The Common Good: Solving Our Water Challenge

Guests: Cannon Michael: Pres. Bowles Farming Co., & Bd Chair of the San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority; Sarge Green, a water management specialist with the California Water Institute at California State University, Fresno; Ashley Boren, Exec. Director of Sustainable Conservation; former Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin—now the CEO of the Central Valley Community Foundation


March 30, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders agree to increase taxes to fix California roads – Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders announced a $5.2 billion road-funding package Wednesday that would raise gas taxes and user fees on motorists, setting off a major political struggle to pass it in the Legislature. Sacramento Bee […]


March 29, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Sanctuary cities aren’t as popular as you might think in California – Despite defunding threats from the Trump administration, California voters narrowly support communities declaring themselves “sanctuary cities,” according to a statewide survey Tuesday. But the Berkeley IGS Poll found that a slim majority oppose cities and counties being able to disregard federal […]


March 28, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories California leaders should try to work with President Trump, state voters say — California voters overwhelmingly oppose Donald Trump, believing his policies will have negative effects on the state. But a slim majority still want their leaders to work with the Republican president, even if it means making compromises, according to the Berkeley […]


March 27, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories George Skelton: Reps. Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff couldn’t be less alike – just like the two Californias they come from — Two congressmen from the state President Trump seems to despise most are leading an investigation into whether his campaign team conspired with the Russians. And the two lawmakers couldn’t be more different. […]


March 26, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Jerry Brown rips Trump’s wall: ‘We not going to sit around and just play patsy’ — Gov. Jerry Brown won’t allow President Donald Trump to deport millions of people and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, he said in an interview that aired Sunday. Sacramento Bee article John Myers: All […]


March 25, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Harsh portrayal of their hometown congressman Devin Nunes riles his neighbors and friends – “This B.S. that he milks cows from Podunk and shouldn’t be on the intelligence committee – c’mon,” Watte said. “It’s just a continuation of, I guess, Trump’s election. They need to get over it.” In the agricultural […]


March 24, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Dan Walters: Legislators propose bonds, need skeptic Brown’s OK — Sponsors of water and housing bonds believe that shortages in both of those vital commodities provide political impetus for enactment, and were they to reach the ballot, they likely would pass. However, they have to get past Brown and his disinclination to […]


March 23, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories California voters continue to shun political identification — California had more than 19.43 million registered voters as of early last month, with voters shunning party affiliation at a growing rate, according to new state registration numbers. Sacramento Bee article Jerry Brown sounds skeptical note on single-payer health care for California – Gov. Jerry Brown, in […]