April 30, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories John Myers: So why can the UC regents thumb their noses at the Legislature? — Fans of the University of California often tout the 10-campus system as being in a class by itself, first among peers in offering a quality education. Recent events, though, offer a reminder of another unique aspect of the […]


April 29, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories California gas increase is now the law. What is costs you and what it fixes — Now that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law billions of dollars in higher fuel taxes and vehicle fees, the state will have an estimated $52 billion more money to help cover the state’s transportation needs […]


April 28, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Dan Walters: Can California become a player in presidential nominations? — Here we go again. For the fifth time in recent history, California politicians want to move the state’s presidential primary, traditionally held in June, several months earlier in hopes of making it a player. Walters column in Sacramento Bee Rep. […]


April 27, 2017

Political Stories Top stories   Fresno State survey: Nearly half of Valley adults worry about deportations for family or friends — Nearly half of adults in the central San Joaquin Valley say they are worried a family member or close friend could be deported by immigration officers, according to survey findings released Wednesday by Fresno State’s Institute for […]


April 26, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Dan Walters: Oroville Dam secrecy helps further erode trust for big state projects — Oroville is another example of California’s tarnished record in recent decades of building and maintaining major infrastructure. A classic example is the replacement of the eastern third of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge that took decades to […]


April 25, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Republicans howl as lawmakers jam through deals linked to gas tax, fee increases — Brushing aside Republican criticism that the legislation broke state law, Assembly Democrats gave final approval Monday to a pair of measures that helped secure the passage of billions in gasoline tax and vehicle fee increases for road […]


April 24, 2017

Political Stories Top stories   Dan Walters: It’s time to abolish California’s dysfunctional tax board — The Board of Equalization’s rationale for being expired decades ago, and the recent revelations just underscore that to the larger public. It’s time for it to vanish. Walters column in Sacramento Bee   George Skelton: It’s time for California […]


April 23, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories John Myers: To know whether California’s budget will balance, watch this month’s tax collections — Here’s a nifty, if not mind-blowing, way to think about all the tax dollars showing up right now in Sacramento: Over the past week, California collected about $8 billion in state income taxes — more money […]


April 22, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Trump can’t ‘intimidate’ California in sanctuary crackdown, state’s top cop says – The U.S. Department of Justice signaled its intent Friday to follow through on a widespread immigration crackdown promised by President Donald Trump, warning “sanctuary” jurisdictions across the nation, including California, that the federal government would withhold law enforcement funds […]


April 21, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Senator who voted for gas tax hike says he received death threats after cell number, address shared — The only Republican lawmaker to vote for the controversial $52 billion transportation deal says he received hundreds of angry calls on his personal cellphone and at home, some threatening, the day after the measure passed […]