2019 “Big 5” Event in Sacramento

Maddy Institute Director Dr. Mark Keppler

Assemblyman Adam Gray and Fresno State President Jospeh Castro

Former Speaker for the California State Assembly Willie Brown

California Assemblyman Kevin Mullin (AD22)

California Assemblywoman Marie Waldron (AD75)

California State Senator Shannon Grove (D16)

Director of the Maddy Institute Dr. Mark Keppler, California State Senator Andreas Borgeas (D8) and California State Senator Shannon Grove (D16)

California State Senator Robert M. Hertzberg (D18)

Former Speaker Willie Brown

Former Speaker Willie Brown and Governor Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Congressman Jim Costa, State Senator Robert Hertzberg, Assemblyman Adam Gray (AD21) and Dr. Mark Keppler

Don and Elizabeth Maddy

Dr. Amarjit Dhaliwal, Congressman Jim Costa and Frank Damrell

Kathy Mahan – Chief of Staff for Cong. Costa, James Martinez with the office of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, Former Speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown and Congressman Jim Costa

Christopher Rusca, Ian Weiland and Assemblyman Adam Gray

Dennis Albiani, Joseph Castro, Andrew J. Thulin and Bob Beverly Jr.

Lilia DeLacruz, Bettelu Beverly, Bob Beverly Jr., Bill Beverly and Don Maddy

Senator Robert Hertzberg, Secretary of State Alex Padilla,

Willie Brown and Mark Keppler

Willie Brown, William Rutland and Mike McLaughlin

Megan Owens, Natalie Griswold, Governor Gavin Newson, Rachel Lewis, Stephanie Maldonado and Julissa Pena