October 31, 2016

Political Stories Top stories CD 10: This GOP congressional race may turn out to be a prime example of GOP’s worst fears — With Donald Trump as the deeply divisive Republican nominee for president and no Republican running for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat, those same observers are now wondering if keeping a GOP House member in […]


October 30, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Dan Walters: As California turns left, conservatives’ culture war victories are being erased — The 21st century has seen a leftward shift in the state’s politics – in some measure a reaction to the political right’s impressive string of wins two decades ago – and this year’s election is a referendum on […]


October 29, 2016

Political Stories Top stories CD 21: Is Huerta making late bid to take out Valadao? — This week, for the first time in months, the National Republican Congressional Committeetook note of Emilio Huerta, the Bakersfield Democrat who is trying to unseat incumbent 21st Congressional District Republican David Valadao. That for the most part is more national attention than Huerta […]


October 28, 2016

Political Stories Top stories   Jerry Brown stepping up campaign against measure on Delta water tunnels — Gov. Jerry Brown, keeping a somewhat low profile throughout the fall campaign, stars in a new TV ad debuting Thursday in which he urges Californians to oppose Proposition 53, arguing it will constrict local control, increase the cost […]


October 27, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Harris widens lead; marijuana legalization, cigarette tax ahead in PPIC poll – Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris have widened their leads in California, according to a new poll that also finds strong support for a proposed cigarette tax, an income tax on high earners and the legalization of marijuana in […]


October 26, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  500,000 Californians register to vote in two days, set record — More than 18.7 million Californians have registered to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election, a state record. Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced Tuesday that 500,000 people enrolled for the first time or updated their information in the final […]


October 25, 2016

Political Stories Top stories CD 10: Last-minute fundraising and spending spikes in Jeff Denham-Michael Eggman race — The ongoing fundraising and spending in the 10th Congressional District race underscores the seriousness of the race. Through all of 2016, records compiled by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics show, the DCCC has spent $2.1 million supporting […]


October 24, 2016

Political Stories Top stories George Skelton: If California voters approve stronger gun control, the message sent at the ballot box will be head across the U.S. — Proposition 63 would enact the toughest gun controls in the United States. But it also would do something else: represent an astonishing historical milestone. And if passed as expected, the […]


October 23, 2016

Political Stories Top stories ‘Trump factor’ inspires Latino, Asian voters, but will they vote in local elections? — Experts say the representation gap hasn’t narrowed enough to fully mitigate the disparity between older white voters and, essentially, everyone else. But in a place like the central San Joaquin Valley, where the majority of residents are people […]