June 29, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  California marijuana legalization measure on November ballot — Californians’ November ballot will include an initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, with the coming campaign likely to reverberate nationwide given the state’s size and implications for similar efforts elsewhere. Sacramento Bee article; LA Times article  Police transparency reaches a stalemate […]


June 28, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Jerry Brown signs $167 billion budget, makes no cuts – Gov. Jerry Brown signed the budget bill Monday for the coming fiscal year, fully embracing a package his office played a major role in shaping and making no blue-pencil reductions to individual spending items in the plan. Sacramento Bee article; LA […]


June 27, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  At least 10 hurt at chaotic, bloody neo-Nazi rally at Capitol — A rally by a small group of neo-Nazi demonstrators at the state Capitol on Sunday erupted into a violent clash with protesters that left at least 10 people injured – five of them stabbed – and closed down streets […]


June 26, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  CD 21: Valadao working to stave off what may be his toughest challenge yet: Huerta – This year could bring the toughest political fight Congressman David Valadao has ever seen. With Donald Trump at the top of the Republican ticket and turnout numbers the highest in years, Democracts might have a […]


June 25, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  California budget’s to-do list includes helping the homeless and protecting orcas — Lawmakers may have sent a new budget to Gov. Jerry Brown last week, but their work isn’t done. They continue to hash out details on a variety of related measures that are being wrapped into the $171-billion spending plan. LA Times article  Low-priority immigrants […]


June 24, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Supreme Court decision on immigration will have far-reaching implications – A deadlocked Supreme Court decision that blocks President Barack Obama from granting amnesty to the parents of legal U.S. residents who are in the country illegally will deprive many of those people of the right to sign up for health insurance […]


June 23, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Valadao dumps Trump — Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford, is distancing himself from presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. His campaign, which has kept mum on Trump for weeks, issued a written statement Wednesday on where he stands on the presidential race. Valadao didn’t mention Trump by name. But he stated he’s […]


June 22, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Newsom warns marijuana legalization in California is no sure thing – Leading cannabis activists, including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, warned Tuesday that if California voters don’t support legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use in November it could set momentum on the issue back at least a decade. San Francisco Chronicle article; […]


June 21, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Dan Walters: California’s cap-and-trade emissions auctions could face bleak future — With the situation in flux and the next auction scheduled in two months, the Legislature passed a 2016-17 budget without making any appropriations from auction proceeds, even money the state had banked from previous auctions. This is just the beginning […]


June 20, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Dan Walters: Taxicabs collide in Capitol with Uber and Lyft over legislation – Hueso’s obvious antipathy to the ride-sharing services notwithstanding, the bills dealing with Uber and Lyft represent one of many instances in which the Legislature and the state’s regulatory agencies are facing difficulty in dealing with fast-growing new technologies […]