes the campaigns of Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton both displayed “poor judgment” in their engagement with Russian actors.

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·       House Intelligence Committee Republicans release final Russia report – The Washington Post


Despite So Much Winning, The Right Feels Like It’s Losing


“Facebook along with other social media sites have taken aggressive actions to silence conservative voices such as ourselves,” the pro-Trump social media stars charged. It’s a claim Facebook denies, pointing out that the social media network has changed its settings so that users see more content from friends — and less from political groups of all stripes.

House Floor Erupts Over Chaplain Controversy

Roll Call

The controversy over the firing of House Chaplain Patrick J. Conroy made its way to the floor on Friday, as House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joseph Crowley offered a privileged resolution Friday to establish a select committee to look into Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s firing of the jesuit priest.


Sunday, April 29, at 9 a.m. on ABC 30 – Maddy Report“Fake News & Info Illiteracy”​ – Guests: Senator Bill Dodd (D); Renée Ousley-Swank, President Elect – CA School Library Association; John Myers,Sacramento Bureau Chief – LA Times; and Dan Walters, Reporter of the Sacramento Bee. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler.

Sunday, April 29, at 10 a.m. on Newstalk 580AM/105.9FM (KMJ) – Maddy Report ​ – Valley Views Edition​: Information Illiteracy, Fake news and Real (California) Facts” – Guests: Senator Bill Dodd (D); Renée Ousley-Swank, President Elect – CA School Library Association; John Myers, Sacramento Bureau Chief – LA Times; Dan Walters, Reporter of the Sacramento Bee; and Mac Taylor, California Legislative Office. Host: Maddy Institute Executive Director, Mark Keppler. 

Sunday, April 29, at 7:30 a.m. on UniMas 61 (KTTF) – El Informe Maddy: “Civic Engagement and Voter Registration”  Guest: Alex Padilla, Secretario del Estado de California. Host: Maddy Institute Program Coordinator, Maria Jeans. 

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Almond acreage in California grows to record total

Fresno Bee

California’s almond acreage grew 7 percent last year to a record 1.3 million acres, as the state continued its dominance as the world’s leading producer of almonds.

Some California Farmers Already Feeling Impacts Of Possible Tariffs

Capital Public Radio

Brian Kuehl with the bipartisan, nonprofit group Farmers for Free Trade says some California farmers are already feeling the impacts. “We know anecdotally a number of farmers have already lost contracts for wine, as an example,” says Kuehl.

CalFresh Reaches Millions of Californians and Reduces Poverty

California Budget & Policy Center

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the country’s largest anti-hunger program. SNAP benefits are 100% federally funded and help families and individuals put food on the table by paying for a minimally adequate diet.



It’s not just Parkland. Teenagers are better than you in California, too

Sacramento Bee

Social trends among California youth have been spectacular. Over the last generation, rates of arrests of Californians under age 20 have fallen by 80 percent, murder arrest by 85 percent, gun killings by 75 percentimprisonments by 88 percent, births by teen mothers by 75 percent, and school dropout by more than half while college enrollments have risen 45 percent.

How private is your DNA on ancestry websites? East Area Rapist case raises questions

Fresno Bee

Millions of Americans are doing it – packing up samples of their saliva and mailing it off to an online genealogy company to analyze their DNA and help trace their family tree. Without knowing it, they may be helping law enforcement crack difficult cases.

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     EDITORIAL: From hospitals to courtrooms, San Francisco’s handling of rape cases must be improved San Francisco Chronicle

EDITORIAL: Bill Cosby: Finally, a powerful man is held to account for his sexual misconduct

Los Angeles Times

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial wasn’t a #MeToo case, per se. It had been pending for years and had already gone through a first trial that ended in a hung jury last June. Nor was it even the first high-profile sexual misconduct conviction of the post-Harvey Weinstein era.

      See Also: Watching Cosby Fall – New York Times

California Supreme Court clarifies use of testimony by young children

Los Angeles Times

 The California Supreme Court decided unanimously Thursday that a father should not have been removed from his home based on his 3-year-old daughter’s claim that he had molested her.


PG&E fined $97.5 million for improper back-channel PUC talks

The Mercury News

State regulators slapped PG&E with a $97.5 million fine Thursday for improper back-channel communications, the latest trouble for the utility in the wake of a fatal explosion in San Bruno.

