May 31, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Dan Walters: Jerry Brown on the spot in final days of writing new state budget — Brown’s parsimonious attitude didn’t quiet the virtually unanimous demands by his fellow Democrats in the Legislature for more spending – or “investment” in the current parlance – on early childhood education, low-income housing, welfare and other […]


May 30, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Cathleen Decker: California officials ponder: Now that they’re registered, how do we keep new voters interested? — California’s elections officials are waiting for the answer to one question: Will the hundreds of thousands of Californians who recently signed up to voteactually show up for the June 7 primary? And they are contemplating a second […]


May 29, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Dan Walters: Extending California income tax to local governments a minefield — Local tax-the-rich schemes are probably ill-advised for many reasons. But if politicians want to move that way, they should take a long, hard look at practical effects and not just do something slap-dash in the dark of night for one […]


May 28, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Senate Republican priority bills shelved on deadline day — Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller, R-Bakersfield, had characterized the GOP effort as “a very positive agenda that gives voice to Californians being left behind by their own Capitol.” But like so many GOP-introduced bills, eight of the priorities met a bitter fate last […]


May 27, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Assembly, Senate move state budget plans to conference committee — Lawmakers have approved Gov. Jerry Brown‘s effort to stash away an extra $2 billion in budget reserves, but Democratic leaders are gearing up for a showdown with the governor over spending levels for welfare and child assistance programs. LA Times article  Connecting the donor dots in […]


May 26, 2016

Political Stories Top stories House moves on California water bills, but toward what end? — The House of Representatives passed yet another set of controversial California water provisions Wednesday, sending a political signal and, perhaps, putting pressure on the Senate. Important differences, though, still split the state, and lawmakers have yet to show they can get […]


May 24, 2016

Political Stories Top stories California water bill has three possible paths for passage — House Republicans this week are adding a controversial California water bill to an unrelated Senate energy package, opening a new front in a fight that’s already put Democrats on the defensive. The unexpected energy bill maneuver gives San Joaquin Valley lawmakers a […]


May 23, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Dan Walters: California housing shortage sets up battle over land-use control — This month, Brown proposed that “in-fill” housing projects meeting certain criteria, including density, closeness to transit and serving low- and moderate-income families, be exempted from local control. The Legislature’s budget analyst says the need is highest in coastal areas, and […]


May 22, 2016

Political Stories Top stories  Dan Walters: Jerry Brown hopes to leave on a high note, but fears downturn — Obliquely and perhaps unwittingly, Jerry Brown has acknowledged that as his remarkable political career nears an end, he’s concerned with how history will remember him. Walters column in Sacramento Bee Rep. Jeff Denham walks the line in San […]


May 21, 2016

Political Stories Top stories Gov. Brown turns in signatures on parole ballot measure — Gov. Jerry Brown, still awaiting word on the legality of his plan to revamp the state’s parole laws, nonetheless submitted petition signatures on Friday to earn the measure a spot on the Nov. 8 ballot. LA Times article; Sacramento Bee article; AP article Analyst rejects […]