November 30, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Election day gave Democrats total dominance over California Legislature, but it’s unclear what they can do with it — History hasn’t been kind to dreams of unbridled political dominance under the state Capitol dome, the kind of power that Democrats now hold after winning a supermajority of seats in both houses of the California Legislature. […]


November 29, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories California Democrats got their supermajority. Now what? — Broadening the path to long-sought deals on affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and climate change, California Democrats have again captured a two-thirds supermajority in both houses of the Legislature. Sacramento Bee article; LA Times article Joel Fox: Kevin McCarthy: California’s connection to new Washington power — Election results […]


November 28, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Donald Trump alleges widespread voter fraud in California. There’s no evidence to back it up — President-elect Donald Trump not only alleged widespread national voter fraud in a series of messages posted on Twitter on Sunday, but took the time in one tweet to target the ballots cast in California as an example of the problem. Trump called […]


November 27, 2016

Political Stories Top stories John Myers: Revamped primaries changed California politics, but not like everyone thought – California has now conducted 469 regularly scheduled races under the top-two primary — elections for governor, Congress and every seat in the Legislature. The bottom line: changes, yes, but likely only on the margins. Myers column in LA Times Dan Walters: How […]


November 26, 2016

Top stories How the American electorate is changing – A decade ago, New Mexico ushered in a demographic trend that is likely to shape American politics for decades to come. In 2006, it became the first state in the nation whose voting-eligible population switched from being majority white to “majority minority.” California has since joined that group, […]


November 25, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories Dan Walters: California’s workers’ compensation overhaul saved bigger bucks — The highly respected Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau, or WCIRB, conducted a comprehensive study of a major overhaul of the system enacted by Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature four years ago. And it found that it did what it was supposed to do […]


November 24, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories George Skelton: Post-election, California Democrats still dominate and GOP has nowhere to go but up —  The California Democratic and Republican parties both can be thankful this holiday. Democrats rule the roost in Sacramento. And Republicans can’t fall much lower. Democrats are in a prime position to soon start slipping off their perch. And the state GOP, […]


November 23, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories California special session to end without new transportation funding – California’s special legislative session on transportation funding will come to a close without a deal to finance billions of dollars in repairs to the state’s crumbling roads and highways.  Sacramento Bee article; LA Times article Valley leaders join immigration-reform effort as way to grow […]


November 22, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories Dan Walters: Lame-duck legislative session to raise transportation funds fades — For weeks, key officials, their staffs and stakeholders have noodled around with bringing the Legislature back to Sacramento for a post-election session on financing much-needed upgrades to highways, local streets and transit systems. However, with just days remaining, officially, in the […]