October 12, 2017

Receive the Maddy Daily in your inbox every morning! To subscribe or unsubscribe please send an email to Program Coordinator at mjeans@csufresno.edu TOP POLITICAL STORIES​​​​​​​ Local/Regional Politics: WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Why does the city prohibit microbreweries? Bakersfield Californian Q: Why did the city ever prohibit microbreweries in the downtown area? — Larry Miller A: Breweries have […]


October 3, 2017

    TOP POLITICAL STORIES​​​​​​​   Local/Regional Politics:   California GOP leader (Modesto’s) Kristin Olsen resigns – and warns about infighting The Sacramento Bee Republican activists are claiming credit for the resignation of a key party official, but former Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen says she wrestled for months over her decision last weekend to […]