     See Also: PG&E hit with $97.5 million penalty over back-channel talks with regulators San Francisco Chronicle

Insurance Relief for California Wildfire Survivors Passes First Legislative Hurdle


A package of bills aimed at helping wildfire survivors collect on their insurance settlements passed California’s Senate Standing Committee on Insurance on Wednesday. But the reform proposals face tough opposition from the powerful insurance industry.

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Despite tax cuts, US economic growth slowed in first quarter of the year

Los Angeles Times

The nation’s economic growth slowed in the first three months of the year despite the large tax cuts kicking in, raising new questions about whether the U.S. can reach the levels President Trump has promised.

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Walters: Stalemate weakens fund for jobless benefits


Gov. Jerry Brown regularly warns that California is overdue for an economic downturn that could devastate tax revenues. Even a moderate recession, his administration projects, could cost the state $60 billion in lower revenues over three years, underscoring the need to build a hefty reserve as a cushion.

The Importance Of Employment Practice Liability Insurance For Business Owners In California


Any business owner understands that they hold a certain amount of liability. While most focus on the business liabilities that they incur based on the investments they make, one of the biggest investments that any business can make is showcased in their employees. In fact, I’ve seen that when it comes to a business’ prospective or current employees, the business owner can be at risk here. 



California State Superintendent Tom Torlakson visits Delano charter school


The Wonderful College Prep Academy in Delano welcomed California State Superintendent Tom Torlakson to their campus for a tour today.
Torlakson toured the new $80 million state-of-the-art campus and also attended a student assembly, where seniors publicly announced their college choices.

Homeschool Supporters Crush Plans for Greater Oversight


Two legislative proposals aimed at providing greater oversight of California’s estimated 15,000 homeschools died this week after a massive lobbying effort waged by parents and homeschool supporters.

Charter school backing for Villaraigosa’s gubernatorial bid grows


Philanthropist and charter school backer Eli Broad has contributed another $1 million to boost Antonio Villaraigosa’s bid to succeed California Gov. Jerry Brown at a critical point in the former Los Angeles mayor’s campaign.

Students honored for their language skills

Stockton Record

Nearly 900 high school and elementary students from 41 San Joaquin County schools were honored Thursday afternoon for earning the state Seal of Biliteracy Award, given to graduating students who have mastered more than one language.

California School Leaders Push For Giving SAT In Class

Capital Public Radio News

Sacramento City Unified School District is one of about 30 California school districts providing the SAT for free this year. Superintendent Jorge Aguilar says the move is about giving all students a better chance to prepare for college.

Higher Ed:

EDITORIAL: How to bolster the 1st Amendment on college campuses

Los Angeles Times

It was inevitable that legislators in Sacramento would join the debate over free speech on college campuses. Legislators in California are aware of incidents on college campuses in other parts of the country, private and public alike, in which speakers have been shouted down.. 

University of California puts pause on tuition hike for California residents


The 10-campus University of California system has for now backed off on raising tuition and systemwide fees for in-state students, following months of warnings that it would bump up tuition $342 or 2.7 percent for undergraduates from California.

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     UC shelves tuition increase for now, in hopes of getting more state funding Los Angeles Times

     No tuition hikes — UC and CSU systems deliver welcome news to students SF Chronicle

     UC Takes Tuition Hike Off The Table For May Regents Meeting – capradio.org

Online course entitled “Teaching LGBT History in Schools” being offered through CSU Monterey Bay this June

California Dreamin’

This offering is in response to a law passed by the State (FAIR Education Act) in 2011 that has been adopted in the updated History-Social Science Framework which includes LGBT history in 2016 and adopted new history textbooks in 2017. 

Tax credits for higher education have no effect on college attendance


Studies show that the tax credits and deductions provided by the government to incentivize higher education have zero effect on college attendance, but there are several ways to change that.

Study: Colleges That Ditch The SAT And ACT Can Enhance Diversity


There are now well over 1,000 colleges and universities that don’t require SAT or ACT scores in deciding whom to admit, a number that’s growing every year. And a new study finds that scores on those tests are of little value in predicting students’ performance in college, and raises the question: Should those tests be required at all?


Registered Apprenticeship: Federal Role and Recent Federal Efforts

Congressional Research Service

The primary federal role in supporting apprenticeships is the administration of the registered apprenticeship system. In this  system, the federal Department of Labor (DOL) or a DOL recognized state apprenticeship agency (SAA) is responsible for evaluating apprenticeship programs to determine if they are in compliance with federal regulations related to program design, worker protections, and other criteria.

States equip employers to drive apprenticeship


Apprenticeship has a strong bipartisan appeal as part of the solution to current and future workforce challenges.



