March 11, 2017

Political Stories – Top stories Dan Morain: Senator Schwarzenegger? Not likely – His poll numbers had tanked by the time he left office in 2011. Even if he were to turn that around, Schwarzenegger lives large and would have a hard time serving as one of 100, especially one who would be the junior senator from California, with […]


November 29, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories California Democrats got their supermajority. Now what? — Broadening the path to long-sought deals on affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and climate change, California Democrats have again captured a two-thirds supermajority in both houses of the Legislature. Sacramento Bee article; LA Times article Joel Fox: Kevin McCarthy: California’s connection to new Washington power — Election results […]


November 24, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories George Skelton: Post-election, California Democrats still dominate and GOP has nowhere to go but up —  The California Democratic and Republican parties both can be thankful this holiday. Democrats rule the roost in Sacramento. And Republicans can’t fall much lower. Democrats are in a prime position to soon start slipping off their perch. And the state GOP, […]


October 16, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories John Myers: Election day has become election month in California — There’s a good chance that millions of Californians who receive a ballot in the mail this month will leave it sitting on a table for days or weeks, deciding for whatever reason to delay casting their vote in the Nov. 8 election. That may […]


October 15, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories Why Silicon Valley is pouring money into efforts to repeal California’s death penalty – As voters weigh two dueling death penalty measures on the Nov. 8 ballot, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the effort to end executions in California, saying they want to see the practice abolished both in […]


September 24, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories California drug price initiative leads early in poll, but many still undecided – A California initiative to impose price controls on state drug purchases heads into the fall campaign with support from a majority of likely voters, though more than a third have yet to make up their minds, according to a […]


September 8, 2016

Political Stories – Top stories  Political Paradox: Proposition 59 asks Californians to condemn a big-money system long used here — Six years after Citizens United—the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that says corporations and unions have a 1st Amendment right to unlimited campaign spending—presidential candidates across the spectrum have condemned the campaign finance system it shaped. “Corrupt,” says […]