EPA’s Pruitt Still Mulling Whether to Overturn California Fuel Emissions Waiver


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said Thursday he is still considering whether to overturn a federal waiver that permits California to set its own tailpipe emission standards. The waiver also permits other states to opt in to California’s standards, which are more rigorous than the requirements set by the federal government.

How California turned green into gold

San Francisco Chronicle

The state has been on the cutting edge of environmental innovation throughout its history — protecting its coasts, restricting oil drilling, curbing greenhouse gas emissions — and has also been the nation’s richest state since 1971. 


PG&E, City of Bakersfield to upgrade thousands of streetlights for major energy savings

Bakersfield Californian

How many electrical technicians does it take to screw in 12,865 light bulbs?

Low carbon fuel is good for health and jobs in California

Sacramento Bee

On Friday, the California Air Resources Board will consider a proposal to strengthen and extend the standard beyond its current 2020 deadline to 2030. This policy is often overlooked but is critically important in reducing pollution and slowing climate change. 



Millions coming to valley nonprofits to improve health outcomes, create equity

The Bakersfield Californian

Almost 60 nonprofit organizations across the San Joaquin Valley, including some in Kern County, were granted almost $1 million in funding Thursday by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation as part of its ongoing mission to eradicate health inequities throughout Central California

Want to break into the healthcare field? Jerry Brown has a way

Sacramento Bee

The first program under Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed all-online community college would provide workers with an entry point into the growing health care field.

A marijuana compound to treat autism? Scientists in California are looking for answers

Sacramento Bee

It’s already used to treat epilepsy in some children — and now researchers are examining whether a marijuana compound could also be helpful for those with autism.

24000 union workers to strike in May at UC hospitals, campuses

Sacramento Bee

The union representing 24,000 patient-care and service workers at University of California hospitals and college campuses announced Thursday that its members will go on strike May 7-9 over what they describe as gross inequity in pay and concerns about the system’s increasing reliance upon contract workers for work traditionally performed by its members. 

Does family structure help explain the racial divide in maternal mortality?


Racism, of the explicit and implicit kind, is the primary cause of different outcomes for black and white Americans.

Deregulating the individual market will not lower overall health costs


Shifts between a more and less regulated individual insurance market, which covers less than one-tenth of the overall population, will affect the distribution of premium payments across some insurance enrollees and taxpayers.

Human Services:

Conversion therapy for gays is awful, but so is California’s bill to ban it

Los Angeles Times

That a tiny market for conversion therapy to “cure” homosexuality still exists today is deeply sad, even infuriating. But here’s the question: If a competent adult knows the most devastating critiques, and wants to pay for it anyway, should California law thwart him or her?


California voters like ‘sanctuary state’ immigration law – but not everyone is on board

Sacramento Bee

A majority of California voters support the “sanctuary state” law, a hot-button issue that divides large segments of the electorate and elicits strong opinions up and down the state, according to a new poll.

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     Costa Mesa should take a stand against California declaring itself a ‘sanctuary state’ Los Angeles Times

Migrant ‘caravan’ gathers on California-Mexico border

The Mercury News

About 170 migrants in a caravan of Central American asylum-seekers have arrived in Tijuana, joining about nearly 200 others on their final stop before entering the United States.

California Guard Expected To Roll-Out For Border Duty


Last week, President Trump was still hurling insults on Twitter, saying he wouldn’t pay to call up the California National Guard on the conditions set by Gov. Jerry Brown. But the Department of Homeland Security confirmed it has an agreement with the Department of Defense. 


Changing the politics of housing in California

San Francisco Chronicle

The recent defeat of Senate Bill 827, state Sen. Scott Wiener’s bill allowing 5-story buildings near transit hubs, was an enormous setback for California’s efforts to make housing more affordable while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our state is now in a serious bind.

See also:

     California’s Housing Conundrum NPR

Good news and bad: Southern California homeownership ticks up but still lags most states


Southern California is an expensive place to buy housing, but homeownership is making a noteworthy recovery. Here are six must-know trends from the U.S. Census Bureau’s first-quarter report on home ownership which suggests some progress is being made in fighting the housing shortage.

Is America facing a housing shortage?


As policymakers and citizens grapple with rising housing costs in America, Jenny Schuetz and Cecile Murray share overlooked trends in housing supply at the national and regional level.


800,000 people are about to flee New York and California because of taxes, say economists


Conservative economists Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore are predicting a new mass exodus of wealth from New York and California because of the new tax law. But academics who have studied taxes and migration call the forecast “pure nonsense.”

Will Congress raise the federal gas tax? California Republican could have a major say

Sacramento Bee

The next chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will shape how the federal government regulates California’s dams and waterways.

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     Jeff Denham of California could have clout in gas tax debate The Sacramento Bee

     Republicans hope to ride a gas-tax repeal to victory Los Angeles Times

●     Help Us, Trump! No State Gas Tax Aid for Veterans Boulevard gvwire.com

‘Seemingly dysfunctional’ CalPERS leaders spar over documents, access

Sacramento Bee

While the nation’s largest public pension fund took a break from its April board meeting, one of its newest members walked to her office and could not open her door because a digital lock did not recognize her badge.


City to receive $25M grant for Centennial Corridor

The Bakersfield Californian

Bakersfield is expected to receive a $25 million grant from the California Transportation Commission for the Centennial Corridor project, according an email sent out to City Council members from City Manager Alan Tandy on Thursday.

Stockton metro area ranked No. 1 super commuter region

Stockton Record

Stockton’s metro area is the national capital of super commuting, a new study says. Fully 10 percent of the workforce are bleary-eyed breadwinners traveling 90 minutes or more to work.

Billions from gas tax and vehicle fees will go to transit projects, California officials announce

Los Angeles Times

State officials announced Thursday that $2.4 billion from increases in the gas tax and vehicle fees will be spent on dozens of transit projects, including work to prepare Southern California for the 2028 Summer Olympics.

States That Raise Tolls and Taxes Will Have an Edge in Getting DOT Funds


States and cities that raise taxes and tolls will have a better chance at winning federal money for roads and bridges, part of a Trump administration strategy to have states carry a bigger portion of infrastructure spending.


Water war: California Water makes unsolicited bid for San Jose Water’s owner

The Mercury News

The owner of California Water Service has made an unsolicited bid to buy the owner of San Jose Water, a takeover attempt revealed Thursday that pits the South Bay’s two principal water companies against each other.

Making every drop count

San Diego Union-Tribune

California building codes are regularly updated with rigorous conservation requirements. Even though we’re not in a drought at this moment, these tough rules help preserve our supplies for those inevitable times when we are. 

Filling California’s Biggest Groundwater Gap

Water Deeply

California needs to get to the next level in using groundwater recharge to help bring over-drafted San Joaquin Valley aquifers into sustainability, write Ellen Hanak of the PPIC Water Policy Center and Sarge Green of the California Water Institute. 

Are California’s Cities Ready for the Next Drought?


Even though urban water utilities have done a good job preparing for past droughts, they can’t rest on their laurels. For example, as cities and suburbs become increasingly efficient with water over the long term, this affects their ability to tighten their belts during droughts. There’s less of a cushion and fewer easy steps that can be done quickly.

Jerry Brown Disses the Central Valley . . . Again

Fox and Hounds Daily

Many of my Central Valley legislative colleagues are furious that the staff at Governor Jerry Brown’s Water Commission have rigged the system so the recently announced proposed funding for Temperance Flat Reservoir is just that – flat.


Designers turn Turlock home into a showstopper for charity. How, where you can see it

Modesto Bee

Take 20 or so interior designers and let them loose inside one historic home and you might expect a mishmash of rooms decorated in disparate styles. But somehow the Designer Show House in Turlock came together with a near-unified look that also integrates classic elements of the 1939 two-story home.

New Event in May For Madera Wine Trail – Cinco De Vino $10 Tasting Saturday, 5th May, 2018

Madera Wine Trail

In lieu of the May Wine Trail the Madera Vintners Association’s family wineries will host the Wine Showcase Days ‘Cinco De Vino’ wine tasting on May 5, 2018 from noon to 4 p.m.

5 things to do this weekend (April 27-29)

Stockton Record

There’s a lot going on this weekend. “Avengers: Infinity War” just opened. Friday is Arbor Day, a day when people are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Sunday, fans of tabletop gaming celebrate International Tabletop Day. Find celebrations in San Joaquin County at tabletopday.com. Plus, don’t forget about these 5 things to do this weekend.

Get ready for a jazz-hot weekend

Bakersfield Californian

Start your weekend off with a bang at the 32nd annual Bakersfield Jazz Festival, bringing music to Cal State Bakersfield on Friday and Saturday. The festival line-up is too long to list here, but expect both local acts and national acts to grace the stage. 

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